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Making A Mess After Huge PantyPoop Explosion

The audio got a bit wonky on this one, so it is a lower price than the other shower-off videos because of the glitchy audio. Still wildly hot visuals though!

The messy fun continues, even after the original video I filmed is over! I made a huge mess filming my step-bro pantypooping video (go check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!).

With pantypooping videos, the mess gets completely stuck to me and my clothing rather than just ending up on the floor, in the tub, or in the toilet. Sticky, smelly, and SO sexy! It’s hard to stop playing in the mud.

I strip down out of my cute little skirt and blouse. There’s poop all over my cute pink skirt, and my adorable little pink patterned panties are done for! I take the enormous runny diarrhea load barely contained by my destroyed panties to coat my tight body in shit. The shit is still hot as I rub it all over my body. I smear it all over myself with my hands and lick off my fingers. I get a little distracted when I rub the hot poop over my sensitive pussy. I just came super hard, so my clit is wildly sensitive. I spend some time gently teasing myself with my scat-covered panties before the hypersensitivity gets overwhelming.

Then I make drop the panties onto the shower floor and spread my ass cheeks wide apart. I filled my panties with shit, but I feel like there might be some lingering diarrhea or small solid chunks inside me, so I push my prolapse out. I was right. There was some left inside. But after prolapsing several times I am now sure that there is not even a speck of shit left inside my ass.

All clean! Well, my rectum at least. The rest of me is still pretty filthy.


PantyPoop "Cleanup" (But First, A Bigger Mess!)

A huge part of the fun of filming scat videos is how messy they are. So why stop making a mess when the scene ends?

I continue making an enormous mess in the shower after filming my ultra grungy pantypoop + mirror masturbation video (go watch if you haven’t yet! I have two different but but equally hot edits to fit the aesthetic preferences of all discerning perverts ;) ).

In continuation of the theme of the “filthy slut masturbating” video I just filmed, this filthy slut strips off all her thoroughly ruined clothing. T-shirt, shorts, panties—destroyed. None of them survived this video. Blue jean shorts and white panties have become brown.

I taste the mess in my shorts and panties, then I use the enormous diarrhea load barely contained by my ruined panties to coat my tight body in shit. The shit is still hot as I rub it all over my ass, legs, stomach, and chest.

Then I drop the panties onto the shower floor and pee all over them. Now that my bladder is empty, I decide to do the same for my bowels. I spread my ass cheeks wide open and ****** my prolapse out. Only after prolapsing several times can I be sure from the mess on the shower floor that there is not even a speck of shit left inside my ass.

I finish by quickly rinsing off the visible shit before turning the cameras off for the real, much less cute cleanup. Trust me-- no one is actually interested in the much less sexy “alternating lemon juice and soap until the smell is gone” routine. Enjoy this instead. I know I did!

Golden Scat Girls

Yana and Karolina use Olga's mouth as a toilet

The girls invite you to join their Dirty Lesbian Show . Imagine that you are now not at home in front of your computer monitor, but visiting Yana, Caroline and Olga. Going to the girls in the room - you see that Yana and Karolina are sitting on the floor without panties - and Olga is in a dress. Seeing that you have joined their show - Yana, Olga and Karolina - greet you - and then begin their Dirty Lesbian Show. Olga lies on the floor on her back, and Yana climbs on Olga, and Olga begins to caress Yana's anus with her tongue. In order for you to clearly see how Olga licks Yana's anus with her tongue - Karolina - pushed Yana's buttocks with her hands. After caressing Yana's anus with her tongue, Yana and Karolina switch places - and now Olga caresses Karolina's anus with her tongue. Yana also pushes Caroline's buttocks apart so that you can enjoy the way Olga licks Caroline's anus with her tongue. During anulingus - Karolina empties herself, poops into Olga's mouth - but Olga does not stop, but continues to caress Karolina's anus. Having relieved Olga in her mouth, Karolina continues to sit on Olga, and Olga continues to caress Karolina's anus with her tongue. During anulingus, Karolina starts moving her ass and smearing her own poop on Olga's mouth - face. After Caroline, Yana took the place. Yana also empties herself poops in Olga's mouth, and then Olga caresses Yana's anus - and Yana also smears shit on Olga's face with her ass.

Golden Scat Girls
Golden Scat Girls

Toilet show of mistress Yana and her obedient slave Caroline

Yana and her obedient dog Karolina invite you to visit their show. When you go to the girls' room, you see: Almost completely naked Yana and Caroline kneeling. First the girls greet you, and then Yana orders the dog Caroline to crawl around the room on her knees. An obedient dog, happily followed Yana's command. While crawling around the room on her knees, Yana shows you the naked ass of her obedient slave. Look at her ass - tits - do you want Caroline ? Having led Caroline on a leash, Yana inserts an anal plug into Caroline's ass - and again orders Caroline to crawl on her knees - with a naked ass and an anal plug. Then Yana stops the slave - and orders her to lick her ass. The slave sits on her knees and caresses Yana's ass with her tongue. After licking Yana's ass, the slave gets the command again, now the slave watches as Yana empties herself - poops and pisses in an iron dog bowl. After finishing emptying, Yana gives the command to the slave - to lower her muzzle into a bowl of shit and eat it. The slave is happy to fulfill this assignment. After eating a little of the mistress's shit, the slave now empties herself, poops and pisses in a bowl. After emptying, the slave again lowers her muzzle into the bowl and eats shit from there. At the end of the video, Yana pours shit and urine from an iron bowl into the slave's mouth, and then the slave is covered in shit and urine again crawling in front of you on her knees.


Colombiana Skincare

I bet you wonder exactly how I keep my skin so beautiful. Let me tell you…being a beautiful girl is hard work! First you have to be in the mood. Thank God for my Lush and my friends who love to control it. Every good beauty routine should start with a wet pussy. The next phase of a good skincare routine is making sure your skin is tender and that the circular flow is great... that’s why you have to slap yourself like a worthless little piece of shit. It really makes the liquids flow and gets your skin ready. Sure…it’s really painful to slap yourself like a little bitch…but beauty always comes at a cost, right? Next phase is to get a little lubrication on your skin and, thankfully, my stomach is full of juice. So it’s easy enough to gag a little…just enough to get some stomach juice flowing. The final step is the most important part…don’t let your wife or girlfriend skip this step. You need to fuck your ass deep…and pull out every tiny bit of shit that is hiding inside. And then you have to forget that you’re human and massage that shit over every inch of your body. Sure…it makes you look like a whore but it’s really so great for your skin and complexion. Cleanup can be a little messy but I find the best way is to lick the extra shit off your dildo and spit it onto your tits. Remember, if you get hungry and need a snack, just take any extra shit that you have and suck on it like it’s your favorite candy. While you let the slimy shit dry on your skin…it’s always best to relax a bit and make sure you cum.

Mia Nightshade

Mia Nightshade - Teasing the Repairman

My kitchen sink is clogged! I needed a repair man here asap, so i called the building and luckily for me (and him hehe), they were able to send someone over right away.

I took him into the kitchen, he was cute in his work clothes, i could smell his sexy man body as he walked past me - i knew right then i was going to have some fun with him.

He was tall with dark hair and carried a big tool box, which he rested next to the troubled sink. I was so embarrassed, the sink was filthy and full of dishes still. He didn't seem to mind, it probably

comes with the territory, as does cute sexy girls in short shorts;) I told him not to mind me and just do what he needs to do and that I may need to climb over him while hes laying

under the counter working, to empty the dirty plates, glasses and flatware from the clogged sink, just in case he needed to work in there.

I could already feel a big firm poop building inside my asshole, i wanted to push it out right as i was over top of him. I was so turned on, the thought of him sneaking a peek,

while I'm straddled over him, pooping my panties and i did just that. He was acting busy, i could hear him making lots of noise with his tools but know he was looking.

I glanced back, and from the angle i was at, he wasn't able to see my face but had a glorious view of my shit filled panties. He wore overalls, which were very loose fitting and

could see that he was trying to adjust himself, as the shit slid out of my asshole. His cock was big and hard - i could even see a little wet stain, i know his cock was leaking cum at

the site and smell of my load.

I told him that my toilet needed attention as well, and that i had an accident. I feigned embarrassment and he said not to worry and that i could actually be of some help to him.

He had me get down on all fours and instructed me to help tighten the pipes, he stood back and watched, his cock was still busting out of his pants.

I took him into the bathroom where he worked on the toilet. I told him id like to watch, just in case it ever happened again. I sat down in my shit filled panties at the edge of the tub right next to him.

I stood up and presented my ass to him, my shit stained butt cheeks, looking down at him. I took the load of shit out of my panties and brought it over to him, he had just went back to his truck

to grab some additional tools, when i told him i found the source of the clog. It was a big ball of shit, i sensually licked it for him, he was jerking his cock now watching me

taste my own shit. He got off and left but i know he will be back. I gave my poop a kiss and waved him goodbye.


Scatisfaction#2 Why do i vomit shit ?

Actually, this was just a short "in my face piss video", in which I review my first ten videos, and tell something about me, my fetish and the surrounding. But then I noticed that the long awaited shit still wants to get out. Unfortunately, it was then too late for plastic wrap on the floor to do. No matter! The coolest things happen spontaneously. And so I'm already in the middle of the biggest bathroom cleaning action of my life to provoke.

Slowly and with pleasure, back and forth, a thick Kakke sausage fights its way out of my intestine. Maybe it was not quite time, but I was now sharp, and pressed the part out.

When the shit was finally there I wanted to feel it immediately. Mhh so nice warm and viscous mushy mhh, a shiver ran through my body and I had to push the shit back into my asshole to thank my ass cunt for the nice toy.

After these formalities, however, I could not hold back :P I wanted to spoil a cock with my shit! Slowly and with relish I pack a dildo full of my still warm shit and massage the whole dildo nice and full and then the part is wixxt. The scent of my premium shit rises again and again in my nose, and at some point I am no longer content with just sniffing it. I want the whole cock in my throat! In, and out, tein and out again, spit on it! Again pure mhhh fuck I'm excited! I know how you love to see how the fat cock stretches my throat so I fuck myself really deep in the throat and try to vomit to have more sauce. Do I succeed? Not really, because I was born to swallow, and not to spill ;) but a little stinky vomit I could elicit my stomach then but what made me very proud and even more excited.

shit on the floor, this is now eh completely filthy, so I want to enjoy it too, and rub my face in the shit, piss puke soup. Mhhh as my tits slide over the floor and everything felt disgustingly slippery was a dream mhh I want more slippery vomit spit I suck again deeptroath and rub my pussy and tits and then finally! Puke! nice light brown she runs down the cock like you like it! Mhhh look at this goddamn shit! Wonderful, I can not get enough and suck the bottom, rub my body, suck my fingers, and reinbe my pussy to then stuff the dildo in my ass.


lustful self humiliation in brutal scat fuck

Its LizzyDirt fucking 3!

In this video I will fuck my pussy with my thick favorite dildo until I get really horny my scat instincts awaken. but first I have to empty my bladder, you can watch me from below as it bubbles out of my piss hole warm and wet.

Now I want to shit in a condom to be able to fuck me again with this warm soft shit sausage. in my imagination that worked very well, in real unfortunately less. but that's not bad, because so I had more shit to rub in my cleavage and push the dildo behind. I'm getting hornier! so horny that the sauce drips out of my pussy without me having to touch it! I get from it so desire to fill my face with my warm shit and then fuck with the dildo purely. I want you to imagine it would be your cock that fucks my mouth!

I lie on my back and imagine you hammering my holes while I dildo fuck my asshole. I feel my asshole is not yet empty, and when I press appears not only piss from my pussy, but even more shit directly from my frayed asshole (this happens several times in the video:P)

It is not enough for me to be fucked only in my ass, so I take to the dirty shit assfuck still my hands in my mouth and penetrate alternately ass and mouth.

If you still have not come by then (which is very very unlikely!) now comes the opportunity! several minutes of pure perverse cock teasing with a lot of shit, sucking, titty fuck and handjob on the fat dildo.

Length: 17:47s

Resolution: 3840�2160 (4K)

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scatisfaction deep throat scatslut

A few days ago I put away a rack and then discovered this place for my fantasies. So I set it up so that I could really soak myself<3:P

To heat me up I start the game with a glass in which I let my piss splash to let it run down drooling on my body, so that my plump tits shine in the light and my nipples become quite hard with horniness.

Getting hornier and hornier I start with my "shit game" and can devote myself more and more to my filthiness. In between I feel so comfortable in front of the camera that I can really switch off and my first video is created, where I came with the shit dildo in the ass so right.

Because my pink giant dildo is much too big, but I want to become a deep throat goddess, I bought a new dildo. I lubricate him full with my shit and then push him further and further, very deep into my throat.

This is of course not everything, but if I would reveal everything now, it would be boring�.

What I can tell you but; You can look forward to extreme shit fuck Deep throat. I will lubricate me completely, many ass fuck scenes and fuck shit back in the ass and drink piss AND my first orgasm in front of the cam! that's it with my virginity xD

so enjoy the show

Your Lizzy D.

Length: 16:07s

Resolution: 3840��2160 (4K)

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