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Goddess Tempest

Kitchen Shit Eating From My Asshole

True Ass Eating Toilet Slaves will admit there is nothing quite as erotic as watching their superior female owner preparing wonderful smelling food in the kitchen as she then present her slave with her amazing gorgeous ass to worship. This is the truest form of Female Domination as the gorgeous women bends over her gas stove while he has to perform Ass Eating on her. Smelling and tasting her asshole as she squirm and moan in pure ecstasy and delight. But what can possibly be more erotic?

The fact that you can taste she needs a toilet as you probe your tongue deeper into her sweaty asshole. Only true Toilet Slaves can appreciate the exquisite taste of a woman’s waste in her asshole on their tongue and continue licking her ass deep so she can relax even more.

And as he feels her asshole open up against his tongue he keeps his mouth right there for her to shit into. Can you imagine the amazing experience? Smelling the aroma of cooking food in the oven while staring up at your dominant female owner’s ass crack as her beautiful body contract in pure relief and delight and that thick, creamy turd slowly slide into your mouth. All while hearing her soft grunts and moans of pleasure from taking such a massive shit in your mouth.

I love how he admits how appropriate it is that the nice food in the oven is for ME and that he must eat what comes out of me after I’m done with it.

My slave was suffering as he was chewing and swallowing my first very tick turd as my second turd was dangling out of my stretched open asshole. He was such a gentleman that he supported my second turd hanging out of my ass with his fingers while swallowing the first one. He desperately needed mercy as he asked me if he really has to eat the second one as well. It was fun telling him he of course has to eat everything. I could feel the movement in my asshole as he took my second dangling turd into his mouth and I pushed it out further.

The second one was a was a very big one and felt so amazing as it was slowly sliding out of me into his mouth. It was just way too much to all fit in there so he had to keep most of it in his hand and eat it from there.

But he wasn’t even halfway through with the second turd when he had to lick my ass and I emptied myself. The next turds were very creamy and soft and even though he managed to keep up well with directly swallowing his mouth eventually overflowed and you can see and hear a little of my mushy shit falling and plopping to the floor.

To be totally honest I didn’t expect him to be able to eat everything. It’s really been a long time since I was able to shit such a massive load.

It was so fucking awesome to see him consume my entire load since it was so huge. That kind of devotion really deserved a reward so I let him lick and tongue fuck my shit smeared asshole clean so he can experience the honor of tasting my shit longer and give me more pleasure.

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Chicken Dine and Dump Very Constipated

I am so hungry! I ordered some chicken and it smells amazing. Hmmm! It taste so good! Moist, cooked to perfection and spicy just how I like it. I love feeling that delicious food going down my throat, and down my belly.That piece of chicken is going to be digested and slowly turned into a warm, hard and long piece of shit.

I know you like watching me eat delicious foods. But what you love more than anything is seeing what’s coming out of me. I’m going to shit this chichen out in a few days for you, and I really want you to witness this. I’m going to squat over that container, naked, and you are going to see the shit coming out of my tight pink asshole. I hope this chicken will be as good coming out as it was going in!

In the next scene I am standing in the living room totally nude, holding the chicken container and the leftover bones. I really have to take a shit! I will shit the chicken I ate 4 days ago right into the container it came in. I put container on the floor squat on top of it. I spread my asscheeks apart with my hands and start pushing. You can clearly see my opened asshole with some shit inside, but it feels like this chicken doesn’t want to come out, it loves my insides too much! Finally, grunting and pushing really hard, I’m able to squeeze the shit out of my asshole to let it fall onto the container and right onto the bones.

It feels so good! Now I have to catch my breath. I take the camera and zoom in on my poop. There are 3 differents pieces all around the chicken bones. Then I briefly show you my dirty asshole from a closer angle and say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed watching me take a shit for you!


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