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Golden Scat Girls

Anal adventures of three lesbian friends Yana Alice and Caroline

This time, three beautiful lesbians Yana, Karolina and Alice decided to arrange a Dirty Anal Show for you. When you enter the girls' room, you see Yana, Caroline and Alice sitting on the floor - completely naked. Seeing that you have joined them - the girls greet you - and begin their anal show. In order for you to be able to enjoy the anal show, the girls put a mirror on the floor and attached a rubber penis on a suction cup to the mirror. The first one who sat with her ass on a dick was Carolina. Caroline turned to you with her booty and gently slowly sits down with her booty on the penis. By inserting her ass into her dick, Caroline begins to move on the penis - and her two friends Yana and Alice push Caroline's buttocks apart so that you enjoy Caroline's anal. You can watch as a member enters Caroline's ass and through the mirror that lies on the floor. After fucking herself in anal, Karolina gets off the penis and empties herself, poops and pisses on the penis. Having relieved herself on the penis, Caroline sits on the penis again and continues to fuck herself in anal. After fucking herself in the ass, Caroline changes places with Alice. Alice, as well as Caroline, first fucks herself in anal, and then empties herself poops and pisses on the penis and continues to enjoy anal again. The third was Yana - Yana, as well as Alice, first shakes herself in anal, and then empties herself - poops and pisses on the penis and again continues to enjoy anal.

Sarathonson Loves Dirty

Naughty schoolgirl accident

A naughty schoolgirl is sitting in detention after school for drawing too in school today, in this scene she is wearing the outfit described below:

A tight short-sleeved T-shirt short enough to show your navel.

A short miniskirt that exposes her butt and panties.

A garter with stockings.

Shoes of your choice.

While sitting in detention, the schoolgirl asks the teacher who takes care of her to use that bathroom, the teacher says no in a stern and angry voice. The schoolgirl writhes in her chair in discomfort as she feels a strong urge to poop. After moving in his chair, lifting and moving his butt, he asks the teacher once again if he can use the bathroom. This time, the teacher approaches her and grabs her by the arm and slaps the schoolgirl’s ass while saying no again in a stern voice. The bump on the schoolgirl’s butt makes it harder to contain it/She sits back in her chair after the teacher returns to the front of the classroom.

After holding him back for a while, the schoolgirl desperately lifts her butt from the chair and covers her butt with her hand desperately trying to restrain it. But she can no longer contain it and as she sits at her desk with her butt lifted from the chair, a large stool slides forming an embarrassing lump in her cute panties. The teacher notices a bad smell in the classroom and points it out to the naughty schoolgirl. She approaches the schoolgirl who tries to hide the mess she made by sitting in her chair, worsening the mess of her panties and making it more apparent. The Professor grabs the schoolgirl by the arm and grabs her by the jaw then makes the schoolgirl to look the teacher in the eye while the teacher scolds her. Then, the Master tears off the skirt of the Schoolgirl and observes the mess she made in her panties. She takes off her panties enough to look inside them and better observe the mess in the schoolgirl’s ass and puts them back up carefully to contain the mess and prevent it from falling to the ground. The schoolgirl is very embarrassed, but the professor is about to humiliate her even more.

The teacher takes the schoolgirl to a desk or table, crouches her holding one of his arms behind her back, and begins whipping her while scolding the embarrassed schoolgirl. With every blow to the ass, the schoolgirls groan with pleasure and embarrassment. Sometimes the snaps in your butt are shocking enough that you raise your leg in reaction. After a few spankings while leaning over the desk or table, the teacher pulls the schoolgirl to a chair where the teacher sits and brings the schoolgirl on her knees while once again holding the schoolgirl’s arm behind her back. The schoolgirl kicks helplessly while the teacher continues to whip her, this is the most embarrassing moment


Toilet slave contract


SO, you start out with a little intro, saying hi.. and how this may be confusing, but we met at a bar and at some point throughout the night, you coerced me into signing a slave contract.. little did I know that it was a legally binding contract, stating that I shall be under your complete ownership, my body and mind now belong to you. It states that my primary purpose in life as of last night is to be your fully functioning personal toilet. It goes on to say that this entails full consumption of your piss, your shit, or any other bodily fluid that may come from you. In fine print, it makes note that this is NOT a temporary arrangement. I am forever your toilet. This is my life now.. Food by definition to me now translates to your bodily waste. You begin to tell me how you have a plumber scheduled this week to remove your porcelain toilet so that I can be properly installed in its place.

Now, you tell me that this was effective immediately as of last night.. and here we are now in the AM, and you have to go.. so you tell me to get ready for my first of many meals, and that you hope I'm hungry.. You start stripping down fully.. showing me a view that I'll be worshipping and eating from each and every day. Rubbing your perfect tits and showing me your asshole up close.. giving me a nice long look. You then set up a plate or paper towel, and situate yourself to where I can see you periodically looking back at me when you shit.. and you proceed to go!

Once finished, you pan the camera in close to my big meal.. and tell me "imagine me sitting fullweight against your mouth, my asshole sealed to your lips so nothing can escape, and then I push a load like this.. nowhere to go but directly down your throat, right? Because this is how I WILL use you.. So have to learn quick and swallow fast enough to keep up with me! I tend to shit a lot.. After countless times of being used though, You'll learn. I'll use you in the most vile of ways until you do.. and then I won't stop, until I've been satisfied.

You then come in close and spread your dirty asshole and command me to lick it clean for you.. as my tongue now serves as your toilet paper. And once finished, you tell me to just sit right here and wait until you need to shit or piss again! You blow me a kiss, and say your goodbyes for now, and shut me in the bathroom to await my next use.

Madam Tulpan

Goddess teases her foot fetish scat slave

(Custom video, no names were used) I am laying on my back naked with my ass spread and legs up showing my feet and soles. I know you want to worship my feet, but there is something I want you to do first. I have to poop but I am so constipated! I tell you about all the food I have eating and how full my ass is. I want you to lick and suck my asshole as I push!

I zoom the camera to show my straining asshole as I poop. I open my ass after pooping and so you can admire my dirty ass. I zoom in to show you my shit from above and side views, you can see all the details. You’ll have to eat all my poop if you want to lick my long soles and suck on my toes. You know you will obey me, cause you want my feet so bad!

I show you my unpainted toes next to my poop from above and side views and make some foot poses. Then I show you my soles next my poop. You can see my soles in close up and zoomed out view. I flex my soles up and back to accentuate length and beauty of my long size 11 feet.

I know you want my feet so much you would do anything, the most humiliating things, just to be able to worship them. You have to understand that I will only allow you to worship if you eat my poop without complaining and without hesitation, understand? Come on, take a bite!

Good boy! I knew you would do it! You are so weak and helpless for my feet! They are so perfect, you can’t resist! Now you can lick my soles and suck on my toes. You earned the right to worship my Goddess feet!

Alright, enough now! I’m not done with you! I want to smear my shit all over you! Every square inch of your body covered with shit! I pick up a piece of my log and squeeze it. There is one piece left, so guess what? You are going to eat it now! You are my foot fetish scat slave!

Sarathonson Loves Dirty

POV: Evil Step Mommy Gets Toilet Slave Revenge

Your evil stepmom Cassie comes to see you to tell you why she tied you up in the bathroom. She tells you she read your some entries of your diary. You're embarrassed cause those entries were scenario coming from your imagination starring your stepmom herself... damn. She tells you it's really inappropriate of you doings so. You've been tied like that for a few days, you're thirsty & you're hungry. Cassie can't be that cruel & leave you alone like that. What will be her punishment?

She starts undressing herself in front of you until she's completely naked. She puts her ass close to your face & starts farting. You see her pussy is full of cream as she enjoys doing it. She turns around, spread her pussy lips & starts pissing on you. After all, you were thirsty weren't you? She pisses in a glass containing two strawberries. She then feeds you those two piss drenched fruits. When you're done she makes you drink the rest of the glass.

You think that's over? No she isn't done, far from it. You said you were hungry right? Cassie takes a nice dump on two pieces of bread to make you a nice shitty sandwich. When she's done she puts her finger right inside her asshole and makes you lick it. She complete your sandwich by adding two ingredients: pussy cream & pussy hair.

It's not over though, if you wanna get untied, Cassie orders you to do one final thing - make a special dessert recipe all by yourself under her instruction. Will you do it or stay tied up for the rest of your life?


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