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Kitty Skatt

Ageplay toilet pantypoo mess

Your little angel is being such a good girl today. Before today I have been consistently pooping everywhere around the house. I was being such a naughty little girl, doing it cause I secretly enjoy your spankings so much daddy. Today I wanted to experience your love and praise, so I finally do as you see. I poop sitting on the toilet like a good little girl. In my cute full back white panties I place myself on the lid. I talk naughty to you as I start stroking my giny. Your little girl wants to see your pants bulge, daddy... I slide my hand down my cute white panties and breathe and moan with pleasure. I make your dick rock hard daddy and it's impossible for you to hide it now. I'm getting exactly what I want, rubbing my pussy as I watch your boner in your underpants. Daddy, will you please take out your big dick for me and stroke yourself with me? I completely pee myself as I keep pleasuring myself, making your little angel even more horny. Oh Daddy I so love it when my teasing makes it impossible for you not to take out your rock hard cock and stroke it for me! I turn around so you can look at my delicious butt as you jerk off. I hump the toilet seat as I relax my tight butthole to let out a big lumpy bulge of poop in my cute white panties. Ohh yes daddy I know this makes you cum like nothing else! I keep humping the toilet lid, smearing the lid and my butt. Please cum with me daddy! I want to give you pleasure! As I keep humping we explode into a spine shaking orgasm together. Oh Daddy I love being a good girl for you...