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3 Outdoor Ass Loads

Here's another new compilation of fresh dumps. This time I tried to show more of my whole ass and have it less zoomed in than most of my past clips like this. And again I gave my dumps names for you to remember them by.

August 27- Lively Juicy Pile. On a beautiful day, I pop my ass out of my panties. My ass is very ready to unload the large amount of poop inside me. As I squat and spread my ass cheeks open with my hands, the dark poop has expanded my asshole as i squat. I push harder, then the rest of the ass load bursts out which you can see was held tight inside my ass. This thick juicy dump makes the perfect pile under my pretty ass.

September 3- Stiff Solid Shits. I pull my bra and shorts off, getting nude except sandals. I squat down at an angle where you can see my nipple but also my asshole and both cheeks as a straight stiff brown poop pokes and extends out of my ass. The hard turds break and fall on the ground solidly as they slow down and I am pushing harder and sprinkling hot piss as I shit naked on this hot day.

September 5- Unique Ass Artifacts. I plop my round ass into the camera and start the urgent business. You can see my asshole expand around sticky pebbles that tumble down. Then the turd seems to twist into a unique shape where it is transitioning from pebbles to a smooth log and plops out. Then another unusual shaped one bursts out seeming to balloon out of my asshole. Then I try to squeeze out the rest of the brown stuff that seems to pause before falling out of my ass into the glistening pile on the ground. There is some glare in the last scene.... Personally I think it looks nice and you can still see, but I thought I should let you know... I wish I would have been more careful not to have glare but my ass needed to shit asap!


Giant Poopy Panties Bulge while Cassie Avoids the Toilet to Finish Chores

God I have so much to do and it's stressing me out!! I have to cook and do dishes and clean and even having to eat lunch feels like a chore! I don't have time for this weird stomach problem I'm having. I gotta WORK! tummyache or no, I go around the house in my tight red jeans and geeky t-shirt while I load the dishwasher and make stew to eat.

Farting and gurgles and grumbles in my belly should have been indicators to take a break but instead I end up running to the bathroom, desperate to shit and avoid an accident in my pants. I can barely stand anymore from the stomach cramps and my desperation to shit so I crumple to the floor and try to remove my pants but don't succeed in getting my panties off.

Watch my white cotton panties grow and spread as a huge bulge appears. You are so close to my asshole and feet that you can practically smell it! It is a massive dump, but once it's done, I feel much better. In my relief, I stand and jump and wiggle and swing my panty bulge around a bit before deciding it's BACK TO WORK!

I begin to clean the shower while my panties droop from the heavy shit. I guess i should take these off? When I do you can see that even wiping with the clean side of the panties does nothing to solve the huge mess on my ass! I walk with my dirty poopy ass to the other side of the apartment to get some supplies to pack away the dirty panties to send to a fan, and all the while you get to see my filthy cheek up close.

A little more wiping with toilet paper that you watch from below me and then i gotta go! No more filming, I still have chores to do!

Madam Tulpan

Defecation And Other Fecal Delights In Toilet's Mouth In Silver Grey Leggings

Slave was eager to receive absolutely anything from Madam Tulpan, since he have not seen her for a long time and she looked extremely sexy in tight silver grey leggings, red high heeled shoes and a transparent blouse.She also got the slave really aroused with her sexy voice sweet talking, face slapping and the way she touched his face and had him kissing her hand. Then she sat down, pulled down her leggings to shit out what she has collected for the toilet mouth.. She started pushing and pissed in his mouth but could not push the shit out. So the slave reached up and dug into her asshole with his tongue. She was pushing directly into his mouth but the movement wasn't very prominent. Madam Tulpan then dug inside her anus and dug out some shit which she had the toilet slave lick off her finger. He tried sucking out shit and she pushed more. He got enough shit in his mouth but she wanted to cleanse herself totally of her feces into into mouth. So, she used enema to inject water inside her rectum to help with the evacuation of her shit into the toilet slave's mouth. While standing and doing herself the enema some water was spraying from her ass and the slave eagerly was catching the drops with his mouth like a happy dog. When she sat down she was already squirting water out of her ass. She started pushing. First came the hard shit and then the spurt of diarrhea hit the slave's face and mouth After that she pissed into his mouth already filled with her feces - hard and runny. She then turned around and spat in his mouth, slapped his face with her shoes and whipped the slave on the chest.

Goddess Tempest

Please Eat My Poop

This is such a special Toilet POV video for me because I don’t get the time to film these so often. Pooping is such a intimate and private act, especially for women. So it makes it extra special for me to film a Toilet POV video for all you men out there and film it in a first person perspective.

I let you experience exactly what my toilets here in “House Tempest” experience on a daily basis. I start by looking down at you through the opening of the toilet chair and talking to you. Telling you about the last meals I’ve eaten.

You get to see my amazing ass when I slowly sit down on the opening above your face and you get to see my perfect pussy and ass in full view. I keep talking to you down there, encouraging you to smell and then lick my asshole for me because good toilets are willing to work for their feedings.

You’ll notice without any stimulation whatsoever my pussy start swelling from arousal. That is because I LOVE men sniffing and licking my ass before I poop in their mouths. Once I push and my anus open up and you see my turd appear you’ll hear me encourage you to open your mouth wide for me. You’ll hear me encourage you to keep eating my poop as I push my turd out.

See what my pussy does? It gets soaking wet on it’s own and you can see my white pussy fluids forming between the lips. It’s because I’m one of the rare women who get turned on by pooping but even more knowing men are under me eating it for me.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo