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Golden Scat Girls

Dirty show in women's jeans

This time Yana, Karolina and Alice invite you to join their show. Imagine that you are now in the same room with the girls ! First the girls greet you, and then they start their show. First, the girls pose for you a little in jeans, and then Alice gets cancer on her knees and Caroline takes off Alice's jeans - and then Yana and Caroline push Alice's buttocks in front of you. After showing you Alice's ass, the girls put their jeans back on Alice's ass again. And Alice poops and pees in her jeans. After emptying into jeans, Alice changes places with Yana. Now Yana is on her knees with cancer, and Caroline and Alice take off Yana's jeans - they spread Yana's buttocks with their hands and show you her ass. Having demonstrated Yana's anus, the girls put jeans on Yana's ass again - and Yana, standing cancer on her knees, empties herself - poops and pisses in jeans. Having filled her jeans with poop, Yana changes places and now Caroline is kneeling in front of you with cancer, and Yana and Alice take off Caroline's jeans and show you her ass. After showing you Caroline's ass, the girls put jeans on Caroline's ass, and Caroline poops and pisses in her jeans. When the girls have finished pooping and peeing in their jeans - Yana, Karolina and Alice take turns taking off each other's jeans - they spread each other's buttocks with their hands and show you their asses dirty from poop. Taking off their jeans , the girls take them in their hands and start sniffing their own shit !

Golden Scat Girls
Golden Scat Girls

Solo Show dirty Women's Jeans

Do you like girls in jeans? This time Olga invites you to join her show Dirty Women 's Jeans ! Are you ready? If yes, then go to Olga's room, she is already waiting for you there. When you enter the room, you see Olga sitting on a chair, and Olga is wearing jeans. Seeing you, Olga smiles sweetly and greets you. After the greeting, Olga starts her show for you. First, Olga shows you her jeans while sitting on a chair, and then gets up from the chair and poses for you in jeans. After posing a little, Olga turns her booty to you, unbuttons her jeans and pulls them down to her knees. Having lowered her jeans to the knee, Olga gets cancer on her knees and bends a little forward so that you can enjoy her anus. After showing you her ass and anus, Olga puts her jeans back on her ass and pulls a chair closer to the camera and again gets cancer on her knees in order to empty into her jeans. Getting cancer on her knees, Olga pisses, and then poops in her jeans. Trickles of urine run down Olga's legs, leaving a wet trail on her jeans. After finishing emptying, pooping and pissing in jeans, Olga pushes the chair back in front of you and starts posing for you already in jeans wet with urine and dirty with shit. After posing a little, Olga unbuttons her jeans again, pulls them down to her knees and gets cancer on her knees to show you her jeans and ass dirty from shit. During the video Olga takes off her jeans several times so that you can enjoy her dirty ass and jeans !

Golden Scat Girls

Girls empty themselves, poop and pee in denim shorts

Three beautiful girls Yana Karolina and Alice invite you to watch their show Dirty Denim Shorts. Imagine for a moment that you go into a large room and sit down opposite the entrance. As soon as you sit down, the girls enter the room. First the girls greet you, and then Caroline comes to the center of the room and poses for you in denim shorts. After posing a little, Karolina lowers her shorts to the knee and spreads her anus in front of you, showing you her hairy anus, Karolina puts her shorts back on her ass again and Yana takes her place. Yana also poses for you first in denim shorts, and then takes them off and exposes her ass in front of you. Exposing Yana's ass, she spreads her buttocks with her hands so that you can see Yana's anus. After showing you her anus, Yana puts on her shorts again, and now Alice takes Yana's place. Alice, as well as the girls, first poses for you in shorts, and then takes them off, spreads her buttocks with her hands and shows you the anus. After demonstrating the anus, Alice puts on shorts and the girls take turns emptying themselves to poop and pee in their shorts. First there was Alice, followed by Caroline and the third was Yana. When the girls took turns emptying into their shorts, the other two girls first stood on the sides, and then as one of the girls finished pooping and peeing into her shorts, the other two girls take off her shorts, push her buttocks apart with their hands, and show you dirty denim shorts and each other's asses.

Sarathonson Loves Dirty

Naughty schoolgirl accident

A naughty schoolgirl is sitting in detention after school for drawing too in school today, in this scene she is wearing the outfit described below:

A tight short-sleeved T-shirt short enough to show your navel.

A short miniskirt that exposes her butt and panties.

A garter with stockings.

Shoes of your choice.

While sitting in detention, the schoolgirl asks the teacher who takes care of her to use that bathroom, the teacher says no in a stern and angry voice. The schoolgirl writhes in her chair in discomfort as she feels a strong urge to poop. After moving in his chair, lifting and moving his butt, he asks the teacher once again if he can use the bathroom. This time, the teacher approaches her and grabs her by the arm and slaps the schoolgirl’s ass while saying no again in a stern voice. The bump on the schoolgirl’s butt makes it harder to contain it/She sits back in her chair after the teacher returns to the front of the classroom.

After holding him back for a while, the schoolgirl desperately lifts her butt from the chair and covers her butt with her hand desperately trying to restrain it. But she can no longer contain it and as she sits at her desk with her butt lifted from the chair, a large stool slides forming an embarrassing lump in her cute panties. The teacher notices a bad smell in the classroom and points it out to the naughty schoolgirl. She approaches the schoolgirl who tries to hide the mess she made by sitting in her chair, worsening the mess of her panties and making it more apparent. The Professor grabs the schoolgirl by the arm and grabs her by the jaw then makes the schoolgirl to look the teacher in the eye while the teacher scolds her. Then, the Master tears off the skirt of the Schoolgirl and observes the mess she made in her panties. She takes off her panties enough to look inside them and better observe the mess in the schoolgirl’s ass and puts them back up carefully to contain the mess and prevent it from falling to the ground. The schoolgirl is very embarrassed, but the professor is about to humiliate her even more.

The teacher takes the schoolgirl to a desk or table, crouches her holding one of his arms behind her back, and begins whipping her while scolding the embarrassed schoolgirl. With every blow to the ass, the schoolgirls groan with pleasure and embarrassment. Sometimes the snaps in your butt are shocking enough that you raise your leg in reaction. After a few spankings while leaning over the desk or table, the teacher pulls the schoolgirl to a chair where the teacher sits and brings the schoolgirl on her knees while once again holding the schoolgirl’s arm behind her back. The schoolgirl kicks helplessly while the teacher continues to whip her, this is the most embarrassing moment


Pooping in acid washed skinny jeans

A fan bought me those acid washed jeans so I could poop in them. Do you like them? Your dick is already hard right now knowing I’m about to poop in my jeans. My asshole is so full! I tease you and walk around a bit before I empty my bowels. It’s difficult to poop while standing up because part of my poop is hard and those pants are so tight! You can hear me moan and grunt as I push I have to push so hard that I can’t hold my pee. I now feel the warm shit covering my ass.

I would love to sit on your face, hump it and squash my poop all over. I walk around and come closer to the camera to show you the back of my pants. I feel the bump with my hands. Then I sit on a chair and make my pants dirtier. I hump the chair like if it was your face! I’m going to make you lick those jeans clean with your tongue! I want you to be like new when you are done!

I tease you again and again by walking around and moving my dirty ass. I go closer and farther to the camera in multiple positions. I love knowing that you are stroking your cock to my dirty ass right now! I can feel the poop all over my ass. Wanna see my dirty ass cheeks now? Beg me!

I take the pants off to reveal my dirty asscheeks. Some shit is falling on the floor because the inside of my pants is too full. I show the inside of my pants from a closer angle and then tease you with my dirty ass. I need one of you freaks to come here and lick my ass clean. Don’t you wanna empty your balls for my dirty ass right now?


Panty poop for the virgin loser

What the hell are you doing in my bedroom? You are sniffing my dirty panties? I can see you like shit stained panties, you filthy pig! You know what? I suddenly have the urge to shit in my panties and make a fresh pair just for you! Why don’t you show me what you do with my panties when you are alone? Unzip these pants and stroke, dirty bastard!

You are going to enjoy my white cotton panties filled with shit right in front of your face. You are sorry for taking my panties without permission? Well, too late! I have to shit! A huge bump is appearing in my panties. I also pee in your water bottle.

I start teasing you and humiliating you with my shit filled panties. Keep stroking your dick, don’t be shy. I’m going to tell your family and friends about your secret if you don’t stroke and cum for me! Sniff that! Are you sure you like dirty panties now?

I know what I’m going to do with your notebook… I’ll use it to wipe the shit that is sticking out from my panties! You’ll have to explain to your teacher why you couldn’t do your homework! This is so funny! You are such a freak, you’ll be a panty sniffer virgin for the rest of your life. You are only going to get to see shit covered pussy and ass.

Wanna see my shit covered ass and pussy? I want you to beg me to take my panties off! Don’t be shy and blow your load for me! If you promise doing some tasks for me, I’ll shit in my panties again! I’m glad I found your secret after all! Haha!


Panty pooping Severe constipation and Struggle with rock solid shit

I’ve been holding my poop for 4 days cause I’ve been waiting for you to witness me taking a shit. I’ve got a surprise for you: I want you to watch me poop in my white panties. I’ve been holding it for so long that it doesn’t want to come out! I want to make my body understand that now is the time to let that poop come out. I have to move my body and relax… I walk a bit, move sensually, tease you by showing you under my skirt before to take it off.

Does it make you horny? How much you want to see me poop in those panties and make them dirty? I can feel my poop inside, it is slowly going down. I take off my shirt. I feel like it’s going to be a very hard log. I come closer to the camera and start pushing. This shit is rock hard! You can hear me moan and grunt as I push, push, push!… Finally some shit comes out, creating a bump in my panties. There is still more! I use my hand to feel my shit, it is incredibly hard! My asshole is still wide open and there is a piece of shit halfway out. I continue pushing and you can see the bump moving as I push, but that damn piece of shit doesn’t want to come out. I push, push, push again until that rock hard shit finally comes out of my tight asshole. Wow! I really felt like I gave birth to my shit, it was so hard to make it come out!

I tease you by showing you the bump my shit has created. I go closer and farther to the camera in multiple positions. I stand up and walk a bit and move my dirty ass. I love knowing that you are stroking your cock to my dirty panties right now! I feel the bump with my hands and comment on how hard it is. Then I decide to sit on the bar stool and try to squish the shit all over my panties by humping the chair. But believe it or not, that shit is so hard that even after putting all my weight on it, it kept its original shape! It actually feels like I’m sitting on something really really hard… just like your dick! I stand up and tease you with my dirty panties again. I touch the bump and you can see the rock hard pieces through the fabric. Incredible!

I want you to cum for my pooped filled panties! Do you want me to remove my panties? I take them off and show you my dirty asscheeks. I show you my shit and the inside of my panties from a closer angle and then tease you with my dirty ass. Don’t you wanna put your cock in my dirty asshole right now? I also show you my very hard poop from a closer angle.

Mia Nightshade

Moving Accident

Big move today girls and boys! I just got some beautiful new furniture delivered but the inconsiderate movers, just plopped it right in the middle of my living room, the nerve!

I’ve been trying to get a hold of a moving company, so that they can help me move it to the other bedroom, but everyone seems to be booked. I’ve planned a big party for friday night so I really need to get this done, so i just decide that i'll do it on my own. I’m feeling strong and empowered today, so this won't be any trouble, so at least I think.

I struggle to get the awkwardly large ottoman, into the bedroom. Not helping matters, is the fact that i really need to use the bathroom, but decide to just get the move done. Bad move, or good depending on who you are;). I’m just about there and with one last rush of energy, I try to muscle the piece into place, I strain so hard that I just piss and shit my short light blue booty jean shorts. My pussy lips are exposed from behind as I bend over, but they are quickly overtaken by a massive rush of hot shit, the short shorts can’t even contain it all. It rushes out from both sides, filling my shorts in the process, hot piss leaks out along with it.

I continue the move and then attempt to clean up. I go into the bathrooms and still have to go, so I pull down my shorts to expose my beautiful, dirty bottom and push out two nice big pieces of warm, fresh shit for you. I pile it on the toilet seat, and sit my bare ass and pussy right into it. You get lots of amazing views as I grind myself into it. Finish with a wonderful as smearing and pull my jeans shorts back on over the mess. They are covered in shit. Successful move!

Sarathonson Loves Dirty

Pooping white leggings

Two beautiful young girls have just met for the first time while drinking. Sara adores Scarlett, so she takes her back to her apartment. Scarlett is drunk and Sara can't resist trying to take advantage of her.

The two girls are wearing white pants, like yoga pants. They both wear cute panties underneath. The lines of the panties and panties can be seen through the thin white pants they are wearing.

There are two cameras recording. One is located near the door and points towards the bed. The other chamber is located at the end of the bed pointing towards the wall where crutches once rested. The girls never look at the cameras, they are focused on each other.

The video begins with Sara trying to kiss Scarlett for the first time, but Scarlett is drunk and a little shy. Sara finally stands behind Scarlett. She reaches out to Scarlett from behind to touch her breasts. Both are in front of the camera by the door. Scarlett struggles a bit, but decides she likes Sara to touch her. With Scarlett still standing and in front of the door, Sara sits on the bed with Scarlett's butt close to her face. Sara surrounds Scarlett from behind to touch her between her legs. Scarlett is so excited that she decides to poop in her pants. Sara loves watching Scarlett do this and doesn't stop touching her between her legs and ass. Sara is trying to get Scarlett to have an orgasm. Scarlett struggles and tries many times, but eventually makes a big poop in her pants right on Sara's face just as Scarlett has an orgasm.

Sara loves this so much that she begins to touch herself. Now Scarlett wants to see Sara poop in her pants. They exchange positions. Scarlett is touching herself hard now as she watches Sara try to poop from behind. Sara also touches herself while trying to fill her pants. Sara is so aroused that she reaches into her pants and reaches a powerful orgasm with her ass on Scarlett's face. He fills his pants with poop just when he has a powerful orgasm. Scarlett loves to look at Sara when she does this. After Sara has an orgasm, Scarlett lies on the bed, puts her hand in her pants, and rubs herself even more. Sara kneels on Scarlett on the bed and continues to touch each other. Both strive to fart and poop more.

In this video the two girls enjoy kissing gently for the first time. Sara enjoys taking advantage of her new friend who is drunk. Scarlett enjoys being drunk and likes to be taken advantage of. They both like to look at each other and touch their pants full of poop. Sometimes they like to pull down their pants while still wearing underwear.

Mia Nightshade

Mia Nightshade Drs Orders

I had a scheduled doctor's appointment this morning; non traditional medicine - my fingers were crossed. I was really running out of hope, i’ve tried so much up to this point and nothing seemed to be working. I’ve been having awful lower abdominal pains and some vaginal discomfort, both needed to be addressed today.

I arrived early for my appointment early and filled out the compulsory forms, I went into the examination room and quickly changed into my medical gown. I was really nervous, perhaps white coat syndrome but more so because I had no idea what to expect from this, but truthfully, I was open to almost anything - I was desperate and cautiously optimistic.

The dr arrived and he seemed very nice, an imposing man but seemed gentle and kind, perhaps a little too kind. The oddest part of the entire exam is that he instructed me to do most of the work, while he sat and recorded everything, I didn't think much of it, perhaps it was for future training. He told me to lay on the bed, my legs spread and to take two samples with the cotton swabs provided. One anally and one vaginally, I did as i was told and placed them into the specimen bag.

The next part was the oddest, he told me he needed two larger samples, one stool and one vaginal fluid but these I was to give directly to him - I didn’t argue. I put my panties back on, while still in my gown and laid back down on the exam bed. I began to push my entire bowels into my panties, it was such a mess. Before I could really say anything, he then instructed me to take the vibrator from the exam tray and produce a vaginal fluid sample. So I began to work my hole with the vibrator, the shit from the filled panties, wrapped itself around the pink vibrating toy, shit was getting sucked into my vagina with each deep plunge. I began to relax and continued the penetration, with my free hand covering my inner thighs and pussy with the creamy warm shit. I was getting very turned on by now, my clit was throbbing and I brought myself to orgasm, legs shaking, my tiny little moans and whimpers heard over the rhythmic thrusting, through the warm wet shit. The dr was very pleased, I swear I saw a massive bulge in his pants, but it was hard to be sure with his lab coat on. He told me to come back in two weeks, to repeat the procedure. I agreed because I was already feeling so much better.

Lots of dirty hot action, great close ups of me passionately rubbing, my completely shit covered pussy. Hope you enjoy it! Mia

Mia Nightshade

Mia_Nightshade Desperation Run

Ok, so my first venture into outdoor, public pooping. I’ve never done anything outside my apartment, so this was a big deal for me. I eased into it but it was a great way to break the ice for future videos.

I woke up early to go for my run, already having to go, I decided walking would probably be a safer option because I wasn't really trying to put a full load in my shorts while I was outside. I took the camera with me and updated you on how things were developing . About 10 minutes into it, the pressure was really unbearable and I could feel the tip of the shit break the plane of my asshole and settle in between my cheeks. It honestly felt like so much and the traffic was really picking up. I waited for a lul and pulled back my shorts, so I could show you my ass crack. I was so nervous. By the time I walked through my door, the shit was starting to visibly bulge.

I take you into the bathroom and show you the poopy bulge while still in my shorts. I quickly pull them off and fill my panties with a really messy, stinky shit. I take you into the kitchen because I was dying for coffee, you trail behind me with a close up ass cam, as I make my way in.

After fixing a coffee we come back into the bathroom with a scene reminiscent of my old “Yoga” video. I straddle the toilet seat and grind in the mess, taking my panties off and grinding my clit into the warm pile, bringing myself to orgasm. Lots of really great footage. Enjoy! Mia Nightshade ❤️

Mia Nightshade

Mia Nightshade's Massive White Jeans Poop

Wow guys, when i said this was the biggest white jean poop ever, it was not hyperbole. Its is massive, it just kept coming out of my asshole and I pushed more out later on in the vid as well. I ate so much food yesterday, its the perfect consistency, like soft warm play doh. I start the vid early in the morning, showing you my phone just as i woke up, telling you how bad i already had to go, I show the shit already primed for its hasty exit but i wanted to hold it in as long as i could.

The pressure was so intense and my lower stomach so bloated with packed shit. I had my morning shake about an hr later, this only made the pressure ten time worse. I scrambled to get my camera set up so i could introduce the video to you and show you my cute panties, i was about to soil, before they became unrecognizable with my shit all caked on them. I run out quick to do errands and hurry to take my shoes off, so i could rush to the bathroom, I never made it, instead i just stopped and filled my panties to the literal brim, they couldnt even hold them all, despite the fact, they are full cut. You can hear and see the shit just filling my jeans, it works its way down my inner thigh, it just had nowhere else to go.

Im really turned on at this point and go into the bathroom and place you beneath my dirty bottom, as I perch myself on the edge of the bath tub, in my still filled panties and jeans. I grind and slid my ass along the hard edge of the tub, spackling the shit all over my bottom. At this point, my white jeans are showing the full extend of the mess and even with me flattening the poop along the tub edge, the bulge is still enormous. Now for the part you've all been waiting for, i pull down my jeans, showing you the carnage, its falling off my ass like heavy globs of rain, smacking the floor, as they land. I retrieve it all, packing it into a massive grapefruit size ball and put it back into my panties and proceed to display it for you, and then squish it all in between my tight ass cheeks, smearing it everywhere.

This is def prime content, you will not be disappointed with this gem! Enjoy - i sure did. Kisses Mia

Mia Nightshade

Mia Nightshade - Teasing the Repairman

My kitchen sink is clogged! I needed a repair man here asap, so i called the building and luckily for me (and him hehe), they were able to send someone over right away.

I took him into the kitchen, he was cute in his work clothes, i could smell his sexy man body as he walked past me - i knew right then i was going to have some fun with him.

He was tall with dark hair and carried a big tool box, which he rested next to the troubled sink. I was so embarrassed, the sink was filthy and full of dishes still. He didn't seem to mind, it probably

comes with the territory, as does cute sexy girls in short shorts;) I told him not to mind me and just do what he needs to do and that I may need to climb over him while hes laying

under the counter working, to empty the dirty plates, glasses and flatware from the clogged sink, just in case he needed to work in there.

I could already feel a big firm poop building inside my asshole, i wanted to push it out right as i was over top of him. I was so turned on, the thought of him sneaking a peek,

while I'm straddled over him, pooping my panties and i did just that. He was acting busy, i could hear him making lots of noise with his tools but know he was looking.

I glanced back, and from the angle i was at, he wasn't able to see my face but had a glorious view of my shit filled panties. He wore overalls, which were very loose fitting and

could see that he was trying to adjust himself, as the shit slid out of my asshole. His cock was big and hard - i could even see a little wet stain, i know his cock was leaking cum at

the site and smell of my load.

I told him that my toilet needed attention as well, and that i had an accident. I feigned embarrassment and he said not to worry and that i could actually be of some help to him.

He had me get down on all fours and instructed me to help tighten the pipes, he stood back and watched, his cock was still busting out of his pants.

I took him into the bathroom where he worked on the toilet. I told him id like to watch, just in case it ever happened again. I sat down in my shit filled panties at the edge of the tub right next to him.

I stood up and presented my ass to him, my shit stained butt cheeks, looking down at him. I took the load of shit out of my panties and brought it over to him, he had just went back to his truck

to grab some additional tools, when i told him i found the source of the clog. It was a big ball of shit, i sensually licked it for him, he was jerking his cock now watching me

taste my own shit. He got off and left but i know he will be back. I gave my poop a kiss and waved him goodbye.

Mia Nightshade

Mia Nightshade - Big Poopy! Mia's Brown Panties

Hi Guys - been busy, don't worry I'm not going anywhere! I've made up for lost time with what I know you all love, big panty poops and this wont disappoint! I just woke up and was just washing my face and combing my hair, just a lazy saturday but i had such a massive poop in my butthole that i couldnt help but just push it out in my cute pink panties for you all. It was so thick and firm and so stinky, i love that feeling so much, that i just couldnt help but make a big mess, just enjoying the pig pile i just made.


I had just bought a new toy, its an inflatable dildo, that i've been wanted to fuck my shitty ass with. After a good smear, i fuck my dirty hole for you, plunging deep into my tight little shitter. I'm dying to have a real dick in there, reaming out all my shit - omg it would be so orgasmic, a true dream of mine but don't worry, i think a lucky boi i've been talking to is going to make that happen for me. How lucky is he!

After fucking my hole i pull my panties back on and completely cover my panties with my still warm shit, you can barely make out, that i am even wearing them. I would so love to just sit on your face with them, grinding my ass and pussy all over your face, my shit just smothering you - but i know your cock would be raging hard and loving every second. I would be a good girl for you and suck you off, while you are enjoying my shitty ass on your face. I'd be begging for that hot load down my throat. My reward for being such a naughty girl ;)

I hope you enjoy - I will be making another vid soon! Kisses Mia-

Mia Nightshade

Yoga panty accident

Long and kinky with lots of different scenes for you to enjoy, something for everyone. I start out like I usually do with a short intro, show you my body and then my asshole stuffed with shit, i push it out for you and suck it back in, its hard and firm and thick. Its yoga day and even though I need to really poop, i just decide to begin my workout. I start my various poses, the camera panned out and then close in as i'm doing a really wide leg stretch in my white panties, im so relaxed from the yoga meditation and poses the shit starts to work itself out, i didn't even realize it till im in doggy position, and feel something in my panties.

I pull them down to see and a huge turd is stretching out my asshole, a few pieces drop to the floor and I quickly put them back where they came from. Wanting to finish my workout, I finish in a lying pose on my belly legs slightly spread, the camera is right between my legs, the relaxation sets in and the shit just fills my panites. I get up and walk around my apartment, with a wonderful butt cam, my ass cheeks moving rhythmically as I walk, the big poop moving in tandem with them. My panties are so tight with this big bulge.

I go into the bathroom and sit in my mess on the toilet seat, this escalated quickly as the shit spreads itself everywhere and up past my pussy. Lots of great shots here. I grind my cunt into the pile of shit, it felt amazing, my clit was so swollen and hard. The scene continues and i get up, with the shit bulging everywhere, its caked in front of my pussy. I throw my leg up on the counter and give you a great close up, of me rubbing the shit through my panties onto my dirty pussy lip, its turning me on so much. I take them off and pile it on the toilet seat and lay my pussy lips right on it and drive them down into the pile. Im sliding them along the shit like a hard cock. My lips wrapped around it. i have to shit again and with an amazing view from behind, i push out more shit and again grind my ass and pussy into it. The toilet seat is absolutely covered in shit. I finally get up and present my ass to you and cover it with my waste. It was an amazing movie - lots of jerk off material here. Enjoy!

Goddess Tempest

Shit Eat Swallowing From My Panties

Few things are as satisfying for me like taking a big and thick shit in my panties and then filming my slave EATING and SWALLOWING it in this near 32 Minute video. I get extremely aroused when watching men taking big bites into my thick turds and watching them suffer as they chew and swallow while I keep thinking how great those thick turds felt slowly sliding out of my asshole and filling my panties. It’s so amazing seeing people show such wonderful dedication eating my shit.

It all started with my slave sniffing my ass through my jeans. Since it’s been two whole days since I took a shit I decided to put my slave’s tongue to good use. My ass felt dirty and smelly anyway. So I made him spend some time licking my ass, sucking my asshole while working his tongue deep in there.

His tongue probing and massaging my smelly asshole felt really good, especially with my full bowels. It wasn’t too long before he gagged and I felt his tongue making contact with the tip of my turd in there.

Realizing just how unpleasant this must be for him I made him keep going and used my hand to push at the back of his head so he could get his tongue even deeper into my full rectum. I honestly do not care how unpleasant it is for him, what matters is it feels good for ME when his tongue makes proper contact with my shit in my ass.

Besides, it’s important his tongue lubricates with the tip of my turd as well as my asshole to ensure I can take my shit. Once I was satisfied I pulled up my sexy black panties and tight jeans and shit myself. Mainly because it feels amazing when suck thick turds fill my jeans but also because it creates a bigger mess for him to clean up with his mouth.

I could feel a big and thick chunk of my shit stuck in my ass between my ass cheeks which he had to remove and eat for me. Seeing that chunk of my shit that was removed out of my ass disappearing down his throat made me soaking wet.

But the best was when I saw just how big the shit is I pushed out into my panties and seeing him suffer as he took one large bite after another, chewing it and despite his gagging still swallowed it each and every time. It made my entire body tingle with intense pleasure!

I guess I’m some of the very few women out there who really enjoy and get turned on by watching men and sometimes even other women eat my shit :-)

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo



12m24s I went for a long bike ride, and about an hour away from home, I started to feel like I would have to shit! Man that is a long time to wait with a poop log stuck in your butt grinding away on a bicycle seat :O(

I FINALLY get home but before I can even get to the toilet I can’t wait any longer and start taking a loooooooooooong huge shit in my pants! I swear I must have been shitting for 5 minutes straight!

The poop gets all squished up in my underwear, and of course starts to fall out the sides of my panties and shorts onto the floor…yuck and it made my whole apartment STINK! I was so desperate though, I couldn’t wait!

All that pooping tired me out so I have to sit down, and when I do the poop squishes onto my inner thighs and leaks out onto the floor. A LOT falls on the floor LOL. It feels good to sit in your own shit though, weird!

I finally get up and take off my shorts and show you my messy white panties full of my brown kaka. WHen I take off the panties my ass is smeared and covered in shit! Some even falls out of my butt onto my shoes :O(

Then I show you the whole mess of poop that has dropped all over my floor and then show you the money shot with my white panties on the floor smeared in my special chocolate! In the end, I pick up all the shit that had fallen on the floor and put them back into the panties, since I have a feeling in my intestines that I will have to go again….so I want to shit again on top of the first pile of poop to make a mega-load for you to see!

it was so weird to put back on my nasty white panties already filled with the huge load of shit from after my bike ride. And yep, I was right, I had to shit again later in the day!

Watch the already huge first dump get covered in another massive poop….I’m straining and pushing for about 3 minutes and there are lots of nice crackly shitting noises. :O) When I am finished, I stand up and shake around the massive double poop load in my panties for you, it’s so BIG!!!! Two loads, one panty LOL.

I peed on the floor too cuz well, that happens sometimes that you have to piss when you poop :O)

Then I take the panties off an of course I show you the heavy load sretching out my panties, and then zoom in on the 2 different-colored piles (LOL I ate different things, of course the two loads are different colors :OP). HUGE FREAKING SHIT!!! Have fun!