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Fucking and kissing with farts and poop

Another fantastic hot and dirty clip with my partner!

He comes directly towards my ass and starts worshipping it, smelling it.

Slowly he lowers my jeans and I shoot a couple of farts in his face. Then he licks and tongue -fucks my asshole.

I start jerking him off while I take off my shirt. And I obviously rub my clit. I'm getting too hot, I need to touch myself! Then we kiss passionately and this make us even more turned on!

He keeps telling me he wants to eat my shit and I wanna make him happy. So I told him to lie on the floor and open his mouth.

I take off my jeans, I squat on his face and I push out a big long turd directly into his mouth.

He moans in pleasure and I keep rubbing my clit.

I turn around on top of him and I start kissing him, licking and sucking the hot shit in his mouth. Then I place my pussy on his face 'cos I want him to lick it spreading my shit on it too. This makes me sooo hot! I can't wait to get penetrated!

So I jump on his cock and insert it into my pussy. And I start riding him.

We fuck moaning in pleasure. Then he takes the shit he still has in his mouth and smear my boobs and my body with it. I touch his chest and my pussy with my shit and in seconds we are completely coated.

We keep fucking vigorously and passionately. We kiss and fuck, sandwiching our body one against the other one. The act get very intense until he cums and we relax, breathing strenuously.

Close up of the shitting act.

Double camera most of the time.