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I recorded every shit I took for three days (May 13, May 14, and May 15, 2022) for your viewing pleasure. <3 If you love spying on pretty girls in the bathroom and seeing them struggle to shit, then you do not want to miss this compilation!

Day 1, Friday May 13th: I have been working on housework and editing videos all day today, hence the gorgeous outfit of sweats and T-shirt. I am not seeing anyone today except you perverts, and you have definitely seen me much dirtier than this before lol

I lean back and try to give you a beautiful view of my pee flowing out. Only a little bit got on the floor as I miscalculated my initial aim! Watch my face as I strain and push out the shit. My usually tight asshole prolapses as I struggle to push out the hard turds. I have been a tiny bit constipated these last few days, and so you get to enjoy the resulting struggle. The load is not as large as I expected, but being a bit constipated will do that. It is still a good load of digested vegetarian food.


Day 2: Saturday May 14th

This is a bigger one than the first day! And I had to leave the apartment, so I look a little bit cuter than the previous day. Once again, I lean back and let you enjoy the view.

Do you like watching my piss gush out? Which do you like watching more-- my face as I strain and push out the shit, or my asshole as it strains to push out the giant turds? My usually tight asshole stretches open wide and prolapses to get everything out. These ones are floaters! I ate a lot of fatty food on Friday night, so that makes sense (ice cream, yummm). I am usually a pretty healthy eater but even us athletic vegetarians have our guilty pleasures! And you get to enjoy seeing my giant turds float because of it. :)


Day 3: Sunday, May 15

I was about to hop in the shower after a workout when the urge hit. I must have finished digesting everything from Saturday and moved it along as I got my sweat on.

Leaning back on the seat, I spread my legs wide apart so you can enjoy the view of my totally naked body on the toilet. See the urine flow from between my legs and my asshole stretching and straining to accommodate the turds that are trying to escape. I grunt and moan as my asshole prolapses to release all that is inside my rectum.

It smells SO BAD!

I wipe and show you the results before flushing it all away.

Kamma LaVey

Party Slut Toiletslave Exploitation Roleplay by Mistress Kamma

This was from a custom video for a special slave, you know who you are.

In this video, I make the viewer know they're in for a special night of debauchery. I put you in pov and start you off by telling you how I'm taking you to the fetish club tonight. I 'wet' your appetite literally by putting on your knees and pissing down your bitch throat to start. You love how that tastes you down you nasty boy huh? That huge cock feeds you whenever I want to you're my property and you're gonna be a toilet at the fetish club for all my friends there. Now get dressed you fucking toilet, it's time to go...

In the next scene there's a pov scene where the camera is looking up from underneath a toiletseat. The lights in the room are dark and flashing different colours and you can hear the crowd's voices in the background. It feels like you are there from watching it in this roleplay!

I open up the seat and tell you I'm bringing over some friends. I then close the seat on you again.

When I come back I have multiple cocks with me from friends. Guys, transes , whatever you're just a bitch down there and you'll please any I give you. We pull your head up and they start face fucking your open mouth through top of toilet seat haha. You're a nasty bitch, keep sucking them bitch boy. I bring over my dominatrix friend and she fucks your mouth with a big horse dildo too.

You're so worn out but there's more cocks coming. You get facefucked by bbc next. Then I slam toiletseat on you.

The best is yet to come.. I pull up the seat, you're strapped down below. I sit down. Open your mouth, you know what's coming next you shit eating party slut!

Golden Scat Girls

Beloved girlfriend fuck me in the ass full of shit

Yana and Olga came into the room and sat down on the sofa. There was nothing on the girls' clothes, Yana and Olga are sitting in front of you completely naked. First the girls greet you, and then Yana and Olga get up and show you their asses. After showing off her asses, Yana sits down with Olga next to her, picks up oil and pours oil on Olga's ass. After pouring the oil, Yana smears it on Olga's ass and anus. After smearing the oil, Yana picks up a rubber dick and inserts it into Olga's ass and starts fucking Olga. After fucking Olga a little in the anus, Yana pulls a rubber dick out of Olga's ass and Olga, standing with cancer, shits and pisses on the floor. After emptying on the floor, Olga continues to stand with cancer, and Yana picks up a video camera and shows you Olga's anus dirty from shit. Having shown you Olga's anus, the girls switch places and now Olga smears oil on Yana's naked ass. After smearing Yana's ass with oil, Olga picks up a rubber dick and inserts it into Yana's ass and starts fucking Yana with it. How sweetly Yana moans with pleasure, during Yana's anal fuck with a rubber dick, Yana also stimulates her pussy with her hands. After fucking Yana in the ass, Olga pulls a dick out of Yana's ass, and Yana shits and pisses standing cancer on the floor. After emptying on the floor, Yana says goodbye to you, and Olga, taking the camera in her hands, shows you a bunch of shit and urine along with menstruation that the girls left behind on the floor.

Golden Scat Girls

Dirty show in women's jeans

This time Yana, Karolina and Alice invite you to join their show. Imagine that you are now in the same room with the girls ! First the girls greet you, and then they start their show. First, the girls pose for you a little in jeans, and then Alice gets cancer on her knees and Caroline takes off Alice's jeans - and then Yana and Caroline push Alice's buttocks in front of you. After showing you Alice's ass, the girls put their jeans back on Alice's ass again. And Alice poops and pees in her jeans. After emptying into jeans, Alice changes places with Yana. Now Yana is on her knees with cancer, and Caroline and Alice take off Yana's jeans - they spread Yana's buttocks with their hands and show you her ass. Having demonstrated Yana's anus, the girls put jeans on Yana's ass again - and Yana, standing cancer on her knees, empties herself - poops and pisses in jeans. Having filled her jeans with poop, Yana changes places and now Caroline is kneeling in front of you with cancer, and Yana and Alice take off Caroline's jeans and show you her ass. After showing you Caroline's ass, the girls put jeans on Caroline's ass, and Caroline poops and pisses in her jeans. When the girls have finished pooping and peeing in their jeans - Yana, Karolina and Alice take turns taking off each other's jeans - they spread each other's buttocks with their hands and show you their asses dirty from poop. Taking off their jeans , the girls take them in their hands and start sniffing their own shit !

Golden Scat Girls

Olga's solo show tits and denim shorts in poop

Are you ready to put aside all your business now - and join Olga 's Exclusive Dirty Solo Show ? Entering the kitchen, you see Olga sitting on a chair at the kitchen table. Looking at Olga with a glance, you see that Olga is wearing a T-shirt and denim shorts. Seeing you, Olga greets you - and begins her show. First, Olga bares her breasts in front of you and shows it to you. Then Olga starts rubbing her bare tits on the kitchen table. Having lost her tits on the kitchen table, Olga gets up, puts her legs in front of you, and fucks herself in the pussy with the corner of the kitchen table. After fucking herself a little on the table, Olga turns her back to you - takes off her denim shorts - and empties herself - poops and pisses on the corner of the kitchen table. Having finished emptying, Olga puts her denim shorts back on her ass, and sits down on a chair. When Olga sat down on a chair, Olga picks up her tits and gets her tits dirty in her own shit. After soiling her tits in poop, Olga gets up again and fucks with the corner of the kitchen table. Just look at Olga's tits - her denim shorts are all in shit. Do you like this kind of show ? After fucking her pussy on the corner of the kitchen table, Olga turns her ass to you and sits down on a pile of poop. Now denim shorts are all in the shit, not only in front, but also in the back. Having soiled her denim shorts in shit, Olga continues to fuck with the corner of the kitchen table without changing her posture.

Golden Scat Girls

Solo Show dirty Women's Jeans

Do you like girls in jeans? This time Olga invites you to join her show Dirty Women 's Jeans ! Are you ready? If yes, then go to Olga's room, she is already waiting for you there. When you enter the room, you see Olga sitting on a chair, and Olga is wearing jeans. Seeing you, Olga smiles sweetly and greets you. After the greeting, Olga starts her show for you. First, Olga shows you her jeans while sitting on a chair, and then gets up from the chair and poses for you in jeans. After posing a little, Olga turns her booty to you, unbuttons her jeans and pulls them down to her knees. Having lowered her jeans to the knee, Olga gets cancer on her knees and bends a little forward so that you can enjoy her anus. After showing you her ass and anus, Olga puts her jeans back on her ass and pulls a chair closer to the camera and again gets cancer on her knees in order to empty into her jeans. Getting cancer on her knees, Olga pisses, and then poops in her jeans. Trickles of urine run down Olga's legs, leaving a wet trail on her jeans. After finishing emptying, pooping and pissing in jeans, Olga pushes the chair back in front of you and starts posing for you already in jeans wet with urine and dirty with shit. After posing a little, Olga unbuttons her jeans again, pulls them down to her knees and gets cancer on her knees to show you her jeans and ass dirty from shit. During the video Olga takes off her jeans several times so that you can enjoy her dirty ass and jeans !

Golden Scat Girls

Dirty lesbian show of Yana and Caroline

Are you ready to join the Dirty Lesbian Show from Yana and Caroline right now ? Imagine for a minute that you are visiting Yana, you go into the room, and two completely naked girls are already waiting for you in the room. Seeing you, the girls greet you and begin their Dirty Lesbian Show. First, Yana and Caroline kiss on the lips, and then Yana first caresses Caroline's breasts with her tongue, and after caressing her breasts, Yana unfolds Caroline spreads her buttocks and caresses her friend's anus with her tongue. After playing with Caroline's charms with her tongue, Yana asks Caroline to squat down and lean her hands on the floor. As soon as Caroline took the pose, Jan empties, poops and pisses on Caroline's naked body. After emptying on Caroline, Yana sits down next to Caroline and first sniffs her shit, enjoys the smell, and then smears her own shit on Caroline's naked body. Caroline's chest, Stomach, Pussy, and Ass are all in shit, after finishing smearing poop on Caroline's body, the girls switch places and now Yana has taken the pose of Caroline, and Caroline empties herself poops and pisses on Yana's naked body. After emptying on Yana, Karolina also sits down next to Yana and smears her shit first on Yana's chest, and then on Yana's stomach, pussy and ass. While smearing poop on Yana's body, Karolina caresses tits, ass, Yana with her tongue. At the end of the video , Yana and Karolina pose together for you all in each other 's poop !

Golden Scat Girls

Yana and Karolina use Olga's mouth as a toilet

The girls invite you to join their Dirty Lesbian Show . Imagine that you are now not at home in front of your computer monitor, but visiting Yana, Caroline and Olga. Going to the girls in the room - you see that Yana and Karolina are sitting on the floor without panties - and Olga is in a dress. Seeing that you have joined their show - Yana, Olga and Karolina - greet you - and then begin their Dirty Lesbian Show. Olga lies on the floor on her back, and Yana climbs on Olga, and Olga begins to caress Yana's anus with her tongue. In order for you to clearly see how Olga licks Yana's anus with her tongue - Karolina - pushed Yana's buttocks with her hands. After caressing Yana's anus with her tongue, Yana and Karolina switch places - and now Olga caresses Karolina's anus with her tongue. Yana also pushes Caroline's buttocks apart so that you can enjoy the way Olga licks Caroline's anus with her tongue. During anulingus - Karolina empties herself, poops into Olga's mouth - but Olga does not stop, but continues to caress Karolina's anus. Having relieved Olga in her mouth, Karolina continues to sit on Olga, and Olga continues to caress Karolina's anus with her tongue. During anulingus, Karolina starts moving her ass and smearing her own poop on Olga's mouth - face. After Caroline, Yana took the place. Yana also empties herself poops in Olga's mouth, and then Olga caresses Yana's anus - and Yana also smears shit on Olga's face with her ass.

Golden Scat Girls

Olga's dirty games on the washing machine

Have you ever thought that a washing machine can be used for other purposes, but for sexual pleasures ? Are you ready to join Olga right now to enjoy this show? Going into Olga's apartment, you see : that the bathroom door is open, looking into the bathroom you see : that the washing machine is not in its place, and a member on a suction cup is attached to the lid of the washing machine. And Olga is standing next to her in beautiful underwear. Seeing you, Olga smiles sweetly, and then greets you. After the greeting , Olga starts her show for you ! First, Olga caresses the penis with her mouth and tongue. Just look at how Olga sucks a dick, how she runs her tongue up to the bottom of the penis, with what pleasure Olga does it. After playing with a member with her mouth, Olga bares her breasts and now touches the penis with her tits ! Would you like Olga to caress not a rubber dick but yours now ? Then Olga climbs on the washing machine, pushes her panties aside and sits on the penis of the pussy. Having introduced a member into her pussy, Olga begins to ride him like a rider on a horse. You look at how Olga's anus opens up, with what pleasure Olga fucks herself with a dick in her pussy. During the fuck on the washing machine, Olga empties herself poops and pisses without getting off the rubber penis. After emptying , Olga gets off the penis and first shows you her dirty ass , and after the demonstration , Olga again caresses the penis with her tongue !

Golden Scat Girls

A big pile of poop left after Yana on the couch

This is Yana's solo video. In this video, Yana invites you to visit her. She is alone now, and she would like your attention now. Go to the room where Yana is waiting for you. When you enter the room, you see how beautifully built Yana, beautiful, sweet and friendly, greets you. As soon as you enter the room, Yana greets you and begins to show herself to you. Jan is wearing white breeches, a transparent blouse, and high-heeled shoes. First, Yana poses for you in clothes, and then Yana takes off her high-heeled shoes, pants, and a transparent blouse. Now Yana is in front of you in only white underwear. Look at her, how do you like her? Are you excited? Don't stop, keep watching Yana. Then Yana pulls down her panties to the knee, gets cancer and spreads her ass with her hands. Look at Yana's anus, look touch it. After showing you her anus, Yana spreads her pussy and caresses it with her fingers. After playing a little with her fingers with her pussy, Yana takes off her panties, and then her bra. Now Yana is sitting in front of you completely naked. Admire her naked body, look at her tits, pussy and ass! How do you like them ? Do you like them ? After showing you her naked body, Yana climbs onto the sofa, spreads her legs and empties herself, poops and pisses. Look at the pile of poop that is now on divna under Yana. Do you want Yana to do it in your mouth right now? Then Yana first gets cancer and spreads her anus for you, and then Yana sniffs her own poop !

Golden Scat Girls

Lesbian Show Of Dirty Naked Female Bodies

You like to watch a hot lesbian show : In which you will see tenderness, kisses, caresses, emptying - and a large amount of female shit on naked bodies. Are you ready to join Yana and Olga ? Come into the room , the girls are already waiting for you there ! When you enter the room, you see Yana and Olga sitting on the bed completely naked - they are wearing only stockings. Seeing you, Yana and Olga greet you - and then start their hot lesbian show. First, Yana and Olga take turns caressing the nipples on each other's breasts with tongues. Look with what tenderness Yana and Olga do it. Do you like? Are you excited? Don't rush to answer - in a couple of minutes your excitement will be even stronger. Having finished with each other's caresses and excitement, Yana lies on her back - and Olga squats down opposite Yana and empties herself - poops on Yana's tits. Piling a big pile of poop on Yana's tits, Olga changes her pose - and now Olga smears her own feces with tits on Yana's body. Just look at this - do you like women 's breasts in poop ? Do you want to kiss them - lick the poop off Olga 's tits ? Having smeared their own shit on Yana's naked body, the girls change places and now - Olga is lying on her back - and Yana, turning to you with her ass, poops and pisses on Olga's body, which is dirty from shit. After emptying, Yana, as well as Olga, smears her own feces with tits on Olga's body. Did you like the dirty lesbian show ? Are you satisfied? Are you ready to continue ?

Goddess Tempest

Eating My Shit While I Cum

It was out of this world making direct eye contact while having my intense orgasm in his face as he was eating my huge shit right out of my Goddess ass.

After holding my shit in for more than two days I was so excited of knowing I was about to have the sweet relief of taking a big shit that it turned me on a lot. By the time I pulled up my legs so my slave’s mouth can have better access to me fine asshole I was already soaking wet with the aching urge to push AND masturbate.

His tongue barely made contact with my anus before it opened up and a tick creamy turd started to slowly slide out of my ass over his eager tongue into his open mouth as I rubbed and fingered my soaking wet & throbbing pussy right in his face.

You get to see a variety of facial expressions from me as I started to cum WHILE taking a huge shit in his mouth. As I contract and twitch in orgasmic delight from starting to cum hard I also had a painful pooping face expression. We made eye contact during my orgasms BUT more importantly.

We made eye contact as I watched him eat large amounts of my shit while fingering and rubbing my pussy right in his face. Seeing him suffer as he smelled and swallowed my shit only made me cum harder right in front of him.

He should thank his lucky starts some of my pussy juice leaked and pumped out of my pussy over my turds as it slowly slid out of my asshole into his mouth.

Can you imagine the feeling? Looking a beautiful woman in the eyes while she is taking a huge shit in your mouth while smelling her arousal with her throbbing wet soaked pussy right there in your face as she masturbate and orgasm repeatedly.

I am not ashamed to admit it makes me cum hard when I can look people in the eye while they struggle to eat and swallow all my shit. It’s not like I have to taste it, I just get to enjoy the intense pleasure of it all.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Golden Scat Girls
Golden Scat Girls
Goddess Tempest

Gamer Girl Shit In Mouth

Are you into gamer girls who are into racing games and having people lick their asses while they shit in their mouths?

You are? Then you are in luck! Meet Denise, she is the ultimate kinky gamer girl who LOVES playing racing games, even though she quite frankly sucks at them. Or does she?

Maybe it was because while she was playing the Rally Championship Racing Game on her gaming laptop there was a guy under her licking her ass.

Sticking his tongue up her asshole perhaps felt so good it maybe broke her concentration. Perhaps she thought it would put him off if she started to shit. But you will never guess what happened!

The guy is so in love with her that he kept his mouth there! You will witness Denise playing her racing game while taking an actual shit right into the poor guy’s mouth!

Watch how Denise’s beautiful gamer girl body contract in pure pleasure and delight from pushing out these long and thick turds right into the guy’s mouth. The guy is so in love with her he decides to eat her shit!

Clearly Denise sensed this because he was still struggling to swallow the first log when she suddenly start to shit AGAIN! She must really be having a really good time! Now with one turd halfway chewed down his throat he has a second big log sticking out of his mouth.

He really suffered but kept on chewing and swallowing in perfect view for you when Denise start shitting AGAIN! A third, softer turd suddenly start appearing between her ass cheeks as it makes it’s stinky way out of her sexy gaming girl asshole. The poor dude AGAIN keeps his mouth wide open so the softer log can drop right into it. He eats that at well just so Denise can have a good time.

What is also amazing is you can actually spot some partially digested corn in her shit. How amazing is it to think corn that was chewed and ingested by this beautiful gamer girl and now that it comes out of her ass in her shit someone gets to chew and taste that very same corn AGAIN? I’ll admit you’ll probably not taste much of the corn flavor because the taste of shit will be over powering but still.

She may not be the best gamer when it comes to racing games but she sure is a top notch shitter!

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Goddess Tempest

Scat Face Fuck Shit Eater

Very messy face shitting and scat swallowing face riding orgasm video where you see me taking a gigantic shit. You’ll see my tight anus stretched open wider than ever before in order to push these thick and creamy turds out.

I get instant orgasms from taking a big shit on someone’s face and into their mouth as I sit and ride their face. Feeling the person’s face literally push into my massive load of shit in my ass cheeks as I orgasms is out of this world!

You’re going to enjoy seeing and actually hearing my massive creamy shit load sliding out of my asshole into his mouth and over his face as I ride his face while shitting and obtaining multiple orgasms in the process

Enjoy seeing one of my creamy turds poking out of my asshole as he guides into with his tongue right into his mouth just as I sit down and start riding his face.

See how the shit slowly slide out of my asshole right into his nostrils! I literally even took a shit right up his stupid nose!

I felt so fucking awesome making such I dirty mess on his face that it was easy for me to cum repeatedly during this shitty mess without even touching my pussy.

What is always amazing for me is the different colors and textures in a single bowel movement due to the different foods I ate meaning my slave also gets a variety of smells and tastes in my shit. I didn’t allow him to taste my pussy cream as I started to cum repeatedly as he is not worthy BUT at least he got to eat and swallow my entire shit load of multiple creamy turds to ensure I could cum harder and longer.

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Goddess Tempest

Tongue Fuck Scat Eating

Stick your tongue up my ass and win a prize! A nasty brown prize that is! I wanted to do something new and different in today’s scat porn video filled with climax, asshole tongue fucking while shitting in the mouth and amazing shit eating and swallowing.

If you are uncertain if I really enjoy taking a huge shit into someone’s mouth while they are tongue fucking my asshole then watch my pussy in the close up view from beneath. With every push, every thick turd you see sliding out of my asshole filling his mouth my pussy swells bigger with arousal.

It makes me so fucking horny when I feel my shit pushing someone’s tongue out of my ass and I feel their mouth being filled by my nasty thick shit. You can actually see the dent his tongue left in my thick turd sticking out of my asshole.

You will see my slave eat my entire shitload of multiple thick and juicy turd. NOTHING feels as good as taking these massive shits into men’s mouths and making them eat ALL of it. I LOVE it when men eat my shit and after every turd he chewed and struggle to swallow he pushes his tongue back up my shitty ass. Just to discover there is another thick and creamy turd waiting and it feels so fucking good to fill someone’s mouth again and again knowing he has to taste and eat all of it.

You will love the close-up scenes of my asshole filling his mouth as you see my pussy growing larger from my arousal and seeing him chew and swallow my turds, one mouthful after another.

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Goddess Tempest

Massive Diarrhea Drinking Enema

Did you know every time you take a shit a little bit stays behind in your bowels? It’s actually very unhealthy because your shit traces left behind really starts to rot in there. That is why a good enema is very healthy to clean you out properly. I do this every few months and you can’t believe what comes out of my ass, it’s DISGUSTING!

I put in a clear water solution for a few hours until I can feel it is really getting very urgent. The liquid diarrhea enema that comes out of my ass then is so revolting that t stinks up the bathroom for HOURS!

It literally smells like raw sewage! I much rather make this experience more pleasant for myself by putting my toilet chair over my toilet slave and have him lick my ass for me. When it gave me enough pleasure and he starts tasting my ass leaking my liquid shitty enema he opens his mouth wide for me so I can shit my disgusting liquid diarrhea enema into his mouth.

You can actually see my liquid shit splatter in his mouth as he gag and gurgle. He is literally DRINKING my diarrhea that smells like revolting raw sewage and it is such a fucking turn on for me!

The more I shit the stronger the revolting smell becomes and the more he gags while drinking it under me. He can actually hear the quiver in his voice as he tells me it is starting to taste really bad. I just laugh and tell him it’s not my problem and he must get ready because there is more coming. You can literally SEE my diarrhea splashing around in his mouth!

At one point my diarrhea hot him strait in the face! Right on his lips! He eagerly opened his mouth to be filled by my raw sewage right out of my ass. Felt amazing!

I absolutely love how my liquid diarrhea enema turned into soft runny shits in the end. That was actually old shit stick in my colon that got loosened up and it smelled horrible but felt so fucking good feeling it sliding out of my asshole noisily and running down his throat as he struggled to keep up swallowing. It felt so good for me, this should become a law that allow all woman to use all men this way.

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Goddess Tempest

Scat Doctor 2 - Toilet Chair Feeding

The beautiful female scat doctor is back! Today she is treating one of her patients again with her revolutionary medical treatment of having her patients lick her ass and eat her shit to restore the correct bacteria in their system.

What makes this more than just a regular shit eating video is to see the deep love and care the female doctor shows her patient while he eats her shit under her in her toilet chair. She holds his hands tenderly while slowly taking a MASSIVE shit right into his mouth.

She is still human after all and she can’t help but moan and grunt in pure pleasure from taking such a huge shit into her patient’s mouth. You can see on the natural pooping face she is making that it feels really good sliding out of her.

Her compassion and care shows as she is very verbal, talking to her patient while shitting in his mouth, encouraging him to keep chewing and swallowing her shit and motivating him by telling him how proud she is of him and how good a patient he is.

Just as he swallows the last bit of her massive turd she start pushing again and her patient see her asshole opening again. He quickly puts his mouth over her dirty asshole and you can hear a very wet and creamy load of shit now filling the patient’s mouth as the beautiful female doctor moan in pure delight and relief from emptying her colon down her patient’s throat.

She tenderly squeeze the patient’s hands as a form of encouragement to keep swallowing. You can hear the patient mumbling with a mouth full of shit to her that she is really shitting a LOT.

She apologizes for shitting so much but reminds him it is for his own health benefit. The patient manages to consume her entire second load as well. She then gently reminds him there is no toilet paper in her medical practice so he has to lick her ass clean for her.

You will search far to find a female doctor who is more caring. She shares something very private and intimate with her patients by using them as toilets so they can eat her shit to improve their health. She is a beautiful scat feeder with a heart of gold.

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Goddess Tempest

Orgasmic Mouth Shit Swallowing

As a new year’s gift for 2022 I’m going to show you how horny it makes me when my shit is eaten. Every now and then I like to SHOW people that I really am turned on by men eating my shit directly out of my ass. That’s where videos like this one comes in. One of the camera angles shows you the action of my ass filling my slave’s mouth BUT it also gives you a clear view of my vagina. Throughout the video you’ll see I don’t touch my pussy BUT still you see the moment my slave licks my ass and I start shitting into his mouth my pussy start swelling to nearly three times it’s original size from arousal. It’s fucking orgasmic when I make people eat all my shit.

Part of what makes my pussy throb and drip is when they struggle and tell me my shit takes really horrible. Having the power to grant them mercy by stopping but instead I laugh and tell them they must continue eating. When I start shitting more in their mouths and feel my shit sliding out it’s like it’s an orgasmic experience like none other.

Don’t you just love how each time my poor slave managed to chew and swallow a turd I present him with ANOTHER one poking out of my asshole, enticing him to bite into it so I can push out more for him? Seeing my pussy swelling bigger while another turd pokes out of your ass should be motivation enough for you to eat it so I can experience even more pleasure. You all should be so lucky!

I am one of the very few women in the world who gets highly aroused from taking a shit into another person’s mouth, even more if I can see and feel them eating it. It’s erotically orgasmic on a whole other level. Nothing leaves me more satisfied than when I emptied my bowels down someone’s throat and filled their tummies. That is why I expect my ass to be licked clean afterwards as a form of respect and gratitude.

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Goddess Tempest

Mrs Claus Shit Eating Elf

I literally held in my shit a few days in order to be able to take a long and big shit for you and bring you a messy shit eating video this Holiday Season! I really enjoyed making this video for you and I was very excited as we set everything up and I knew I was going to take such a wonderful shit in someone’s mouth in just a few minutes. Keep reading to see just how dirty this scat eating video got!

Jingles the Elf was VERY NAUGHTY! He did the nasty with Sandy the girl Elf and Rudolf the red nose reindeer broke loose and trashed all the toys in Santa’s factory. So Santa Claus had to go fix up the factory and he left Mrs Claus in charge of punishing Jingles the naughty Elf. She decided the best punishment EVER would be to make Jingles lick her mystical ass so she can relax and get ready to take a huge shit in his little naughty Elf mouth.

Trust me, Mrs Claus eats all sorts of cookies all year long so when SHE takes a shit you can be damn sure it’s going to be a HUGE bowel movement! You know when you take those massive shits? The first few turds are thick and firm but as you keep shitting your shit becomes warmer and softer sliding out of your ass.

The same thing happened to Mrs Claus because she was taking such a massive dump in Jingles mouth. Luckily his little Elf mouth was right by Mrs Claus’s asshole or else she would’ve made a huge mess all over Santa’s favourite chair!

You’ll see a little bit of very soft shit mixed with her virginal cum running down Mrs Claus’s leg from her ass. Yeah, I actually started to orgasm while I was taking this big shit in his mouth. Holding in my shit so long and finally feeling out sliding out of my ass filling his mouth and feeling him eat it got too much and I started to CUM while filling his mouth one last time. My milk coloured virginal discharge during my orgasm spurted onto my leg during my orgasm. That’s why he had to grab my thigh in order to steady me during my orgasm while I was shitting in his mouth.

Towards the end it got a really shitty shit soup mess between Jingles mouth and Mrs Claus’s ass. Poor Jingles ate ALL her shit and even managed to lick out most of the shitty mess between Mrs Claus’s butt cheeks as he tongue washed her mystical asshole.

But not only do I give you this very erotic and dirty half hour shit eating video. I actually am selling this half hour video for a mere $19.99! YUP! I knocked off $10 from this 30 minute clip. That is my Holiday gift to you, my loyal fans.

I LOVE shitting in people’s mouth and watching them eat all my shit and I can only do this because of YOUR continued support. That is why I’m selling this clip at such a low price. At the end of the video I also thank all of you watching my scat and shit eating videos personally. You guys are all so amazing. I love all of you so please be safe on your travels this Holiday Season.

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Goddess Tempest

Shit Eating Toilet Bitch 2

At one point I held my shit so a thick creamy turd was hanging halfway out of my stretched open asshole and I told him I’d be even more proud of him if he also ate the shit that’s still stuck in my ass. I LOVE that feeling when they bite into and chew on a turd that is still halfway up my ass.

Keep reading because this shit eating video of mine WILL make you CUM!...

“I must be the luckiest man alive that I get to lick Goddess Tempest’s ass”

Those were the words of my toilet bitch as he was eating my sweaty and smelly ass. In this shit eating video I even farted a little bit when he was licking my ass clean. It’s the entire mind set of Toilet Slavery when it comes to people licking my ass that turns me on. The can see the actual porcelain toilet where my fine Goddess Ass is never seated while they lick and clean my ass with their inferior slave tongue.

Most fun part is we are in the bath tub with my slave on his knees behind me enduring the smell and taste of my dirty ass. The very bath tub that I could’ve used to wash my ass but instead he is kneeling behind me in it licking my ass clean. This helps him accept his role as a lowly Shit Eating toilet bitch.

It’s a fun hobby of mine, turning men into my SHIT EATING TOILET BITCHES and making them wash my dirty Goddess ass with their tongues afterwards.

While he licks my ass I start to shit into his mouth. Why? Because I can and I want to. And when I shit then people eat, it’s that simple.

In this video during my moaning and grunting you also get to see my entire Goddess body contract in pure pleasure and delight as I take a shit directly into my toilet bitch’s mouth. Each chewing and swallowing scene of my shit that slid out of my asshole filmed to perfection for your orgasmic masturbation pleasure.

I don’t know what turns me on more. Making people eat my shit or knowing there are so many people from all around the world watching me shit in a mouth and making the person eat it. You’ll see how he managed to swallow some creamy chunks of my turd whole.

He even shows you the actual ugly porcelain toilet I never use and in his words: “Because I’m her little TOILET BITCH!”

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Goddess Tempest

Eat Her Shit Like A Real Man

If you ever wondered if my ass really stink when I make my slaves lick in in my videos, or even more importantly. If my shit really smell and taste as bad as I claim when my slaves eat it in my videos, well today you get to see the ultimate proof, provided by mother nature herself!

In this shit eating video you will LITERALLY see a fly buzzing around my bottom. If that isn’t proof that I make people lick my ass while it is unwashed and that my shit really stinks badly then I don’t know what is.

It was like the fly and my slave was competing for my shit! The fly kept landing on my turd that was sticking out of my ass. My slave had to keep chasing the fly off my turd each time he took a bit out of it between my butt cheeks, so fucking hot!

Taking such a thick, big and smelly already feels amazing but having a person back there eating your shit for you and licking your ass clean afterwards is pure erotic and orgasmic heaven guys.

Each turd I pushed out became softer and nastier in smell and taste, the fly was proof of this and at one point my slave really started having a tough time to swallow, telling me it’s getting really bad now. But he kept at eat and kept eating and swallowing till I was satisfied and empty.

You can see the goose bumps forming all over my cute ass and legs from feeling my turds sliding out of my asshole over his tongue and into his mouth. It feels so good to shit onto someone’s tongue like this.

My entire body language and facial expression clearly tells you the intense pleasure I experience from taking a big shit slowly into his mouth. This is exactly why I keep real men like this around, so I never have to sit on a stupid porcelain toilet.

Any REAL MAN will lick a woman’s ass and eat her shit. Question is, are YOU man enough to eat shit right out of a woman’s gorgeous ass like Devoted Sub did here?

DISCLAIMER: Even though the fly was a tad annoying in the video it actually proved my ass and shit is really smelly when people lick and eat it in my videos so it was NOT harmed in any way, shape or form.

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