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Anal adventures of three lesbian friends Yana Alice and Caroline

This time, three beautiful lesbians Yana, Karolina and Alice decided to arrange a Dirty Anal Show for you. When you enter the girls' room, you see Yana, Caroline and Alice sitting on the floor - completely naked. Seeing that you have joined them - the girls greet you - and begin their anal show. In order for you to be able to enjoy the anal show, the girls put a mirror on the floor and attached a rubber penis on a suction cup to the mirror. The first one who sat with her ass on a dick was Carolina. Caroline turned to you with her booty and gently slowly sits down with her booty on the penis. By inserting her ass into her dick, Caroline begins to move on the penis - and her two friends Yana and Alice push Caroline's buttocks apart so that you enjoy Caroline's anal. You can watch as a member enters Caroline's ass and through the mirror that lies on the floor. After fucking herself in anal, Karolina gets off the penis and empties herself, poops and pisses on the penis. Having relieved herself on the penis, Caroline sits on the penis again and continues to fuck herself in anal. After fucking herself in the ass, Caroline changes places with Alice. Alice, as well as Caroline, first fucks herself in anal, and then empties herself poops and pisses on the penis and continues to enjoy anal again. The third was Yana - Yana, as well as Alice, first shakes herself in anal, and then empties herself - poops and pisses on the penis and again continues to enjoy anal.

Golden Scat Girls

Dirty show in women's jeans

This time Yana, Karolina and Alice invite you to join their show. Imagine that you are now in the same room with the girls ! First the girls greet you, and then they start their show. First, the girls pose for you a little in jeans, and then Alice gets cancer on her knees and Caroline takes off Alice's jeans - and then Yana and Caroline push Alice's buttocks in front of you. After showing you Alice's ass, the girls put their jeans back on Alice's ass again. And Alice poops and pees in her jeans. After emptying into jeans, Alice changes places with Yana. Now Yana is on her knees with cancer, and Caroline and Alice take off Yana's jeans - they spread Yana's buttocks with their hands and show you her ass. Having demonstrated Yana's anus, the girls put jeans on Yana's ass again - and Yana, standing cancer on her knees, empties herself - poops and pisses in jeans. Having filled her jeans with poop, Yana changes places and now Caroline is kneeling in front of you with cancer, and Yana and Alice take off Caroline's jeans and show you her ass. After showing you Caroline's ass, the girls put jeans on Caroline's ass, and Caroline poops and pisses in her jeans. When the girls have finished pooping and peeing in their jeans - Yana, Karolina and Alice take turns taking off each other's jeans - they spread each other's buttocks with their hands and show you their asses dirty from poop. Taking off their jeans , the girls take them in their hands and start sniffing their own shit !

Golden Scat Girls

Olga's solo show tits and denim shorts in poop

Are you ready to put aside all your business now - and join Olga 's Exclusive Dirty Solo Show ? Entering the kitchen, you see Olga sitting on a chair at the kitchen table. Looking at Olga with a glance, you see that Olga is wearing a T-shirt and denim shorts. Seeing you, Olga greets you - and begins her show. First, Olga bares her breasts in front of you and shows it to you. Then Olga starts rubbing her bare tits on the kitchen table. Having lost her tits on the kitchen table, Olga gets up, puts her legs in front of you, and fucks herself in the pussy with the corner of the kitchen table. After fucking herself a little on the table, Olga turns her back to you - takes off her denim shorts - and empties herself - poops and pisses on the corner of the kitchen table. Having finished emptying, Olga puts her denim shorts back on her ass, and sits down on a chair. When Olga sat down on a chair, Olga picks up her tits and gets her tits dirty in her own shit. After soiling her tits in poop, Olga gets up again and fucks with the corner of the kitchen table. Just look at Olga's tits - her denim shorts are all in shit. Do you like this kind of show ? After fucking her pussy on the corner of the kitchen table, Olga turns her ass to you and sits down on a pile of poop. Now denim shorts are all in the shit, not only in front, but also in the back. Having soiled her denim shorts in shit, Olga continues to fuck with the corner of the kitchen table without changing her posture.

Golden Scat Girls
Golden Scat Girls

Solo Show dirty Women's Jeans

Do you like girls in jeans? This time Olga invites you to join her show Dirty Women 's Jeans ! Are you ready? If yes, then go to Olga's room, she is already waiting for you there. When you enter the room, you see Olga sitting on a chair, and Olga is wearing jeans. Seeing you, Olga smiles sweetly and greets you. After the greeting, Olga starts her show for you. First, Olga shows you her jeans while sitting on a chair, and then gets up from the chair and poses for you in jeans. After posing a little, Olga turns her booty to you, unbuttons her jeans and pulls them down to her knees. Having lowered her jeans to the knee, Olga gets cancer on her knees and bends a little forward so that you can enjoy her anus. After showing you her ass and anus, Olga puts her jeans back on her ass and pulls a chair closer to the camera and again gets cancer on her knees in order to empty into her jeans. Getting cancer on her knees, Olga pisses, and then poops in her jeans. Trickles of urine run down Olga's legs, leaving a wet trail on her jeans. After finishing emptying, pooping and pissing in jeans, Olga pushes the chair back in front of you and starts posing for you already in jeans wet with urine and dirty with shit. After posing a little, Olga unbuttons her jeans again, pulls them down to her knees and gets cancer on her knees to show you her jeans and ass dirty from shit. During the video Olga takes off her jeans several times so that you can enjoy her dirty ass and jeans !

Golden Scat Girls

Dirty lesbian show of Yana and Caroline

Are you ready to join the Dirty Lesbian Show from Yana and Caroline right now ? Imagine for a minute that you are visiting Yana, you go into the room, and two completely naked girls are already waiting for you in the room. Seeing you, the girls greet you and begin their Dirty Lesbian Show. First, Yana and Caroline kiss on the lips, and then Yana first caresses Caroline's breasts with her tongue, and after caressing her breasts, Yana unfolds Caroline spreads her buttocks and caresses her friend's anus with her tongue. After playing with Caroline's charms with her tongue, Yana asks Caroline to squat down and lean her hands on the floor. As soon as Caroline took the pose, Jan empties, poops and pisses on Caroline's naked body. After emptying on Caroline, Yana sits down next to Caroline and first sniffs her shit, enjoys the smell, and then smears her own shit on Caroline's naked body. Caroline's chest, Stomach, Pussy, and Ass are all in shit, after finishing smearing poop on Caroline's body, the girls switch places and now Yana has taken the pose of Caroline, and Caroline empties herself poops and pisses on Yana's naked body. After emptying on Yana, Karolina also sits down next to Yana and smears her shit first on Yana's chest, and then on Yana's stomach, pussy and ass. While smearing poop on Yana's body, Karolina caresses tits, ass, Yana with her tongue. At the end of the video , Yana and Karolina pose together for you all in each other 's poop !

Golden Scat Girls

Olga smears poop on her naked body

Do you like to watch how pretty Olga plays with her poop ? How does Olga empty herself - poop and pee ? And then he picks up his own poop and smears shit on his body. This time Olga invites you to visit her " Dirty Show " right now ! You go into Olga's room and see how pretty Olga is sitting on a chair - and Olga is wearing a mini skirt - stockings - panties - and a bra. Seeing that you have joined the show, Olga greets you - and then begins her " Dirty Show ". First Olga poses for you in clothes - yes, look at her body in clothes. She 's very sexy and beautiful isn 't she ? After posing a little in front of you, Olga lifts up her mini skirt and takes off her panties. Taking off her panties, Olga sits down on a chair - spreads her legs in front of you and spreads her labia with her hands. Spreading her pussy Olga pisses - and then rising up - Olga facilitates - poops on a chair. Having relieved herself on a chair, Olga takes off her bra. Taking off her bra, Olga squeezes her tits with her hands, and then takes her own poop in her hands - and begins to smear the poop first on the naked tits. Smearing shit on tits - Olga continues to smear shit on legs and pussy. Having smeared the shit on her legs and pussy, Olga turns to you with her booty - picks up the poop - and smears them on her ass. Look at Olga's naked body - tits, legs, pussy and ass Olga are all in poop! Having finished smearing her poop on her body, Olga poses for you again, covered in shit !

Golden Scat Girls

Yana and Karolina use Olga's mouth as a toilet

The girls invite you to join their Dirty Lesbian Show . Imagine that you are now not at home in front of your computer monitor, but visiting Yana, Caroline and Olga. Going to the girls in the room - you see that Yana and Karolina are sitting on the floor without panties - and Olga is in a dress. Seeing that you have joined their show - Yana, Olga and Karolina - greet you - and then begin their Dirty Lesbian Show. Olga lies on the floor on her back, and Yana climbs on Olga, and Olga begins to caress Yana's anus with her tongue. In order for you to clearly see how Olga licks Yana's anus with her tongue - Karolina - pushed Yana's buttocks with her hands. After caressing Yana's anus with her tongue, Yana and Karolina switch places - and now Olga caresses Karolina's anus with her tongue. Yana also pushes Caroline's buttocks apart so that you can enjoy the way Olga licks Caroline's anus with her tongue. During anulingus - Karolina empties herself, poops into Olga's mouth - but Olga does not stop, but continues to caress Karolina's anus. Having relieved Olga in her mouth, Karolina continues to sit on Olga, and Olga continues to caress Karolina's anus with her tongue. During anulingus, Karolina starts moving her ass and smearing her own poop on Olga's mouth - face. After Caroline, Yana took the place. Yana also empties herself poops in Olga's mouth, and then Olga caresses Yana's anus - and Yana also smears shit on Olga's face with her ass.

Golden Scat Girls

Lesbian Show Of Dirty Naked Female Bodies

You like to watch a hot lesbian show : In which you will see tenderness, kisses, caresses, emptying - and a large amount of female shit on naked bodies. Are you ready to join Yana and Olga ? Come into the room , the girls are already waiting for you there ! When you enter the room, you see Yana and Olga sitting on the bed completely naked - they are wearing only stockings. Seeing you, Yana and Olga greet you - and then start their hot lesbian show. First, Yana and Olga take turns caressing the nipples on each other's breasts with tongues. Look with what tenderness Yana and Olga do it. Do you like? Are you excited? Don't rush to answer - in a couple of minutes your excitement will be even stronger. Having finished with each other's caresses and excitement, Yana lies on her back - and Olga squats down opposite Yana and empties herself - poops on Yana's tits. Piling a big pile of poop on Yana's tits, Olga changes her pose - and now Olga smears her own feces with tits on Yana's body. Just look at this - do you like women 's breasts in poop ? Do you want to kiss them - lick the poop off Olga 's tits ? Having smeared their own shit on Yana's naked body, the girls change places and now - Olga is lying on her back - and Yana, turning to you with her ass, poops and pisses on Olga's body, which is dirty from shit. After emptying, Yana, as well as Olga, smears her own feces with tits on Olga's body. Did you like the dirty lesbian show ? Are you satisfied? Are you ready to continue ?

Golden Scat Girls
Golden Scat Girls
Golden Scat Girls

Girls empty themselves, poop and pee in denim shorts

Three beautiful girls Yana Karolina and Alice invite you to watch their show Dirty Denim Shorts. Imagine for a moment that you go into a large room and sit down opposite the entrance. As soon as you sit down, the girls enter the room. First the girls greet you, and then Caroline comes to the center of the room and poses for you in denim shorts. After posing a little, Karolina lowers her shorts to the knee and spreads her anus in front of you, showing you her hairy anus, Karolina puts her shorts back on her ass again and Yana takes her place. Yana also poses for you first in denim shorts, and then takes them off and exposes her ass in front of you. Exposing Yana's ass, she spreads her buttocks with her hands so that you can see Yana's anus. After showing you her anus, Yana puts on her shorts again, and now Alice takes Yana's place. Alice, as well as the girls, first poses for you in shorts, and then takes them off, spreads her buttocks with her hands and shows you the anus. After demonstrating the anus, Alice puts on shorts and the girls take turns emptying themselves to poop and pee in their shorts. First there was Alice, followed by Caroline and the third was Yana. When the girls took turns emptying into their shorts, the other two girls first stood on the sides, and then as one of the girls finished pooping and peeing into her shorts, the other two girls take off her shorts, push her buttocks apart with their hands, and show you dirty denim shorts and each other's asses.

Golden Scat Girls

Dirty solo show of beauty Yana

This time the beauty Yana - invites you to visit her - are you ready to visit Yana ? Yana has prepared a little surprise for you Dirty Erotic Show. Imagine that you enter Yana's room - looking around the room, you see how pretty Yana is sitting on the floor in front of you - in a beautiful blue mini dress. Seeing you, Yana greets you - and then starts her show for you. First, Yanochka shows you her panties - legs - and then Yana gets cancer on her knees - and takes off her panties. Now Janochka is standing in front of you with a naked booty. Do you like Yana 's ass ? Would you like to enter Yana 's ass now ? After posing a little more for you, Yana sits on her ass, lifts her legs up - and empties herself - poops and pisses on the floor. Having relieved herself on the floor, Yana sits down in a pile of poop with her ass and begins to smear them on the floor. Look at the pleasure with which Yana smears her own poop on the floor - with her naked ass. Having smeared the poop with a booty, Yana begins to dirty her legs in shit - look and enjoy this moment. Smearing the shit on her legs - Yana sits down in the poop and piss with her booty again - you like to look at how Yana is all in her own feces - her legs - ass - pisya. After soiling her body in poop, Yana poses for you again - Yana gets cancer on her knees - lies on her side exposing her dirty ass and legs in front of you. Throughout the video, Yana - gets dirty in her own feces - and then poses for you.

Golden Scat Girls

Olga and Yana's tits are all in shit

In this video, your favorite girls Yana and Olga poop and pee on each other's naked breasts, and then smear shit with their tits. There is nothing more exciting than shit on a woman's chest, especially when a girl smears it between her tits. Olga and Yana welcome you sitting on the sofa in your underwear. After the greeting, Olga sits on the floor on her knees and pulls her tits out of Yana's bra. Having bared Yana's breasts in front of you, Olga begins to caress Yana's nipples with her tongue. Look at how instantly Yana's nipples became hard from the caresses of the tongue. After playing with Yana's nipples with her tongue, Olga gets up, takes off her panties and climbs onto the sofa. When Olga climbed on the sofa, Yana puts her naked breasts to her ass and Olga empties herself shits on Yana's naked chest. After emptying on Yana's bare tits, Olga gets off the sofa and picks up a video camera. Meanwhile, Yana starts squeezing her tits with her hands. Look at how Yana smears Olga's shit with her tits. After playing with shit and their pussies, the girls switch places and now Yana pulls Olga's tits out of her bra. Having taken off Olga's tits in front of you, Yana gets up, takes off her panties and climbs onto the sofa. First, Yana pisses Olga in her mouth, and then turns and empties shits on Olga's naked tits. Having relieved herself on Olga's chest, Yana puts on her panties and gets off the divna, picks up a video camera and shows you how Olga smears shit with her naked tits.

Golden Scat Girls

Toilet show of mistress Yana and her obedient slave Caroline

Yana and her obedient dog Karolina invite you to visit their show. When you go to the girls' room, you see: Almost completely naked Yana and Caroline kneeling. First the girls greet you, and then Yana orders the dog Caroline to crawl around the room on her knees. An obedient dog, happily followed Yana's command. While crawling around the room on her knees, Yana shows you the naked ass of her obedient slave. Look at her ass - tits - do you want Caroline ? Having led Caroline on a leash, Yana inserts an anal plug into Caroline's ass - and again orders Caroline to crawl on her knees - with a naked ass and an anal plug. Then Yana stops the slave - and orders her to lick her ass. The slave sits on her knees and caresses Yana's ass with her tongue. After licking Yana's ass, the slave gets the command again, now the slave watches as Yana empties herself - poops and pisses in an iron dog bowl. After finishing emptying, Yana gives the command to the slave - to lower her muzzle into a bowl of shit and eat it. The slave is happy to fulfill this assignment. After eating a little of the mistress's shit, the slave now empties herself, poops and pisses in a bowl. After emptying, the slave again lowers her muzzle into the bowl and eats shit from there. At the end of the video, Yana pours shit and urine from an iron bowl into the slave's mouth, and then the slave is covered in shit and urine again crawling in front of you on her knees.

Goddess Tempest

Massive Diarrhea Drinking Enema

Did you know every time you take a shit a little bit stays behind in your bowels? It’s actually very unhealthy because your shit traces left behind really starts to rot in there. That is why a good enema is very healthy to clean you out properly. I do this every few months and you can’t believe what comes out of my ass, it’s DISGUSTING!

I put in a clear water solution for a few hours until I can feel it is really getting very urgent. The liquid diarrhea enema that comes out of my ass then is so revolting that t stinks up the bathroom for HOURS!

It literally smells like raw sewage! I much rather make this experience more pleasant for myself by putting my toilet chair over my toilet slave and have him lick my ass for me. When it gave me enough pleasure and he starts tasting my ass leaking my liquid shitty enema he opens his mouth wide for me so I can shit my disgusting liquid diarrhea enema into his mouth.

You can actually see my liquid shit splatter in his mouth as he gag and gurgle. He is literally DRINKING my diarrhea that smells like revolting raw sewage and it is such a fucking turn on for me!

The more I shit the stronger the revolting smell becomes and the more he gags while drinking it under me. He can actually hear the quiver in his voice as he tells me it is starting to taste really bad. I just laugh and tell him it’s not my problem and he must get ready because there is more coming. You can literally SEE my diarrhea splashing around in his mouth!

At one point my diarrhea hot him strait in the face! Right on his lips! He eagerly opened his mouth to be filled by my raw sewage right out of my ass. Felt amazing!

I absolutely love how my liquid diarrhea enema turned into soft runny shits in the end. That was actually old shit stick in my colon that got loosened up and it smelled horrible but felt so fucking good feeling it sliding out of my asshole noisily and running down his throat as he struggled to keep up swallowing. It felt so good for me, this should become a law that allow all woman to use all men this way.

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Sarathonson Loves Dirty

Naughty schoolgirl accident

A naughty schoolgirl is sitting in detention after school for drawing too in school today, in this scene she is wearing the outfit described below:

A tight short-sleeved T-shirt short enough to show your navel.

A short miniskirt that exposes her butt and panties.

A garter with stockings.

Shoes of your choice.

While sitting in detention, the schoolgirl asks the teacher who takes care of her to use that bathroom, the teacher says no in a stern and angry voice. The schoolgirl writhes in her chair in discomfort as she feels a strong urge to poop. After moving in his chair, lifting and moving his butt, he asks the teacher once again if he can use the bathroom. This time, the teacher approaches her and grabs her by the arm and slaps the schoolgirl’s ass while saying no again in a stern voice. The bump on the schoolgirl’s butt makes it harder to contain it/She sits back in her chair after the teacher returns to the front of the classroom.

After holding him back for a while, the schoolgirl desperately lifts her butt from the chair and covers her butt with her hand desperately trying to restrain it. But she can no longer contain it and as she sits at her desk with her butt lifted from the chair, a large stool slides forming an embarrassing lump in her cute panties. The teacher notices a bad smell in the classroom and points it out to the naughty schoolgirl. She approaches the schoolgirl who tries to hide the mess she made by sitting in her chair, worsening the mess of her panties and making it more apparent. The Professor grabs the schoolgirl by the arm and grabs her by the jaw then makes the schoolgirl to look the teacher in the eye while the teacher scolds her. Then, the Master tears off the skirt of the Schoolgirl and observes the mess she made in her panties. She takes off her panties enough to look inside them and better observe the mess in the schoolgirl’s ass and puts them back up carefully to contain the mess and prevent it from falling to the ground. The schoolgirl is very embarrassed, but the professor is about to humiliate her even more.

The teacher takes the schoolgirl to a desk or table, crouches her holding one of his arms behind her back, and begins whipping her while scolding the embarrassed schoolgirl. With every blow to the ass, the schoolgirls groan with pleasure and embarrassment. Sometimes the snaps in your butt are shocking enough that you raise your leg in reaction. After a few spankings while leaning over the desk or table, the teacher pulls the schoolgirl to a chair where the teacher sits and brings the schoolgirl on her knees while once again holding the schoolgirl’s arm behind her back. The schoolgirl kicks helplessly while the teacher continues to whip her, this is the most embarrassing moment

Goddess Tempest

Shit Eaters Are Girls Best Friends

Make a girl feel safe and special by sitting on comfort on your face while you lick her ass and she will gladly take a big stinky shit right in your mouth as a reward for your devotion. You’ll LOVE this video because you get to see up close and personal how I take a massive smelly shit into a man’s mouth AND watch him eat ALL my shit, bite for bite. Men eating my shit directly out of my anus is something very intimate and special for me.

It’s no secret that I absolutely ADORE people who lick my ass, especially when I need to take a big shit like in this video. Anybody who wish to serve me knows that more often than not I will be taking a shit in their mouth while they are licking my ass. I do this for multiple reason. It’s to remind you who I am but it’s also about so much more.

I enjoy the feeling of my first turd pushing your tongue out of my ass back into your mouth as I fill it. Personally, it’s better than sex for me. That feeling of your gagging as you swallow my shit drives me insane with pleasure. The fact that it tastes revolting is a added bonus, it arouses me even more when you keep chewing and swallowing.

After you see my poor slave swallow multiple turds sliding out of my asshole into his mouth you get to see something even more special. With the last thick turd still in his mouth he mumbled the suggestion I film him up close chewing and swallowing it.

His devotion of wanting the whole world to see how he swallows my smelly shit is so admirable. Especially since the smell of this load of my shit was truly revolting, you’ll notice even I gagged while filming him up close eating my shit. It’s the weirdest thing for me being so horny and gagging at the same time lol

Watching such large amounts of my shit being eaten and swallowed directly will make you cum hard all over this video :-)

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Goddess Tempest

Extreme Shit Eat Face Ride Orgasm

This was a downright cruel direct shit feed where I took a massive shit directly down his throat while riding his face to enhance my orgasm. When he started to vomit I could feel the shit he swallowed seconds earlier pushing back against my asshole. I held onto his head, pushed my soaked pussy harder into his nose and face and started to shit faster down his throat to ensure he has to swallow his vomit and my new shit back down. His gagging and vomiting while having to continue to swallow as I kept shitting down his throat just made me cum harder.

It started out with me sitting om his face so he can eat my ass. Losers like these will never be loved by beautiful women and I do feel sorry for them. That’s why I let them sniff and lick my dirty ass with my wet pussy in their faces. This way they get to taste a woman’s asshole AND smell her arousal.

But giving a loser such a treat does come at a price, MY PLEASURE of shitting down his throat. So while he is licking my ass I just start to shit in his mouth. This is also a good reminder to show him how little women think of him. As his mouth got full you will see a very long thick & soft turd escape between my ass and his lips. It felt so amazing to feel my warm shit mushed between my ass cheeks and his face. While shitting I started to ride his face and enjoying the warm mess on his face in order to climax.

But now it was time for the big moment where I sat tightly on his mouth and started to take a even bigger and softer shit, right down his throat. His vomiting didn’t even stop me, I remain seated to make him swallow it back down as I shit even more down his throat so I could cum harder.

Once I was done I lifted up a little and enjoyed feeling his tongue scoop the remaining mess of my shit out of my asshole from between my ass cheeks. But it gets even better!

I got up and filmed him up close. You’ll now see him eat that first long and thick turd you saw come out between my asshole and his full mouth. He ate the entire thing on camera! All while seeing some of my soft shit and shitty vomit stuck on his chin, it smelled so fucking GROSS even I gagged a few times while filming him consume everything. Yes, I even made him scrape that vomited smeared shit blob of his chin and filmed him eating that TOO!

He is such an amazing shit eating toilet pig! His dedication and devotion to eat women’s shit knows no bounds!

Disclaimer: Please never attempt to do what I did in this video. Shitting directly down someone’s throat in such an extreme way like I did here is really dangerous. I have been doing this for years with men and women so never attempt this.

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Goddess Tempest

Scat Massage Getting Messy While Eating

If extreme messy shit eating is what you crave that this video of over 20 minutes is just what the scat lover ordered!

If a sensual scat massage and actual shit consumption of a woman’s shit is something you love then keep reading. Nice verbal communication between man and woman in this one too just making it even more erotic.

We communicate while he is massaging me and licking my ass and he can actually taste my need to go to the toilet. Of course the communication between us leads to him offering his mouth for me to shit into. Taking a shit into someone’s mouth while laying in bed is highly erotic for me.

I am warning you though, I took a extremely big, thick, nasty and messy shit into his mouth. He managed to keep up swallowing a large portion directly from my asshole but the sheer volume and taste was just too much for any toilet to handle.

I nice and big soft portion ended up between my ass cheeks and his face. Watch him actually eating and swallowing the remaining load of my very smelly and nasty shit right out of my Goddess Ass Crack as well.

Words can’t describe how amazing it feels to take such a big shit into someone’s mouth while they lick your ass. But what feels even more amazing is that feeling of them swallowing my shit right out of my asshole and eating the rest out from my ass crack.

You are going to see amazing shit eating detail in this one but it gets even better. Watch him use his tongue to clean my ass crack and ass cheeks the best he can. As he filmed my ass close up afterwards you’ll see the tiny piece of what he thought was corn that he found on my ass cheek that came from my massive shit that he swallowed on camera. I think it’s actually a tiny piece of fibre that probably came from the green beans that was part of my many meals two days prior to this shit. Either way, he ate whatever that was that came out of my shit as well.

The entire experience of another person fully consuming the solid waste of my body that literally came out of my ass is orgasmic.


Colombiana Skincare

I bet you wonder exactly how I keep my skin so beautiful. Let me tell you…being a beautiful girl is hard work! First you have to be in the mood. Thank God for my Lush and my friends who love to control it. Every good beauty routine should start with a wet pussy. The next phase of a good skincare routine is making sure your skin is tender and that the circular flow is great... that’s why you have to slap yourself like a worthless little piece of shit. It really makes the liquids flow and gets your skin ready. Sure…it’s really painful to slap yourself like a little bitch…but beauty always comes at a cost, right? Next phase is to get a little lubrication on your skin and, thankfully, my stomach is full of juice. So it’s easy enough to gag a little…just enough to get some stomach juice flowing. The final step is the most important part…don’t let your wife or girlfriend skip this step. You need to fuck your ass deep…and pull out every tiny bit of shit that is hiding inside. And then you have to forget that you’re human and massage that shit over every inch of your body. Sure…it makes you look like a whore but it’s really so great for your skin and complexion. Cleanup can be a little messy but I find the best way is to lick the extra shit off your dildo and spit it onto your tits. Remember, if you get hungry and need a snack, just take any extra shit that you have and suck on it like it’s your favorite candy. While you let the slimy shit dry on your skin…it’s always best to relax a bit and make sure you cum.

Mia Nightshade

Moving Accident

Big move today girls and boys! I just got some beautiful new furniture delivered but the inconsiderate movers, just plopped it right in the middle of my living room, the nerve!

I’ve been trying to get a hold of a moving company, so that they can help me move it to the other bedroom, but everyone seems to be booked. I’ve planned a big party for friday night so I really need to get this done, so i just decide that i'll do it on my own. I’m feeling strong and empowered today, so this won't be any trouble, so at least I think.

I struggle to get the awkwardly large ottoman, into the bedroom. Not helping matters, is the fact that i really need to use the bathroom, but decide to just get the move done. Bad move, or good depending on who you are;). I’m just about there and with one last rush of energy, I try to muscle the piece into place, I strain so hard that I just piss and shit my short light blue booty jean shorts. My pussy lips are exposed from behind as I bend over, but they are quickly overtaken by a massive rush of hot shit, the short shorts can’t even contain it all. It rushes out from both sides, filling my shorts in the process, hot piss leaks out along with it.

I continue the move and then attempt to clean up. I go into the bathrooms and still have to go, so I pull down my shorts to expose my beautiful, dirty bottom and push out two nice big pieces of warm, fresh shit for you. I pile it on the toilet seat, and sit my bare ass and pussy right into it. You get lots of amazing views as I grind myself into it. Finish with a wonderful as smearing and pull my jeans shorts back on over the mess. They are covered in shit. Successful move!

Mia Nightshade

Mia Nightshade Drs Orders

I had a scheduled doctor's appointment this morning; non traditional medicine - my fingers were crossed. I was really running out of hope, i’ve tried so much up to this point and nothing seemed to be working. I’ve been having awful lower abdominal pains and some vaginal discomfort, both needed to be addressed today.

I arrived early for my appointment early and filled out the compulsory forms, I went into the examination room and quickly changed into my medical gown. I was really nervous, perhaps white coat syndrome but more so because I had no idea what to expect from this, but truthfully, I was open to almost anything - I was desperate and cautiously optimistic.

The dr arrived and he seemed very nice, an imposing man but seemed gentle and kind, perhaps a little too kind. The oddest part of the entire exam is that he instructed me to do most of the work, while he sat and recorded everything, I didn't think much of it, perhaps it was for future training. He told me to lay on the bed, my legs spread and to take two samples with the cotton swabs provided. One anally and one vaginally, I did as i was told and placed them into the specimen bag.

The next part was the oddest, he told me he needed two larger samples, one stool and one vaginal fluid but these I was to give directly to him - I didn’t argue. I put my panties back on, while still in my gown and laid back down on the exam bed. I began to push my entire bowels into my panties, it was such a mess. Before I could really say anything, he then instructed me to take the vibrator from the exam tray and produce a vaginal fluid sample. So I began to work my hole with the vibrator, the shit from the filled panties, wrapped itself around the pink vibrating toy, shit was getting sucked into my vagina with each deep plunge. I began to relax and continued the penetration, with my free hand covering my inner thighs and pussy with the creamy warm shit. I was getting very turned on by now, my clit was throbbing and I brought myself to orgasm, legs shaking, my tiny little moans and whimpers heard over the rhythmic thrusting, through the warm wet shit. The dr was very pleased, I swear I saw a massive bulge in his pants, but it was hard to be sure with his lab coat on. He told me to come back in two weeks, to repeat the procedure. I agreed because I was already feeling so much better.

Lots of dirty hot action, great close ups of me passionately rubbing, my completely shit covered pussy. Hope you enjoy it! Mia

Mia Nightshade

Mia Nightshade Remote work Zoom Exhibition

Working from home today - actually I have been working remotely since covid started and today was our weekly team meeting, but today was a bit different, because the entire company would be on the video call. I decided that I was going to have some exhibitionism fun - my idea was to go onto the call with just my top on and during the presentation I had to give, I would poop live on the video feed, without them knowing.

I did just that, while during my presentation and seated in my office chair, I discreetly pushed out a big thick, cock shaped poop. I continued with my call, the hot steamy shit, just barely still touching my asshole, as it lay on the back of my chair.

I was getting turned on by now, I could smell the stinky shit, I spread my legs and started playing with my pussy, the under desk cam, capturing the pussy play. I feigned an accident, by knocking something onto the floor - i just had to get down closer to it, without anyone on cam seeing me. I get up close to the pile on the back of my chair and breathe it in, it's so stinky but it smelled so amazing at the same time. The phallic shape of the poop had me salivating, i just wanted to deep throat it so bad, so i did just that. I picked up the thick shit, wrapped my lips around it and slid it deep inside my mouth. My pussy was quivering at this point, knowing I was sucking on my own shit, with 40 people live on cam, just feet away from seeing.

I placed the shit back down on my chair and returned to the call, sitting in it, with the fullness of my body weight, causing the poopy to spread out from pussy, to butthole. After finishing my work call, with the mess spread out beneath my white thighs and tight sexy bottom, I had a final one on one, with a gentleman that I was working directly with on my most recent project. We were the only ones now on the video call. As i address him, im rubbing my shitting asshole and filthy pussy with my shit, he’s so sweet and confesses that he really likes me, I blushed and told him I had a secret to tell him, well actually show him and told him that he needed to close his eyes and that when i was ready, i would tell him. I got up, my ass totally pasted with my shit and pushed into the camera, my pink asshole in full view, my pussy lips covered in filth - pieces of shit can be seen clinging to my sexy bush as I lean over, exposing all of my hole for his awaiting gaze.

I tell him to open his eyes and ask him what he thinks. He says without hesitation, that he loves it. I ask him if his cock is hard and he replies that it is, I then ask if he's jerking it, and of course he is! Looking at my shitty ass - there was no doubt in my mind, his cock was raging hard. I then asked him if he wanted to stick it deep into the poopy butthole and if he wanted to taste it - he of course said yes. I graciously offer him an invitation to come over the next day to work on the report for work, while also shitting into his greedy shit hungry mouth. He said yes and I know you would too! The thought of consuming all my big shits, is enough to get those cocks and pussies off. Enjoy dirty boys and girls! Mia-

Mia Nightshade

Mia_Nightshade Desperation Run

Ok, so my first venture into outdoor, public pooping. I’ve never done anything outside my apartment, so this was a big deal for me. I eased into it but it was a great way to break the ice for future videos.

I woke up early to go for my run, already having to go, I decided walking would probably be a safer option because I wasn't really trying to put a full load in my shorts while I was outside. I took the camera with me and updated you on how things were developing . About 10 minutes into it, the pressure was really unbearable and I could feel the tip of the shit break the plane of my asshole and settle in between my cheeks. It honestly felt like so much and the traffic was really picking up. I waited for a lul and pulled back my shorts, so I could show you my ass crack. I was so nervous. By the time I walked through my door, the shit was starting to visibly bulge.

I take you into the bathroom and show you the poopy bulge while still in my shorts. I quickly pull them off and fill my panties with a really messy, stinky shit. I take you into the kitchen because I was dying for coffee, you trail behind me with a close up ass cam, as I make my way in.

After fixing a coffee we come back into the bathroom with a scene reminiscent of my old “Yoga” video. I straddle the toilet seat and grind in the mess, taking my panties off and grinding my clit into the warm pile, bringing myself to orgasm. Lots of really great footage. Enjoy! Mia Nightshade ❤️