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Naughty feeding, smearing, sex and fisting

Naughty feeding, smearing, sex and fisting

Agh he makes me soooooo fing mad sometimes!!!! I had woke up an hour before him and was working in the garden when I felt like I needed to take a shit. Usually I am an afternoon type shit taker but I didn’t yesterday and after 2 cups of espresso I felt that brown friend knocking. So I heading into the house and hubby was just waking…he loves to fuck in the morning so I’m always thinking about that hard dick when the sun is coming up. He messaged me with a dick pic and I told him I need to shit. He wants it! I told him I will gladly give it to him but I can’t get dirty- I have an appointment that morning and needed to rush off. Getting hella dirty meant another 20 minutes of clean up as much as I love that mess, just not happening today!! So I feed him my delectable shit as I 69 him! He takes the whole damn big ass load- fucking pig! He has him mouth and face covered. I turn toward him and I sit on his cock he starts to smear it on himself and make a mess! Which is totally cool- he has more time to clean up. But part way through the fucker takes a hand full and rubs my tits with it! Totally covering my boobs, and well fuck, I love it damnit and ride him even harder. Suddenly we are both a huge mess! He cums hella hard and then tells me he is going to fist fuck me so I lay down while he takes a huge piece of poop- the same he has been holding in his mouth that whole time- and shoves it in my pussy! Damn it feels so good I literally can’t help but orgasm- so so hard!!! SOOOO ultimately this man pleases the shit out of me and I can't help but understand why he gets me dirty, even when he isn't supposed to! It's amazing!!!

Bitter Scat

Safe House Toilet POV

A custom request.No poop showing as such,efro style,toilet sounds,poop sounds,pissing sounds,see me making that "smiley face" while pushing out my shit and laughing.

I am acting as a "secret female agent", trash talking my "target" on the toilet I have just cleared out while shitting and pushing on a toilet...hear me moaning and feeling relieved as i keep pushing,i wipe but no flush in the end of this one because the toilet button is broken so I just leave,do not care,afer all it is not my toilet so to speak...

This is a snippet of the script:

"You have disposed easily of the judge and prosecutor without any trouble. Now you just hit your last target, a guy who screwed your boss and stoled his money. You are at his house but need to take a big shit so you rush to his bathroom because can't hold it until home. So why don't you use his toilet instead?? You take down your little lingerie, ready to blow up the place, it's gonna be a big one as you take a seat on the toilet , gosh it's coming you said as you start what you are here for before suddenly stop, realising that you have no occupation so you get up before starting and rush out as you forget your phone in the other room....crush your ass on the toilet "aaaahhh just sit back down for a moment...time for a big shit now" you whisper as you cross your legs and be comfy while browsing your phone " at least someone useful to this world is sitting on this toilet for once" you said as a trash talk on the target while blowing it up with your ass "ohhh fuck me" you exclaim in satisfaction as it plop in the toilet. Keep the trash talking about him while grunting and pushing more out, also telling that this dump feel so good to let it out "gosh feel so good to let it out from my big ass". You have a bit more to shit out, so just sit here, browsing your phone, commenting what you look like you don't care about him now. You will do the necessary to stay here for now as you start to wipe and leave when you are finish, telling it was one of the most satisfying dump you never had...