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Goddess Tempest

BANANA SPLIT (PUKE) : I eat a piss and shit banana split and eat my puke ! (EATING / FOOD & FOOT FETISH / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM)

Today, I'm going to concoct 2 different split bananas; 1 banana split with piss and 1 banana split caviar version!

First I'm going to suck my bananas, before making you lick my dirty feet (full of dust). I will then cover them with whipped cream and ask you to lick them again!

Then I insert the banana in my pussy, then I piss on it for a long time, before eating several good tasty bites.

I make you imagine yourself in place of my banana doing a footjob with whipped cream.

I will then open a banana and get puked on me and in my cleavage many times… I then put puke on my face and then I eat some puke…

Then I go a little whipped cream on my ass and insert a banana inside, before releasing a big creamy turd, to then put a banana back in my butt and make it brown.

I then spread caviar on my face, body and hair, then I put whipped cream in my mouth and then I spread it on my hair full of caviar.

I then cover the banana with poop, then I taste several big bites offering you views of my mouth full of poop banana

I smear my dildo with caviar, then insert it deep in my throat to get my cleavage poking again. I then make myself degobiller directly in my hand to come directly to eat my puke. I then run a good layer of puke on my hair before moving on to my big ass.

I spread caviar on my ass, my legs, then I fill my ass with bananas before sticking my dildo in it. I end up popping a banana mush. I then put some whipped cream on my ass and I come to smash my ass for a long time. I will pee again then.

I then change position and insert the banana in my ass, before moving into a new position to go back and forth on my dildo. The dildo in the ass, and to finish, I'll get my body fucked because you love it...

Goddess Tempest

Eat Shit From Women 5

Full 23 Minutes of messy scat masturbation and poop eating:

It was out of this world making direct eye contact while having my intense orgasm in his face as he was eating my huge shit right out of my Goddess ass. By the time I pulled up my legs so my slave’s mouth can have better access to me fine asshole I was already soaking wet with the aching urge to push AND masturbate. You get to see a variety of facial expressions from me as I started to cum WHILE taking a huge shit in his mouth. As I contract and twitch in orgasmic delight from starting to cum hard I also had a painful pooping face expression. We made eye contact as I watched him eat large amounts of my shit while fingering and rubbing my pussy right in his face. Seeing him suffer as he smelled and swallowed my shit only made me cum harder right in front of him.

In part 2 I ask if you are into gamer girls who are into racing games and having people lick their asses while they shit in their mouths? Meet Denise, the ultimate kinky gamer girl! The guy licking her ass while she plays a racing game is so in love with her that he kept his mouth there when she starts to shit! You will witness Denise playing her game while taking an actual shit right into the poor guy’s mouth! Watch how Denise’s beautiful gamer girl body contract in pure pleasure and delight from pushing out these long and thick turds right into the guy’s mouth. The guy is so in love with her he decides to eat her shit!

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Goddess Tempest

Eat Shit From Women 4

Full 28 Minute Scat Face Fuck Video:

At one point he actually licked a tiny piece of used toilet paper loose that was stuck deep within my dirty anus. It was then when I ordered him to stick his finger up my ass. I LOVE when someone finger fucks my ass when I need to take a shit, the pleasure is quite amazing and intense. It started feeling so good I couldn’t help myself and during my moans of pleasure I told him that I think I’m starting to shit and he can keep digging my shit out my ass and eat it for me. I almost started to cum feeling how I’m shitting into his hand while he was fingering my asshole, knowing he’ll have to eat it. I even shit directly into his mouth! I just loved how he got back in there after this feeding, with his shit smeared tongue he started licking and tongue fucking my dirty asshole to give me even more pleasure.

I get instant orgasms from taking a big shit on someone’s face and into their mouth as I sit and ride their face. Feeling the person’s face literally push into my massive load of shit in my ass cheeks as I orgasms is out of this world! You’re going to enjoy seeing and actually hearing my massive creamy shit load sliding out of my asshole into his mouth and over his face as I ride his face while shitting and obtaining multiple orgasms in the process. Enjoy seeing one of my creamy turds poking out of my asshole as he guides into with his tongue right into his mouth just as I sit down and start riding his face. See how the shit slowly slide out of my asshole right into his nostrils! I literally even took a shit right up his stupid nose!

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Goddess Tempest

Eat Shit From Women 3

Full 36 Minute poop eating video:

Did you know every time you take a shit a little bit stays behind in your bowels? It’s actually very unhealthy because your shit traces left behind really starts to rot in there. That is why a good enema is very healthy to clean you out properly. I do this every few months and you can’t believe what comes out of my ass, it’s DISGUSTING! It literally smells like raw sewage! I much rather make this experience more pleasant for myself by putting my toilet chair over my toilet slave and have him lick my ass for me. When it gave me enough pleasure and he starts tasting my ass leaking my liquid shitty enema he opens his mouth wide for me so I can shit my disgusting liquid diarrhoea enema into his mouth. You can actually see my liquid shit splatter in his mouth as he gag and gurgle. He is literally DRINKING my diarrhoea that smells like revolting raw sewage and it is such a fucking turn on for me! Was even fun when my liquid shit hit him strait in the face!

Want to win ‘n nasty brown prize? Then stick your tongue up my ass! I wanted to do something new so today’s scat porn video is filled with climax, asshole tongue fucking while shitting in the mouth and amazing shit eating and swallowing. You will see my slave eat my entire shitload of multiple thick and juicy turds. NOTHING feels as good as taking these massive shits into men’s mouths and making them eat ALL of it. This two part video is not to be missed!

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Kitty Skatt
Golden Scat Girls
Goddess Tempest

Eat Shit From Women 2

Full 34 Minute video of women's shit being completely eaten:

Imagine you get to be the bathroom for women using the Library. Better yet, you get to visit a female doctor who treats illness by having you eat her turds right out of her asshole.

Well now you can! While I show you all my favorite masks and books in my little library I start to shit into another person’s mouth slowly while he is licking my anus. I obviously do my very best to keep a straight face and neutral voice while shitting but you will be seeing my pooping facial expressions because it simply feels too good when I poop into someone’s mouth while they are licking my ass. He shows me each turd as he chew and swallow it because my toilets all know. I ADORE men eating my shit.

The beautiful female scat doctor is back! What makes this more than just a regular shit eating video is to see the deep love and care the female doctor shows her patient while he eats her shit under her in her toilet chair. She holds his hands tenderly while slowly taking a MASSIVE shit right into his mouth. She is still human after all and she can’t help but moan and grunt in pure pleasure from taking such a huge shit into her patient’s mouth. You can see on the natural pooping face she is making that it feels really good for her. Her compassion and care shows as she is very verbal, talking to her patient while shitting in his mouth, encouraging him to keep chewing and swallowing her shit and motivating him by telling him how proud she is of him and how good a patient he is.

This scat eating video show all the best scenes of my shit being eaten

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Goddess Tempest
Golden Scat Girls

Deep anal and water enema for Yana

Do you like anal ? But not an ordinary anal fuck, but a fuck in a water-filled ass. This is an unusual everyday video, this is an exclusive in which the beautiful Yana and her big-breasted friend Olga were filmed. I see that you can't wait to find out what will happen in this video : Sit back in your chair, relax, close your eyes, and imagine that you are now visiting Yana and Olga. Introduced ? You are sitting in a chair opposite the mini table where Yana is sitting. Look how Yana smiles sweetly at you, and welcomes you. Then Yana gets up on the table with cancer on her knees, and lifting up her dress in front of you, she bares her ass. Do you like Yana 's ass ? Would you like to fuck Yana in the ass ? Exposing her ass in front of you, Yana continues to kneel cancer on the mini table, and Olga, approaching Yana, picks up a two-liter plastic bottle filled with water, inserts the neck of the bottle into Yana's ass and fills Yana's ass with water. After filling Yana's ass with water, Olga changes a plastic water bottle for a rubber dick. Taking a member in her hands, Olga enjoys fucking a member of Yana in the ass filled with water. Could you imagine that ? Anal during intestinal cleansing, isn't that what you wanted to see now ? After fucking Yana in the ass, Olga goes to the video camera, and Yana pulls a dick out of her ass and releases a fountain of water with shit on the floor. Would you like Yana to fill your mouth with water with shit from her ass right now ?

Queen Siya & The Prince of Secrets
Golden Scat Girls

Tits of lesbians Yana and Olga are all in shit

Have you ever imagined that : You will be admiring a very hot and dirty lesbian show ? In which Yana and Olga take turns emptying on each other's tits. Women's tits in shit is so exciting, isn't it ? Are you ready to enjoy this show right now ? From the beginning of the video, Yana and Olga greet you sitting on the couch. Look at them, how sweetly they smile at you. After greeting Olga pulls Yana's tits out of her bra and caresses them with her tongue. Look at how Yana's nipples harden with excitement. Then Olga takes a rubber dick in her hands, and Yana squeezes the penis between her tits, jerks off the penis with her tits and at the same time caresses the penis with her mouth. After fucking Yana in the mouth with a dick, Olga turns to you with her booty, lowers her panties to the knee and empties herself pooping on Yana's tits. After emptying, Olga puts on her panties, and first caresses Yana's nipples with her tongue, and then takes a dick in her hands and smears shit on Yana's tits with it. After soiling the dick in shit, Olga and Yana take turns sucking it. After sucking a dick, Yana unbuttons Olga's bra and caresses Olga's tits with her tongue. Having aroused Olga, Yana turns to you with her booty, pulls down her panties and empties herself pooping on Olga's tits. After emptying, Yana takes the penis in her hands, and Olga clamps the penis between her tits and jerks it off. While jerking off a penis with tits, Yana and Olga take turns sucking it.

Golden Scat Girls

Loud Scat Farting by Caroline and Alice

Do you like female loud female farting ? This time Yana invites you to visit her at the " Loud Scat Farting Show ". Are you already in anticipation of what you will see ? First you will see how three sexy beauties Yana, Karolina and Alice are sitting on their knees in front of you, and the girls are wearing transparent body suits out of clothes. After sitting on their knees in front of you for a while, Caroline and Alice get cancer on their knees with their gorgeous asses to you, and Yana picks up a mini enema and starts filling Alice's ass with air. As soon as Yana has finished filling Alice's ass with air, Alice, kneeling cancer in front of you, " Farts " explodes very loudly, and along with farting, shit flies out of Alice's ass. Having released not only air, but also shit from her ass, Alice continues to kneel in front of you with cancer with a dirty ass from shit, and Yana begins to fill Caroline's ass with air. Filling Caroline's ass with air, Yana waits for Caroline to " Fart " loudly and Caroline does not make you wait long, but almost immediately explodes with a loud fart. Along with the farting, shit flies out of Caroline's ass, now the asses of the girls standing in front of you with cancer on their knees are all in shit. Throughout the video, Yana takes turns filling the asses of her friends with air, and the girls explode very loudly " Fart " standing in front of you with cancer on their knees with their asses dirty from shit !

Golden Scat Girls
Golden Scat Girls

Hot lesbian bachelorette party

Have you ever imagined that : You are the one who will be invited to the " Hot Pre-Wedding Bachelorette Party ", which was arranged by Caroline. Imagine that tomorrow pretty Caroline will get married, and today Caroline decided to go into a crazy break. In order for the bachelorette party to take place, the bride Karolina invited her friends Yana and Marina to it. Just imagine what these three hot girls can arrange at a bachelorette party. First, Yana and Marina, placing Caroline's legs in front of you, show you her pussy, then Yana caresses the bride's pussy with her tongue, and then takes the penis in her hands and fucks the bride in the pussy in different poses. After fucking the bride with a dick, Yana passes the penis to Marina, and she bares her ass, climbs on the sofa, spreads her legs, and Caroline caresses Yana's pussy with her tongue. During oral sex, Yana empties herself, poops and pisses on Caroline's white wedding dress. After emptying and enjoying oral sex, Yana gets off the couch, takes Marina's dick and continues to fuck the bride in the pussy. Meanwhile, Marina comes in from the front, bares her ass, and offers the bride to open her mouth. Karolina opens her mouth, and Marina poops in the bride's mouth. After filling the bride's mouth, Marina sits down next to her and caresses Caroline's tits with her fingers. And Yana at this moment fucks the bride with a dick in the ass. Caroline is so excited about what is happening that she experiences a real jet orgasm.

Golden Scat Girls

Caroline and Alice arrange an unusual medical examination of Marina

This time, Caroline and Alice decided to conduct an unusual medical examination of Marina. When you enter the room, you will see Dr. Alice and Madrasa Karolina sitting in front of you. The girls are dressed in sexy medical gowns. Then Marina joins them. First, Alice and Caroline ask the patient Marina to take off her panties, and then provide them with a pussy for examination. Marina fulfills the request of the doctors, and the girls begin the examination. First, Karolina examines Marina's pussy, and then inserts a gynecological mirror to Marina and takes a swab from the pussy. Taking a swab, Karolina inserts a penis into the patient Marina's pussy, and fucks Marina a little. After fucking Marina with a dick, nurse Karolina lifts her medical gown and pisses on Marina's pussy. Then Karolina puts Marina with cancer and inserts a toy into her anal. After the toy, Karolina fills the mini enema with water, and then puts Marina an enema. After filling Marina's ass with water, Karolina asks Marina to sit down so that the doctor Alice empties on her. Marina sits down, and Alice lifts her medical gown, bares her ass and empties herself, poops and pisses on the patient Marina. After emptying on the Marina, Alice sits down next to her again and continues to observe the inspection of the Marina. Karolina suggests Marina to relax and let the water with shit out of her ass. Marina does it with pleasure ! Such a medical examination was carried out by doctor Alice and nurse Karolina.