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Demon Possesses+Face Fucks Scat Slut With POOP DILDO! (4K HD)

Ugh, I’ve been SO constipated these last few days. My stomach hurts so bad, and passing these turds is so painful it makes me cry. After I’ve squatted down and squeezed the turds out onto the ground by my bare feet, I say to no one in particular that I am super relieved that painful poop will never be inside me again.

But there must be someone listening to me after all.

My crying seems to have attracted a powerful demon, determined to keep me in agony!

This unknown entity compels me to shape the logs into one long, thick poop dildo and put them into the freezer—as if my constipation turds weren’t hard enough. But they weren’t for this demon’s purpose! He intends to make me choke on my relieved words.

After who knows how long, I find myself waking up from a blackout, still naked on the floor and confused at the frozen mega turd right by me. As I try to figure out what’s going on, I start to feel strange.

Very strange.

As if someone is taking over my body.

I’ve been fully possessed by the demon. No matter how hard I try to resist, I can’t fight him. He pries my jaw open and slowly lowers the frozen log into my throat. No matter how much I try to fend off my invisible attacker, I can’t fight my own body. I have no choice but to deepthroat the disgusting doodoo dildo for as long as the demon chooses. I beg, plead, and moan, as best as I’m able between the relentless onslaught and my own uncontrollable gagging, retching, and choking on bile-and-spit-mixed shit. Snot, shit, saliva, and tears stain my face and small tits, dripping from my flat stomach to my hairy pussy.

When I’ve been absolutely wrecked—cross-eyed, crying and shaking, ahegao hentai-style wrecked—the demon must decide he’s had his fill and with a heavy shudder (did he “cum” in my mouth through the poop dildo??), I regain control of my aching, disgusting body. I stare at myself and the smeared, stinking wreckage around me in shock. I’m left with a throat burning from stomach acid and bitter shit, a palate bruising from how hard I had to deepthroat the demon’s shitty cock, and an jaw aching from the uncomfortable position. But worst of all, I’m left with a new fear looming over me.

If it happened once, who’s to say the demon won’t come back again? D: