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Goddess Tempest

Please Eat My Poop

This is such a special Toilet POV video for me because I don’t get the time to film these so often. Pooping is such a intimate and private act, especially for women. So it makes it extra special for me to film a Toilet POV video for all you men out there and film it in a first person perspective.

I let you experience exactly what my toilets here in “House Tempest” experience on a daily basis. I start by looking down at you through the opening of the toilet chair and talking to you. Telling you about the last meals I’ve eaten.

You get to see my amazing ass when I slowly sit down on the opening above your face and you get to see my perfect pussy and ass in full view. I keep talking to you down there, encouraging you to smell and then lick my asshole for me because good toilets are willing to work for their feedings.

You’ll notice without any stimulation whatsoever my pussy start swelling from arousal. That is because I LOVE men sniffing and licking my ass before I poop in their mouths. Once I push and my anus open up and you see my turd appear you’ll hear me encourage you to open your mouth wide for me. You’ll hear me encourage you to keep eating my poop as I push my turd out.

See what my pussy does? It gets soaking wet on it’s own and you can see my white pussy fluids forming between the lips. It’s because I’m one of the rare women who get turned on by pooping but even more knowing men are under me eating it for me.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo


Two Enema's in Mum's Bathroom

I had to go away and travel for a family trip, and by the time I got to my mum’s house my tummy hurt so bad. I was so constipated, I had not pooped in eight days! I had eaten a lot, so I know that I had to be really packed up with shit. I was feeling so much pressure in my tummy I needed to get all of the poop out of my body. I was feeling nausea and yucky. My mum first instructed me to go to her bathroom and put on a glove and get some vaseline on gloved finger to put up my butt. My mum thought that the Vaseline would help me go to the bathroom, but nothing happened. She left the house immediately then and bought me two enemas. I took one enema up to her bathroom and got on the floor and gave myself the first enema. I let it stay inside my ass until I could not hold it any longer. I filmed until I got too sick feeling and could not film any more. I wanted my toilet sluts to worship all that comes from my sexy body, but I had to take care of myself and lay down after to recuperate. I got some shit out, but I knew there had to be much more shit packed in my ass. I decided that I would wait the recommended 24 hours and then do another enema. The next night, I went to my mum’s bathroom and got on her floor again and gave myself the second enema. This time much more shit came out of my ass. It gave me some feeling of relief, but I still got the sick nausea all over hot feeling after the enema, throwing up again and had to lay down until I felt better. That was the longest time period I have gone without pooping! I was not trying to hold back the urge to poop on purpose. I just could not go poop, and it made me very sick. I was able to clean out my ass like I wanted before I had to get on the plane and fly back home. Worship all that comes from my sexy body and enjoy my naughtiness in my mum’s bathroom since she did not know I was filming myself clean out my ass on her bathroom floor, but I always talk about any poop issues with my mum!!


Step-Sis Pantypooping for Pervert Step-Bro

Step-bro, what are you doing?!

POV: I am your sweet little step-sis. I had to borrow your laptop for a school project, but I have to confess that I am a little nosey. I took a peek at your browser history. Step-bro, why are you looking at so much step-sibling porn?? That is so naughty! And why do you pick videos where the girls are tall, slim, or have colorful hair? Are you fantasizing about me, step-bro?

If that was not embarrassing enough for you, I discovered your other shameful kinks with my snooping: there are an awful lot of sneaky upskirt voyeur videos and panty-pooping videos in your browser history too. Imagine your sweet innocent step-sis surprise to learn that her big step-bro is such a filthy pervert!

Do not worry, I will not tell our parents. But I have something I want to show you. I want to make all your fantasies become realities.

I show off my cute little pierced tits and stocking feet, giving you lots of little glimpses at the patterned panties under my pink skirt. But a glimpse is not enough at all for either of us, step-bro. I have been thinking about you too. I want you to take out your cock and play with yourself while I show you everything you ever dreamed of.

I play with myself over my panties first with my fingers, then with my Hitachi wand. I talk dirty to you while I feel the intense vibrations on my clit. The vibrating does not just make my pussy wet and tingly, it also stimulates my bowels. Your cute little step-sis cums HARD and poops in her adorable panties for you. I play with the mess while telling you about how I want you to cum too.

Do NOT tell our parents! ;)

TWO CAMERA ANGLES FOR CLOSEUP OF PANTYPOOPING/MASTURBATION!! Huge special thanks to my friend, video editor Huck/@goldsaintpro, for doing the editing!


Naked Baking: Poop Brownies!

Who’s hungry? Good! I absolutely love baking, and I am whipping up a fresh tray of scat brownies for a hungry fan.

I start out naked in the kitchen, mixing together my normal brownie ingredients. Cocoa powder, sugar, flour, baking powder, eggs, water, oil—yum! I could toss these in the oven now and have a delicious dessert, but they need something more. I talk dirty to you about the special “chocolate chips” I have in store for these brownies. I am making them myself from scratch. You are going to love every last little bite!

Then we move to the bathroom to get our special secret ingredient. I take a fat shit on a plate and show it off. It is hard and knobbly, the perfect texture for chocolate chunks! I cut it up for you on the plate before adding it to my delicious brownie batter.

Once it is all mixed up and in the pan, it is ready to go in the oven. The smell of the brownies cooking is so confusing. Notes of normal brownies fill my apartment. Chocolatey sweetness everywhere. But when you take a second whiff, you are hit by a foul, foul odor lingering beneath that sweetness. It smells like the most disgusting shit you have ever taken your life. Like someone blew up an entire bakery with poop.

The brownies are finally baked and look delicious! They look like totally normal brownies, but do not sniff them too closely. I let them cool before I get them packaged up and ready to go, describing the smells and packaging process as I go. Bon appétit!

If you ever want some of your own yummy goodies, DM me on Twitter @sluttyeviltwin or Reddit u/LenaMaeNSFW. ;) I cannot wait to make more yummy scat treats!