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Have you ever wanted to share a dirty, delicious meal with your favorite ginger coprophile? Everyone knows how much I love to eat shit because I’m a nasty bitch…but I know that you love it too. Let’s share some of my creamy, hot shit. I have been preparing it for 2 days. It’s been cooking deep inside my ass…waiting for you to share with me. Watch me fuck my ass while I pull out my shit for you. I know you like when I am extra nasty so I paint my face like a good bitch. I know you are jerking and thinking about licking my shit from my face. I love licking my fingers and tasting that rich shit. But I think we both deserve a full bite. It’s so yummy when I stuff my mouth completely with my hot butt fudge. I love the feeling it makes when I chew it and it squishes between my teeth. Do you want a bite? You want to share with me? What’s better than eating the shit from a beautiful girl? Watching her puke it out and prepare the second meal! I love gagging for you while my vomit and shit pour from my little face. Does Daddy want to share a second meal with me? Do you think I am cute when I destroy my hair and body with a shit-vomit shower? I smell divine! My stomach juice is so slick…it makes great lube. Let me jerk your thick man-meat with my slick shit-vomit. I even prepared a special surprise for dessert! Let’s just say that it’s red and it only comes once each month. Extra nasty and extra delicious. I made this meal to share; will you share it with me Daddy?


BANANA SPLIT (PUKE) : I eat a piss and shit banana split and eat my puke ! (EATING / FOOD & FOOT FETISH / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM)

Today, I'm going to concoct 2 different split bananas; 1 banana split with piss and 1 banana split caviar version!

First I'm going to suck my bananas, before making you lick my dirty feet (full of dust). I will then cover them with whipped cream and ask you to lick them again!

Then I insert the banana in my pussy, then I piss on it for a long time, before eating several good tasty bites.

I make you imagine yourself in place of my banana doing a footjob with whipped cream.

I will then open a banana and get puked on me and in my cleavage many times… I then put puke on my face and then I eat some puke…

Then I go a little whipped cream on my ass and insert a banana inside, before releasing a big creamy turd, to then put a banana back in my butt and make it brown.

I then spread caviar on my face, body and hair, then I put whipped cream in my mouth and then I spread it on my hair full of caviar.

I then cover the banana with poop, then I taste several big bites offering you views of my mouth full of poop banana

I smear my dildo with caviar, then insert it deep in my throat to get my cleavage poking again. I then make myself degobiller directly in my hand to come directly to eat my puke. I then run a good layer of puke on my hair before moving on to my big ass.

I spread caviar on my ass, my legs, then I fill my ass with bananas before sticking my dildo in it. I end up popping a banana mush. I then put some whipped cream on my ass and I come to smash my ass for a long time. I will pee again then.

I then change position and insert the banana in my ass, before moving into a new position to go back and forth on my dildo. The dildo in the ass, and to finish, I'll get my body fucked because you love it...

Golden Scat Girls

Yana's beautiful tits are all in shit

Do you like to watch : On a beautiful naked female breast all in shit, with big and hard nipples from excitement ? Are you ready to lick the shit off Yana 's chest with your tongue right now ? Are you getting excited ? Has your dick become hard ? Look at the pleasure with which Yana caresses her breasts with her hands, how she squeezes her breasts, caresses her nipples with her fingers, watch Yana. Imagine that it is you who are visiting Yana right now. Going into the room where Yana is waiting for you, you see : That Yana is sitting on the couch, and Yana is wearing a white shirt, white stockings and high-heeled shoes. Going into the room and taking a seat opposite Yana, you are looking forward to what will happen next. First, Yana unbuttons her shirt and shows you her breasts, and then spreads her legs in front of you. Do you like it ? Are you excited ? After showing you her beautiful body, Yana picks up a rubber dick and inserts it into her pussy, and slowly, slowly fucks herself with a dick. After fucking herself a little, Yana pulls out a dick and empties herself : Poops and pisses in front of you right on the sofa. After emptying, Yana takes her shit in one hand and a rubber dick in the other hand, and first Yana smears shit on her bare tits, and at the same time fucks herself with a dick in her pussy. Just look at the pleasure with which Yana smears shit on her naked tits, how she caresses the nipples on her chest squeezing them from strong excitement and pleasure !

Kitty Skatt


I am here for her first day of nurse training. I hope I can perform to my employer’s expectation. The job description was not very detailed. They just said that I needed to be cute and open-minded. They also said that the candidates need to be strong because nurses have to be able to handle lots of body fluids and waste when caring for patients.

Can you believe the first thing they wanted me to do was to fuck my ass and taste my shit. OMG! They asked me to shit in a bowl and to see how far my hand could fit into my ass. I really want this nursing job so I gave it 110%! I thought I would absolutely win this job but they said my training wasn’t finished. They told me to really earn the position, I needed to show how creative I could be with my hot shit. I saw that the trainer was already jerking his cock so I am not sure that this was an official training requirement. I think he was just horny. But I always want to impress so I painted my face and then ate the BIGGEST piece of shit. It was delicious. They don’t know that I love eating my shit. They think this is a test and, for me, it’s just fun! To ensure that the position is mine, I decided to show off more of my talents by covering my body in milk vomit and burying my face in the bowl of vomit. I even showed them how I can fuck my sweet, pink hole while I am filthy and still in uniform! The trainer told me that I am definitely capable of handling any patient situation but, just to make sure, he asked me to lick the cum off the end of his cock. Again, I’m not sure that’s part of the official training but his cum sure tasted amazing!

Kitty Skatt

Hot maid serves dinner POV luxury fine candlelight dining

"Good evening sir, your dinner is ready." She greets you with her seductive feminine voice.

Your trusted maid has prepared this meal herself, a very special recipe she created just for you. She climbs on the table for you to serve you, just how you like it. She pours you the finest beverage, right from her delicious voluptuous feminine sexiness. Without her noticing, you secretly get hard under the table as you peek at her protruding pussy and gorgeous big breasts. Then she spreads her enormous soft round ass to serve you a big portion of the fresh warm main course. Oh how you would just give anything to totally lick down this incredibly sexy subservient little slut and completely ravage her all night long. You know you probably shouldn't though, anxious about possible ethical issues around power dynamics... and having a wife seems an issue too. But dang you just can't stop fantasizing about her! All the things you want to do with her haunt your mind and fill all your wettest dreams. Day upon day, whenever your wife doesn't see, you just keep secretly cumming hard fantasizing about her, yet the desire only seems to grow stronger and stronger.

Your wife is on a vacation right now and the maid seems even more hot and enticing today than she usually is. It seems she is preparing this special dinner for you in an even more seductive and irresistible way than usual. Is she hitting on you, does she want you..? You can't be sure, so you manage to restrain yourself.

Then the hot maid reveals dessert. What?? She reveals her juicy sexy pussy and gorgeous fat ass for dessert!? She walks away seductively, with a flirty wink telling you she'll see you for dessert.., Now there is really no way you'll be able to control yourself. The wife will never know, anyway. With a massive boner you look upon the amazing meal the maid prepared for you. You enjoy it thoroughly, though dessert is what you're really looking forward to now...


HARD CHRISTMAS (PUKE) : I ate a shitty Christmas log ! (EATING / FOOD FETISH / DOUBLE P / SCAT / PISS / ATM / ATP)

It's almost Christmas ! I want to play the slut to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year, and it's not to displease you, is it?

At the foot of the Christmas tree and the gifts, I first put my double dildo in my buttocks full of shit, I take it out and my shit starts to come out, I reinsert the dildo in my buttocks but it's too late, l expulsion of my huge turd has begun! I quickly pull the dildo out and lay my shit freeing my ass.

I will then continue to play with my big and long double dildo in my anus, then, the latter being well covered with shit, I will insert it in my hairy pussy, before returning to my ass...

Then I'm going to drink a big glass of pink strawberry juice (to make my puke pink!), then I'm going to cut myself a nice piece of log that I'm going to cover GENEROUSLY with shit. 🍫 I eat everything, then I get degobilled with my dildo that I push deep in my throat. My puke is brown at first as I puke shit, then gets more and more bright pink.

I continue by spreading my shit on my face, my breasts, my hair, my santa hat, then I get degobber again in my cleavage… It is very very hot…!

I pour my puke all over my face, head, then I'll start to take care of my fat ass mother claus slut… I start to masturbate my hairy pussy a little with my my shit, then I spread it all over my legs and ass, before fucking my ass and pussy with my double dildo… I'm pissing at this point (and at another point in the video)

You will be entitled to a short scene where I spread caviar on my feet to make you lick them…

In different positions, I will alternate between my ass, my pussy, and both at the same time with double penetration! I finish by fisting my ass…

I get closer to the camera to languidly suck my double dildo, and tell you see you next year!

Golden Scat Girls
Golden Scat Girls

Yana and Olga's white panties are full of shit

Have you ever imagined that you : Will be a referee at the " Dick Sucking Championship " ? Yes, you heard right, are you ready to become a referee ? Which honestly and without bias to identify the winner. Imagine for a second that you are now visiting Yana and Olga, the girls put you in a soft comfortable chair, and put a mini table in front of you. Are you settled in the chair ? Are you comfortable ? Then Yana and Olga come up to the mini table and sit on it. Looking at Yana and Olga with a glance, you see that the girls are wearing only white underpants, and stockings and shoes are on their feet. After greeting you, Yana and Olga first pose a little in front of you in panties, and then lower their panties to the knee, stand in front of you with cancer and show you their asses. Watch, enjoy, get excited. Do you like it ? After the demonstration, the girls put on panties, take rubber members on suction cups in their hands, attach them to a mini table, stand in front of you again with cancer and start sucking dicks. You look at how gently, and with what pleasure Yana and Olga suck members, lick the tongues of the heads of the members. During the suction, Yana and Olga empty themselves, poop and pee in their white panties. Emptying into her panties, Yana and Olga continue to suck dicks, do you like it ? After sucking a little more members with shit in their underpants, Yana and Olga lower their panties with shit to the knee, and continue the dick sucking championship.

Golden Scat Girls

Yana likes to have fun solo

This time, the debauchee Yana decided to have a little fun with you one-on-one ! Imagine for a minute that you are visiting Yana, and Yana invited you to her room. You go into Yana's room and see that Yana is lying completely naked in front of you. What are your first thoughts ? Going further into the room, you sit down in a chair, and taking a comfortable position opposite Yana, you notice that Yana is holding a rubber penis in her hands. At first, Yana smiles sweetly at you, greets you, and then slowly begins to excite herself. Yana takes a dick in her mouth and sucks it with pleasure, at the moment of blowjob Yana puts her legs in front of you and caresses her pussy with her fingers. Do you like ? Would you like Yana to suck your dick now ? After playing with a member with her mouth, and with her pussy with her fingers, Yana spreads her legs even wider in front of you and inserts a member into her pussy, and slowly but surely fucks herself. You look at the pleasure with which Yana fucks herself, listen to her moans, they are great, aren't they ? Throughout the video, Yana slowly fucks herself with a rubber dick in different poses. After fucking herself with a dick, Yana decides to empty herself on a dick, Yana chooses a pose convenient for emptying and first pisses on a dick, and then poops. After emptying, Yana first smears the shit on the penis, and then on her pussy. After smearing the shit on her pussy, Yana inserts a dick again and fucks herself !

Goddess Zephy

Most EPIC cucky toilet clip EVER! (720, full version)

The 720 version for you dum dums! My little, personal toilet subbies need to learn how to properly worship my divine shit! I start by taking a HUGE poopy onto the 'worship plate,' then verbally guide you through how to show proper devotion with some extreme close ups...then leave you there for a bit to sniff and worship while I do a few things in the kitchen. However, I'm not fully convinced that you know how to truly worship my divine excrement--so I command my slave to crawl in and demonstrate! I make him take some deep sniffs and breath in the godly scent, then plant worship kisses all over it. What's your stupid phrase you say while kissing, dumbass? Oh yeah, "Goddess Zephy's shit is my GOD!" haha. I let him make out with it for awhile before asking him if he wants a REALLY close up view (of course loser does!) so I push his face into my shit with my louboutin shoe!! I make him KEEP HIS loser FACE buried in my MASSIVE turd and command him to stay that way--this has REALLY turned me on, so I'm going to go get my stud and fuck him in the bedroom while cucky's face is mashed in my doody!!

I bring my stud in and we immediately start making out by the front door. I get really turned on and tell him to go wait in the bedroom, I have something to do real quick... (glad to see cucky's face still buried in my shit!) I know how much cucky bitch LOVES listening to me and my hot bf having sex, so I make him keep his face in my huge turd pile and push the plate on all fours over to the bedroom door so he has to listen!! Completely humiliating my toilet cucky makes me SO WET! I climb on top of my stud in bed and have a heavy make out session--rubbing his pants with my hand and feeling his cock getting so hard while he grabs my hot ass! I take off my sexy louboutin heels and tell my stud that I made cucky lick my feet so they don't stink! I pull out his manly dick and taste it--taking it all in my mouth and licking his shaft to please him. I'm so wet and SO fucking horny, I work his erection into my sweet pussy and ride his dick to an INCREDIBLE orgasm!!! After calming down a bit, I tell my stud to hold on a second...and open the door to see cucky's face still pressed into my stinky shit, smelling it while I was getting fucked! I verbally mock him and place my foot on his head, teasing his hair with my toes and telling him that was one of the most amazing orgasms I've ever had...and this is SO hot that I've decided to fuck my stud ALL AFTERNOON. Which means cucky has to keep his pathetic face in my shit for the next several hours!! I climb back in bed and start fucking my stud again! The clip fades out with a close up of cucky loser's face pressed in my doody while you can hear us having sex!