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3 Outdoor Ass Loads

Here's another new compilation of fresh dumps. This time I tried to show more of my whole ass and have it less zoomed in than most of my past clips like this. And again I gave my dumps names for you to remember them by.

August 27- Lively Juicy Pile. On a beautiful day, I pop my ass out of my panties. My ass is very ready to unload the large amount of poop inside me. As I squat and spread my ass cheeks open with my hands, the dark poop has expanded my asshole as i squat. I push harder, then the rest of the ass load bursts out which you can see was held tight inside my ass. This thick juicy dump makes the perfect pile under my pretty ass.

September 3- Stiff Solid Shits. I pull my bra and shorts off, getting nude except sandals. I squat down at an angle where you can see my nipple but also my asshole and both cheeks as a straight stiff brown poop pokes and extends out of my ass. The hard turds break and fall on the ground solidly as they slow down and I am pushing harder and sprinkling hot piss as I shit naked on this hot day.

September 5- Unique Ass Artifacts. I plop my round ass into the camera and start the urgent business. You can see my asshole expand around sticky pebbles that tumble down. Then the turd seems to twist into a unique shape where it is transitioning from pebbles to a smooth log and plops out. Then another unusual shaped one bursts out seeming to balloon out of my asshole. Then I try to squeeze out the rest of the brown stuff that seems to pause before falling out of my ass into the glistening pile on the ground. There is some glare in the last scene.... Personally I think it looks nice and you can still see, but I thought I should let you know... I wish I would have been more careful not to have glare but my ass needed to shit asap!

Queen Siya & The Prince of Secrets

(2 scenes) Giantess private moment + SSBBW shits creamy mountain

Using your magical amulet to kill boredom. Unfortunately, you find yourself portaled in a city of real-life giants. You are the size of a cockroach on the sidewalk, so you rush into the closest establishment for cover. It is a bar, and you sneak into the gigantic bathroom. Waiting a few days here for the magical essence of your portal device to replenish itself should be fine. But, before you can hide, I enter, not knowing you are there because of how small you are. You are peaking on me take my shirt off before I sit down and just blow up that poor, pathetic toilet. It's so minuscule under my beautiful 418 pound body.

This is when I catch you spying on me. To punish you for being a pervert, I grab you and throw you in the bowl. Should I flush you down swiftly? Or allow you to swim to my logs, and I could leave you there? Where the only source of food is my shit, and the only water is well. Toilet water.

Bon appetit :)


Later that night, I returned home and needed to empty my stomach again. The slave and I are surprised to find many hard pebbles in my mixed load. For once, he has to chew many mouthfuls to be able to swallow those as he painfully chugs my acidic, throat-burning soft serve in between the subsequent scat stones. No clue what they were made of, but I definitely felt them rushing out of my butt hole like a bag of pointy rocks. This chunky soup absolutely destroyed my human toilet without an ounce of doubt.