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EATING HOTDOG : I'm eating a shitty hot dog ! (EATING / FOOD FETISH / SAUSAGES / SCAT / PISS / ATM)

I have a very naughty desire; that of shoving big sausages up my ass, then making a shitty hotdog and eating it! Yum !

I have several types of sausage: medium, and a HUGE.

I'll start by spraying my ass with mustard and ketchup, then I'll play with a sausage in my anus all excited. I will also lick sausage with shit coming out of my ass.

I'm going to put a sausage in my ass to reveal it like an explosion, and I'll even do it with 2 sausages in my anus twice in the video!

Tickling my anus with these sausages makes me extremely want to shit. So I'm going to make a big turd and piss at the same time, to then play again directly with the sausages, then come and cross my mouth with it and suck 2 of them directly at the same time in my mouth (with shit).

I'm then going to suck my turd, before spreading it all over my face and hair and playing again with the sausages in my mouth!

I spray my ass again with mustard and ketchup to continue to smash my ass with sausages.

I lie on my back, my ass in front of you, and generously spread shit on it, before playing with sausages. This time I shove the HUGE sausage further up my ass and prolapse slightly.

I then change position, and I play again with a normal sausage, but also again with the HUGE sausage that explodes my ass!

The shit on my face has dried nice and dry, I stretch my face tight from the shit dryness, before preparing my hotdog with: hotdog bun, mustard, ketchup and of course, a good poop-coated sausage. I eat several big bites and show you that I swallowed everything!

Some farts in this video!

Golden Scat Girls

Yana likes to have fun solo

This time, the debauchee Yana decided to have a little fun with you one-on-one ! Imagine for a minute that you are visiting Yana, and Yana invited you to her room. You go into Yana's room and see that Yana is lying completely naked in front of you. What are your first thoughts ? Going further into the room, you sit down in a chair, and taking a comfortable position opposite Yana, you notice that Yana is holding a rubber penis in her hands. At first, Yana smiles sweetly at you, greets you, and then slowly begins to excite herself. Yana takes a dick in her mouth and sucks it with pleasure, at the moment of blowjob Yana puts her legs in front of you and caresses her pussy with her fingers. Do you like ? Would you like Yana to suck your dick now ? After playing with a member with her mouth, and with her pussy with her fingers, Yana spreads her legs even wider in front of you and inserts a member into her pussy, and slowly but surely fucks herself. You look at the pleasure with which Yana fucks herself, listen to her moans, they are great, aren't they ? Throughout the video, Yana slowly fucks herself with a rubber dick in different poses. After fucking herself with a dick, Yana decides to empty herself on a dick, Yana chooses a pose convenient for emptying and first pisses on a dick, and then poops. After emptying, Yana first smears the shit on the penis, and then on her pussy. After smearing the shit on her pussy, Yana inserts a dick again and fucks herself !

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Loud Scat Farting by Caroline and Alice

Do you like female loud female farting ? This time Yana invites you to visit her at the " Loud Scat Farting Show ". Are you already in anticipation of what you will see ? First you will see how three sexy beauties Yana, Karolina and Alice are sitting on their knees in front of you, and the girls are wearing transparent body suits out of clothes. After sitting on their knees in front of you for a while, Caroline and Alice get cancer on their knees with their gorgeous asses to you, and Yana picks up a mini enema and starts filling Alice's ass with air. As soon as Yana has finished filling Alice's ass with air, Alice, kneeling cancer in front of you, " Farts " explodes very loudly, and along with farting, shit flies out of Alice's ass. Having released not only air, but also shit from her ass, Alice continues to kneel in front of you with cancer with a dirty ass from shit, and Yana begins to fill Caroline's ass with air. Filling Caroline's ass with air, Yana waits for Caroline to " Fart " loudly and Caroline does not make you wait long, but almost immediately explodes with a loud fart. Along with the farting, shit flies out of Caroline's ass, now the asses of the girls standing in front of you with cancer on their knees are all in shit. Throughout the video, Yana takes turns filling the asses of her friends with air, and the girls explode very loudly " Fart " standing in front of you with cancer on their knees with their asses dirty from shit !

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Hot Neighbour Sabotages Your Date with Pantypooping

Cassie is your sexy next door neighbour. You've always had a big crush on her and she knows it - she takes advantage of your love for her by making you run errands and do tasks for her. You love following her instructions and just can't help yourself, like a puppy dog.


You finally seem to break free from servitude to your hot neighbor one day and get a date with another woman. She hears gossip about it though and confronts you, not wanting to lose her free labour slave. She finds you in the hallway and tricks you with her sexy voice into coming inside for advice on your date.


once inside her apartment, Cassie takes off her clothes and shows you her white cotton panties. She taunts you asking if you like them. She tells you that you have to wear her warm, wet, scented panties during your date so you don't forget her. Then she farts right in your face several times and informs you that she will be making them extra stinky and smelly by unloading a huge turd into them.


Watching the poo bulge her panties out and seeing her ass crack get filled with poop that she uses the fabric to scrape out, she tells you your allowed to clean the panties first before putting them on. But you have to use your mouth.


You know your date won't go well with the smell of Cassie's poop on your breath and her stinky panties under your clothes, but you just can't say no to her, especially naked in front of you like that. You'll be her toilet slave forever.

Goddess Tempest