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Queen Siya & The Prince of Secrets

(2 scenes) Giantess private moment + SSBBW shits creamy mountain

Using your magical amulet to kill boredom. Unfortunately, you find yourself portaled in a city of real-life giants. You are the size of a cockroach on the sidewalk, so you rush into the closest establishment for cover. It is a bar, and you sneak into the gigantic bathroom. Waiting a few days here for the magical essence of your portal device to replenish itself should be fine. But, before you can hide, I enter, not knowing you are there because of how small you are. You are peaking on me take my shirt off before I sit down and just blow up that poor, pathetic toilet. It's so minuscule under my beautiful 418 pound body.

This is when I catch you spying on me. To punish you for being a pervert, I grab you and throw you in the bowl. Should I flush you down swiftly? Or allow you to swim to my logs, and I could leave you there? Where the only source of food is my shit, and the only water is well. Toilet water.

Bon appetit :)


Later that night, I returned home and needed to empty my stomach again. The slave and I are surprised to find many hard pebbles in my mixed load. For once, he has to chew many mouthfuls to be able to swallow those as he painfully chugs my acidic, throat-burning soft serve in between the subsequent scat stones. No clue what they were made of, but I definitely felt them rushing out of my butt hole like a bag of pointy rocks. This chunky soup absolutely destroyed my human toilet without an ounce of doubt.


Madam Tulpan

Defecation And Other Fecal Delights In Toilet's Mouth In Silver Grey Leggings

Slave was eager to receive absolutely anything from Madam Tulpan, since he have not seen her for a long time and she looked extremely sexy in tight silver grey leggings, red high heeled shoes and a transparent blouse.She also got the slave really aroused with her sexy voice sweet talking, face slapping and the way she touched his face and had him kissing her hand. Then she sat down, pulled down her leggings to shit out what she has collected for the toilet mouth.. She started pushing and pissed in his mouth but could not push the shit out. So the slave reached up and dug into her asshole with his tongue. She was pushing directly into his mouth but the movement wasn't very prominent. Madam Tulpan then dug inside her anus and dug out some shit which she had the toilet slave lick off her finger. He tried sucking out shit and she pushed more. He got enough shit in his mouth but she wanted to cleanse herself totally of her feces into into mouth. So, she used enema to inject water inside her rectum to help with the evacuation of her shit into the toilet slave's mouth. While standing and doing herself the enema some water was spraying from her ass and the slave eagerly was catching the drops with his mouth like a happy dog. When she sat down she was already squirting water out of her ass. She started pushing. First came the hard shit and then the spurt of diarrhea hit the slave's face and mouth After that she pissed into his mouth already filled with her feces - hard and runny. She then turned around and spat in his mouth, slapped his face with her shoes and whipped the slave on the chest.

Goddess Zephy

FEMALE SUPREMACY *custom clip*

My #1 selling clip on C4s and iWant! This was a custom clip: ""I really like the way you convey the idea of your superiority and the contempt with which you humiliate your slave and, of course, you look incredibly gorgeous. The thing that most excites me is seeing women winning over men. I like to hear declared that women are better than men, superior, stronger and more intelligent. For me the most beautiful thing is to see a victory pose where a woman places her high heel on a man after having defeated him.

Considering this, I would like to ask for a video where you humiliate your slave like you always do but adding elements of verbal humiliation where you state the superiority of the women on men. I would like to leave to you what actually you do, as you are a natural and you know how to turn on your slave; just please put in the verbal humiliation of the male gender: not just of your slave but of the whole male gender. For example, you can use his penis to clean the sole of your shoes while saying, at the same time, that that is the proper use of the male groin. You can trample him and say that all the men should be doormats for the women, you can defeat him by kicking him in the face with heels on.

A very beautiful scene could be you that enter the room by dragging the male by his penis, the idea that the penis is a natural, built in leash for a male is enticing; a natural tool through which females can exert their power even easier. Please add some victory poses with the hands on hips or on the raised leg and the video should end with you victory posing on the slave's head, with your shoe grinding his face like you are putting out a cigarette.

Please dress black pantyhose, a skirt and black high heels. Men belong under the soles of shoes so I would prefer that you keep the shoes always on but up to you. The soles of the shoes should be clean. There should not be any reference to sweat, smell and other uncleanliness."

Goddess Zephy

cucky gets Massive Toilet Humiliation

How do you like kissing where my stud's dick was? JUST got home from having incredible sex!! I tell cucky doormat that he's going to start being a toilet for me and my stud. To start his toilet training--I squat down and piss several times in my cucky's mouth!...then make him kiss my pussy over and over and worship it, and lick it totally clean for when my stud fucks it again later!! Heavy verbal mocking and being humiliated as an idiot 'clean up' cucky bitch makes me SO wet, that I fuck my loser's face and cum all over it--there's probably some of my stud's cum still in me as well lmao. After cucky is completely humiliated and I'm satisfied, I stand over my pathetic loser, put my foot right on his face and verbally mock him some more. Someday, I'll end his worthless life beneath my cuckoldress feet--he's my property and I have every right to, if I feel like it. But for now, there is SO much more humiliating to do plus I'm training him to be a toilet for 'us!' At the end--just to finish off the humiliation, I fart in his face a few times and wave the smell around with my ass then leave him lying on the floor like the fucking loser he is!! HOW PATHETIC. **extra added humiliation includes: I mercilessly tease my little loser's locked up cock cage and smack his balls while making him kiss my smelly 'after sex' feet...and spit in his mouth. The power I wield over this cucky loser is such an incredible turn on. My stud gets to fuck my tight, wet pussy and my slave gets it rubbed all over his face haha!!

Goddess Zephy

Most EPIC cucky toilet clip EVER! (full version)

My little, personal toilet subbies need to learn how to properly worship my divine shit! I start by taking a HUGE poopy onto the 'worship plate,' then verbally guide you through how to show proper devotion with some extreme close ups...then leave you there for a bit to sniff and worship while I do a few things in the kitchen. However, I'm not fully convinced that you know how to truly worship my divine excrement--so I command my slave to crawl in and demonstrate! I make him take some deep sniffs and breath in the godly scent, then plant worship kisses all over it. What's your stupid phrase you say while kissing, dumbass? Oh yeah, "Goddess Zephy's shit is my GOD!" haha. I let him make out with it for awhile before asking him if he wants a REALLY close up view (of course loser does!) so I push his face into my shit with my louboutin shoe!! I make him KEEP HIS loser FACE buried in my MASSIVE turd and command him to stay that way--this has REALLY turned me on, so I'm going to go get my stud and fuck him in the bedroom while cucky's face is mashed in my doody!!

I bring my stud in and we immediately start making out by the front door. I get really turned on and tell him to go wait in the bedroom, I have something to do real quick... (glad to see cucky's face still buried in my shit!) I know how much cucky bitch LOVES listening to me and my hot bf having sex, so I make him keep his face in my huge turd pile and push the plate on all fours over to the bedroom door so he has to listen!! Completely humiliating my toilet cucky makes me SO WET! I climb on top of my stud in bed and have a heavy make out session--rubbing his pants with my hand and feeling his cock getting so hard while he grabs my hot ass! I take off my sexy louboutin heels and tell my stud that I made cucky lick my feet so they don't stink! I pull out his manly dick and taste it--taking it all in my mouth and licking his shaft to please him. I'm so wet and SO fucking horny, I work his erection into my sweet pussy and ride his dick to an INCREDIBLE orgasm!!! After calming down a bit, I tell my stud to hold on a second...and open the door to see cucky's face still pressed into my stinky shit, smelling it while I was getting fucked! I verbally mock him and place my foot on his head, teasing his hair with my toes and telling him that was one of the most amazing orgasms I've ever had...and this is SO hot that I've decided to fuck my stud ALL AFTERNOON. Which means cucky has to keep his pathetic face in my shit for the next several hours!! I climb back in bed and start fucking my stud again! The clip fades out with a close up of cucky loser's face pressed in my doody while you can hear us having sex!


Clean my dirty asshole and drink my piss (French speaking)


Yesterday my boyfriend fucked my ass then put his dirty cock in my mouth. I was so surprised that I didn’t say a word, but today I decided to get my revenge …

I invite my boyfriend over and I am wearing a very sexy outfit, which is unusual for me. He thinks I’m trying to seduce him, but he will quickly understand that this is not the case … When he tries to approach me I give him 5 pairs of face slaps and spit on his face. I take him to the center of the room.

I explain that before he came I took a shit without wiping myself. He is the one who will wipe my dirty shitty butthole with his tongue! I put one leg on the piano bench, take a glass and pee in it. This is to help him swallow my shit!

My boyfriend has no choice but to obey me and clean my dirty asshole. I humiliate him and explain the plan I have for him: make him my personal toilet! I have a lot of pleasure laughing at him as well!

I make a few stops to walk around him and give him more face slaps and spit on his face. I also make him drink my piss directly from the glass. At the end he did such a good job cleaning my ass that he seems to have fully accepted his future role as toilet! I have taken my revenge!


Nettoie mon cul sale et bois ma pisse

Hier mon copain m’a sodomisée puis a mit sa queue souillée de merde dans ma bouche. Sous le choc je me suis laissée faire, mais aujourd’hui j’ai décidé d’avoir ma vengeance…

Je reçois mon copain vêtue d’une tenue très sexy, ce qui est inhabituel chez moi. Il croit que j’ai fait cela pour le séduire, mais il comprendra vite qu’il n’en est rien… Lorsqu’il tente de s’approcher de moi je lui donne 5 paires de gifles très fortes puis lui crache sur la gueule. Je le conduit au centre de la pièce en le tenant par le collet .

Je lui explique que je viens d’aller chier sans m’essuyer et qu’il va me torcher mon cul plein de merde avec sa langue! Je pose une jambe sur le banc du piano, prend un verre et pisse dedans. Ce verre de pisse c’est pour mieux faire descendre la merde!

Mon copain éberlué n’a d’autre choix que de m’obéir et nettoyer mon cul sale. J’en profite pour l’humilier et lui expliquer le plan que j’ai pour lui: faire de lui ma chiotte personnelle! Je me fais un malin plaisir à bien rire de lui!

Je fais quelques arrêts pour lui donner d’autres gifles et lui cracher sur la figure. Je lui fait aussi boire ma pisse directement au verre. À la fin il a fait un si bon travail en nettoyant mon cul qu’il semble qu’il ait pleinement accepté son rôle de sous-merde! J’ai bien pris ma vengeance!


Two Enema's in Mum's Bathroom

I had to go away and travel for a family trip, and by the time I got to my mum’s house my tummy hurt so bad. I was so constipated, I had not pooped in eight days! I had eaten a lot, so I know that I had to be really packed up with shit. I was feeling so much pressure in my tummy I needed to get all of the poop out of my body. I was feeling nausea and yucky. My mum first instructed me to go to her bathroom and put on a glove and get some vaseline on gloved finger to put up my butt. My mum thought that the Vaseline would help me go to the bathroom, but nothing happened. She left the house immediately then and bought me two enemas. I took one enema up to her bathroom and got on the floor and gave myself the first enema. I let it stay inside my ass until I could not hold it any longer. I filmed until I got too sick feeling and could not film any more. I wanted my toilet sluts to worship all that comes from my sexy body, but I had to take care of myself and lay down after to recuperate. I got some shit out, but I knew there had to be much more shit packed in my ass. I decided that I would wait the recommended 24 hours and then do another enema. The next night, I went to my mum’s bathroom and got on her floor again and gave myself the second enema. This time much more shit came out of my ass. It gave me some feeling of relief, but I still got the sick nausea all over hot feeling after the enema, throwing up again and had to lay down until I felt better. That was the longest time period I have gone without pooping! I was not trying to hold back the urge to poop on purpose. I just could not go poop, and it made me very sick. I was able to clean out my ass like I wanted before I had to get on the plane and fly back home. Worship all that comes from my sexy body and enjoy my naughtiness in my mum’s bathroom since she did not know I was filming myself clean out my ass on her bathroom floor, but I always talk about any poop issues with my mum!!