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lustful self humiliation in brutal scat fuck

Its LizzyDirt fucking 3!

In this video I will fuck my pussy with my thick favorite dildo until I get really horny my scat instincts awaken. but first I have to empty my bladder, you can watch me from below as it bubbles out of my piss hole warm and wet.

Now I want to shit in a condom to be able to fuck me again with this warm soft shit sausage. in my imagination that worked very well, in real unfortunately less. but that's not bad, because so I had more shit to rub in my cleavage and push the dildo behind. I'm getting hornier! so horny that the sauce drips out of my pussy without me having to touch it! I get from it so desire to fill my face with my warm shit and then fuck with the dildo purely. I want you to imagine it would be your cock that fucks my mouth!

I lie on my back and imagine you hammering my holes while I dildo fuck my asshole. I feel my asshole is not yet empty, and when I press appears not only piss from my pussy, but even more shit directly from my frayed asshole (this happens several times in the video:P)

It is not enough for me to be fucked only in my ass, so I take to the dirty shit assfuck still my hands in my mouth and penetrate alternately ass and mouth.

If you still have not come by then (which is very very unlikely!) now comes the opportunity! several minutes of pure perverse cock teasing with a lot of shit, sucking, titty fuck and handjob on the fat dildo.

Length: 17:47s

Resolution: 3840�2160 (4K)

Download Format: mp4

File Size: 1.79 GB


Scatisfaction#2 Why do i vomit shit ?

Actually, this was just a short "in my face piss video", in which I review my first ten videos, and tell something about me, my fetish and the surrounding. But then I noticed that the long awaited shit still wants to get out. Unfortunately, it was then too late for plastic wrap on the floor to do. No matter! The coolest things happen spontaneously. And so I'm already in the middle of the biggest bathroom cleaning action of my life to provoke.

Slowly and with pleasure, back and forth, a thick Kakke sausage fights its way out of my intestine. Maybe it was not quite time, but I was now sharp, and pressed the part out.

When the shit was finally there I wanted to feel it immediately. Mhh so nice warm and viscous mushy mhh, a shiver ran through my body and I had to push the shit back into my asshole to thank my ass cunt for the nice toy.

After these formalities, however, I could not hold back :P I wanted to spoil a cock with my shit! Slowly and with relish I pack a dildo full of my still warm shit and massage the whole dildo nice and full and then the part is wixxt. The scent of my premium shit rises again and again in my nose, and at some point I am no longer content with just sniffing it. I want the whole cock in my throat! In, and out, tein and out again, spit on it! Again pure mhhh fuck I'm excited! I know how you love to see how the fat cock stretches my throat so I fuck myself really deep in the throat and try to vomit to have more sauce. Do I succeed? Not really, because I was born to swallow, and not to spill ;) but a little stinky vomit I could elicit my stomach then but what made me very proud and even more excited.

shit on the floor, this is now eh completely filthy, so I want to enjoy it too, and rub my face in the shit, piss puke soup. Mhhh as my tits slide over the floor and everything felt disgustingly slippery was a dream mhh I want more slippery vomit spit I suck again deeptroath and rub my pussy and tits and then finally! Puke! nice light brown she runs down the cock like you like it! Mhhh look at this goddamn shit! Wonderful, I can not get enough and suck the bottom, rub my body, suck my fingers, and reinbe my pussy to then stuff the dildo in my ass.


Toilet slave contract


SO, you start out with a little intro, saying hi.. and how this may be confusing, but we met at a bar and at some point throughout the night, you coerced me into signing a slave contract.. little did I know that it was a legally binding contract, stating that I shall be under your complete ownership, my body and mind now belong to you. It states that my primary purpose in life as of last night is to be your fully functioning personal toilet. It goes on to say that this entails full consumption of your piss, your shit, or any other bodily fluid that may come from you. In fine print, it makes note that this is NOT a temporary arrangement. I am forever your toilet. This is my life now.. Food by definition to me now translates to your bodily waste. You begin to tell me how you have a plumber scheduled this week to remove your porcelain toilet so that I can be properly installed in its place.

Now, you tell me that this was effective immediately as of last night.. and here we are now in the AM, and you have to go.. so you tell me to get ready for my first of many meals, and that you hope I'm hungry.. You start stripping down fully.. showing me a view that I'll be worshipping and eating from each and every day. Rubbing your perfect tits and showing me your asshole up close.. giving me a nice long look. You then set up a plate or paper towel, and situate yourself to where I can see you periodically looking back at me when you shit.. and you proceed to go!

Once finished, you pan the camera in close to my big meal.. and tell me "imagine me sitting fullweight against your mouth, my asshole sealed to your lips so nothing can escape, and then I push a load like this.. nowhere to go but directly down your throat, right? Because this is how I WILL use you.. So have to learn quick and swallow fast enough to keep up with me! I tend to shit a lot.. After countless times of being used though, You'll learn. I'll use you in the most vile of ways until you do.. and then I won't stop, until I've been satisfied.

You then come in close and spread your dirty asshole and command me to lick it clean for you.. as my tongue now serves as your toilet paper. And once finished, you tell me to just sit right here and wait until you need to shit or piss again! You blow me a kiss, and say your goodbyes for now, and shut me in the bathroom to await my next use.



I recorded every shit I took for three days (May 13, May 14, and May 15, 2022) for your viewing pleasure. <3 If you love spying on pretty girls in the bathroom and seeing them struggle to shit, then you do not want to miss this compilation!

Day 1, Friday May 13th: I have been working on housework and editing videos all day today, hence the gorgeous outfit of sweats and T-shirt. I am not seeing anyone today except you perverts, and you have definitely seen me much dirtier than this before lol

I lean back and try to give you a beautiful view of my pee flowing out. Only a little bit got on the floor as I miscalculated my initial aim! Watch my face as I strain and push out the shit. My usually tight asshole prolapses as I struggle to push out the hard turds. I have been a tiny bit constipated these last few days, and so you get to enjoy the resulting struggle. The load is not as large as I expected, but being a bit constipated will do that. It is still a good load of digested vegetarian food.


Day 2: Saturday May 14th

This is a bigger one than the first day! And I had to leave the apartment, so I look a little bit cuter than the previous day. Once again, I lean back and let you enjoy the view.

Do you like watching my piss gush out? Which do you like watching more-- my face as I strain and push out the shit, or my asshole as it strains to push out the giant turds? My usually tight asshole stretches open wide and prolapses to get everything out.

These ones are floaters! I ate a lot of fatty food on Friday night, so that makes sense (ice cream, yummm). I am usually a pretty healthy eater but even us athletic vegetarians have our guilty pleasures! And you get to enjoy seeing my giant turds float because of it. :)


Day 3: Sunday, May 15

I was about to hop in the shower after a workout when the urge hit. I must have finished digesting everything from Saturday and moved it along as I got my sweat on.

Leaning back on the seat, I spread my legs wide apart so you can enjoy the view of my totally naked body on the toilet. See the urine flow from between my legs and my asshole stretching and straining to accommodate the turds that are trying to escape. I grunt and moan as my asshole prolapses to release all that is inside my rectum.

It smells SO BAD!

I wipe and show you the results before flushing it all away.


"Cleaning Up" After HUGE PantyPoop Mess

A huge part of the fun of filming scat videos is how messy they are. So why stop making a mess when the scene ends?

I continue making an enormous mess in the shower after filming my ultra grungy pantypoop + mirror masturbation video (go watch if you haven’t yet! I have two different but but equally hot edits to fit the aesthetic preferences of all discerning perverts ;) ).

In continuation of the theme of the “filthy slut masturbating” video I just filmed, this filthy slut strips off all her thoroughly ruined clothing. T-shirt, shorts, panties—destroyed. None of them survived this video. Blue jean shorts and white panties have become brown.

I taste the mess in my shorts and panties, then I use the enormous diarrhea load barely contained by my ruined panties to coat my tight body in shit. The shit is still hot as I rub it all over my ass, legs, stomach, and chest.

Then I drop the panties onto the shower floor and pee all over them. Now that my bladder is empty, I decide to do the same for my bowels. I spread my ass cheeks wide open and push my prolapse out. Only after prolapsing several times can I be sure from the mess on the shower floor that there is not even a speck of shit left inside my ass.

I finish by quickly rinsing off the visible shit before turning the cameras off for the real, much less cute cleanup. Trust me-- no one is actually interested in the much less sexy “alternating lemon juice and soap until the smell is gone” routine. Enjoy this instead. I know I did!


Naked Baking: Poop Brownies!

Who’s hungry? Good! I absolutely love baking, and I am whipping up a fresh tray of scat brownies for a hungry fan.

I start out naked in the kitchen, mixing together my normal brownie ingredients. Cocoa powder, sugar, flour, baking powder, eggs, water, oil—yum! I could toss these in the oven now and have a delicious dessert, but they need something more. I talk dirty to you about the special “chocolate chips” I have in store for these brownies. I am making them myself from scratch. You are going to love every last little bite!

Then we move to the bathroom to get our special secret ingredient. I take a fat shit on a plate and show it off. It is hard and knobbly, the perfect texture for chocolate chunks! I cut it up for you on the plate before adding it to my delicious brownie batter.

Once it is all mixed up and in the pan, it is ready to go in the oven. The smell of the brownies cooking is so confusing. Notes of normal brownies fill my apartment. Chocolatey sweetness everywhere. But when you take a second whiff, you are hit by a foul, foul odor lingering beneath that sweetness. It smells like the most disgusting shit you have ever taken your life. Like someone blew up an entire bakery with poop.

The brownies are finally baked and look delicious! They look like totally normal brownies, but do not sniff them too closely. I let them cool before I get them packaged up and ready to go, describing the smells and packaging process as I go. Bon app�tit!

If you ever want some of your own yummy goodies, DM me on Twitter @sluttyeviltwin or Reddit u/LenaMaeNSFW. ;) I cannot wait to make more yummy scat treats!


Making A Mess After Huge PantyPoop Explosion

The audio got a bit wonky on this one, so it is a lower price than the other shower-off videos because of the glitchy audio. Still wildly hot visuals though!

The messy fun continues, even after the original video I filmed is over! I made a huge mess filming my step-bro pantypooping video (go check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!).

With pantypooping videos, the mess gets completely stuck to me and my clothing rather than just ending up on the floor, in the tub, or in the toilet. Sticky, smelly, and SO sexy! It’s hard to stop playing in the mud.

I strip down out of my cute little skirt and blouse. There’s poop all over my cute pink skirt, and my adorable little pink patterned panties are done for! I take the enormous runny diarrhea load barely contained by my destroyed panties to coat my tight body in shit. The shit is still hot as I rub it all over my body. I smear it all over myself with my hands and lick off my fingers. I get a little distracted when I rub the hot poop over my sensitive pussy. I just came super hard, so my clit is wildly sensitive. I spend some time gently teasing myself with my scat-covered panties before the hypersensitivity gets overwhelming.

Then I make drop the panties onto the shower floor and spread my ass cheeks wide apart. I filled my panties with shit, but I feel like there might be some lingering diarrhea or small solid chunks inside me, so I push my prolapse out. I was right. There was some left inside. But after prolapsing several times I am now sure that there is not even a speck of shit left inside my ass.

All clean! Well, my rectum at least. The rest of me is still pretty filthy.


Poop Bath + Shaving

I am a HUGE shit-coated mess after filming my last pantypooping video. But I do not want to get clean just yet. I head to the bathtub with the intent of doing a sexy smearing and showering video like I often do after my pantypoops.I strip off my shit-filled panties and show off my poop-coated ass. I rub the shitty panties around on my petite body before I pee on the already filthy panties. You have to let a stain soak, after all! After spreading my cheeks and getting all the last little turd chunks out (with lots of prolapsing as I strain), I decide I want to mix things up.

Rather than a shower, I decide on a whim that I should not let all these beautiful chunks of poop on the bathtub floor go to waste. I am going to take a bath instead! Hey, I already have to bleach the tub later, so why not make a bigger mess first?

I fill the tub with water that quickly turns brown and sludgy from the poop that was all over the floor and my body. I enjoy the warm poop soup and soak in it, using the panties as a sponge to wash my body with the filthy swamp water. I have also heard that poop makes a great shaving cream, so I decide to give it a shot.

My verdict is that no, poo is not a great shaving cream replacement lol it definitely gunked up my razor, but that is okay. It got the job done. I show off my long legs while shaving them and washing them with the stinky water. I then shave between my legs, making sure to give you a close-up view of the razor gliding over my most intimate areas.

By the time I am finished, my bathroom smells absolutely awful! I definitely need a real bath!


Naked Baking 2: Scat Fudge Swirl Brownies

Who’s hungry? Good! I absolutely love baking, and I am whipping up a fresh tray of scat brownies for a hungry fan.

I start out naked in the kitchen, mixing together my normal brownie ingredients. Cocoa powder, sugar, flour, baking powder, eggs, water, oil—yum! I could toss these in the oven now and have a delicious dessert, but they need something more. I talk dirty to you about the special “chocolate fudge swirl” I have in store for these brownies. I am making them myself from scratch. You are going to love every last little bite!

Then we move to the bathroom to get our special secret ingredient. I take a huge creamy shit right into the brownie batter. The creamy brown shit is the perfect texture for a delightful chocolate fudge swirl! I fold it into the brownie batter, being sure to leave big visible swirls throughout the batter, and pour it all into the pan.

Once it is all mixed up and in the pan, it is ready to go in the oven. The smell of the brownies cooking is so confusing. Notes of normal brownies fill my apartment. Chocolatey sweetness everywhere. But when you take a second whiff, you are hit by a foul, foul odor lingering beneath that sweetness. It smells like the most disgusting shit you have ever taken your life. Like someone blew up an entire bakery with poop.

The brownies are finally baked and look delicious! They even look like they have a peanut butter swirl but that smell is definitely NOT peanut butter! Bon app�tit!

If you ever want some of your own yummy goodies, DM me on Twitter @sluttyeviltwin or Reddit u/LenaMaeNSFW. ;) I cannot wait to make more yummy scat treats!


Schoolgirl DESTROYS Poop-Stuffed Pussy & Piano With Hammer!

This naughty schoolgirl is sick and tired of piano practice. After today's terrible practice, I've finally had enough of this stupid instrument and knock it over onto the floor in frustration. I started gingerly stepping on it with my cute socks-covered feet, inching toward actually stomping on this stupid thing, but it accidentally breaks!!! Fuck! My parents are going to be so mad if they find out!

But before I sneak off to the store to try to find a replacement, I decide to finish off this stupid instrument that I hate so much. I spit on it and grind my pussy on it. I rub my dirty panties on it and lift up my little plaid school girl skirt to show my wet pussy grinding on the keyboard.

Then I take a fat shit on the keyboard and use my panties to wipe my dirty little asshole. Then I stomp all over the piano with my socks on! I show off the filthy socks and think about how mommy will be so mad when she sees this laundry. And next to the laundry room... daddy's tools in the garage... I have an idea! Let's finish this piano off for real!

I grab a huge hammer and start to DESTROY the poop-coated piano! I smash up the keys and my shit! Keys fly off sometimes, others I have to pry out, but I rip the keyboard apart. Then I piss all over a pile of the keys and shards of plastic. How's that for a ruined piano!

I've never destroyed anything before and I'm so turned on that I can't help but start to play in the mess. I gather up a bunch of sticky shit from the remains of the keyboard and stuff my pussy as full as I can get it. The poop is so hot inside me. I love feeling stuffed full.

I insert the hammer into my asshole to get even fuller. I'm double-stuffed with shit and a hammer! My pussy is too tightly stuffed to fully double penetrate with the microphone. Since the microphone is bigger and thicker than the hammer, I use that in my asshole too and rub my clit. I make a huge mess of my filthy, soaking wet, shit-stuffed pussy as I rub my clit until I cum. My orgasm is so hard that the pulsing pushes the dirty mic out of my asshole along with my full prolapse.

Maybe I could get used to piano lessons if they were all like this one. ;)

Golden Scat Girls

Hot lesbian bachelorette party

Have you ever imagined that : You are the one who will be invited to the " Hot Pre-Wedding Bachelorette Party ", which was arranged by Caroline. Imagine that tomorrow pretty Caroline will get married, and today Caroline decided to go into a crazy break. In order for the bachelorette party to take place, the bride Karolina invited her friends Yana and Marina to it. Just imagine what these three hot girls can arrange at a bachelorette party. First, Yana and Marina, placing Caroline's legs in front of you, show you her pussy, then Yana caresses the bride's pussy with her tongue, and then takes the penis in her hands and fucks the bride in the pussy in different poses. After fucking the bride with a dick, Yana passes the penis to Marina, and she bares her ass, climbs on the sofa, spreads her legs, and Caroline caresses Yana's pussy with her tongue. During oral sex, Yana empties herself, poops and pisses on Caroline's white wedding dress. After emptying and enjoying oral sex, Yana gets off the couch, takes Marina's dick and continues to fuck the bride in the pussy. Meanwhile, Marina comes in from the front, bares her ass, and offers the bride to open her mouth. Karolina opens her mouth, and Marina poops in the bride's mouth. After filling the bride's mouth, Marina sits down next to her and caresses Caroline's tits with her fingers. And Yana at this moment fucks the bride with a dick in the ass. Caroline is so excited about what is happening that she experiences a real jet orgasm.

Golden Scat Girls
Golden Scat Girls

Tits of lesbians Yana and Olga are all in shit

Have you ever imagined that : You will be admiring a very hot and dirty lesbian show ? In which Yana and Olga take turns emptying on each other's tits. Women's tits in shit is so exciting, isn't it ? Are you ready to enjoy this show right now ? From the beginning of the video, Yana and Olga greet you sitting on the couch. Look at them, how sweetly they smile at you. After greeting Olga pulls Yana's tits out of her bra and caresses them with her tongue. Look at how Yana's nipples harden with excitement. Then Olga takes a rubber dick in her hands, and Yana squeezes the penis between her tits, jerks off the penis with her tits and at the same time caresses the penis with her mouth. After fucking Yana in the mouth with a dick, Olga turns to you with her booty, lowers her panties to the knee and empties herself pooping on Yana's tits. After emptying, Olga puts on her panties, and first caresses Yana's nipples with her tongue, and then takes a dick in her hands and smears shit on Yana's tits with it. After soiling the dick in shit, Olga and Yana take turns sucking it. After sucking a dick, Yana unbuttons Olga's bra and caresses Olga's tits with her tongue. Having aroused Olga, Yana turns to you with her booty, pulls down her panties and empties herself pooping on Olga's tits. After emptying, Yana takes the penis in her hands, and Olga clamps the penis between her tits and jerks it off. While jerking off a penis with tits, Yana and Olga take turns sucking it.

Golden Scat Girls

Yana's naked body is all in shit

This time Yana decided to have some fun in the kitchen. Entering the kitchen, you see Yana in beautiful white underwear, stockings and high-heeled shoes. Tell me she's gorgeous isn't she ? After taking a look at Yana, you sit down opposite Yana, and Yana starts her show for you. First, Yana pulls her tits out of the bra in front of you, look at her breasts, at her large brown nipples. They 're gorgeous aren 't they ? I just want to touch them with my lips, caress them with my tongue, bite them, in a word, excite myself and Yana. After caressing her breasts, Yana turns to you with her booty, and takes off her panties. Taking off her panties, Yana spreads her buttocks in front of you and shows you the anus, do you like it ? After demonstrating her charms, Yana gets cancer on her knees and takes a rubber dick in her mouth, enjoy, feel, after playing with a member, Yana changes her pose and now Yana sucks a dick sitting down. Keep enjoying Yana's blowjob. Look how skillfully Yana sucks dick, with what pleasure she does it. After playing with a dick with her mouth, Yana spreads her legs in front of you and inserts a dick into her pussy and sitting on the kitchen corner fucks herself! After fucking herself, Yana squats in front of you and empties herself, poops and pisses, and then takes the shit in her hands and smears it on her naked body. After smearing the shit on her body, Yana again picks up a rubber dick and first fucks herself with it in her pussy, and then in the ass.

Golden Scat Girls
Golden Scat Girls

Yana likes to have fun solo

This time, the debauchee Yana decided to have a little fun with you one-on-one ! Imagine for a minute that you are visiting Yana, and Yana invited you to her room. You go into Yana's room and see that Yana is lying completely naked in front of you. What are your first thoughts ? Going further into the room, you sit down in a chair, and taking a comfortable position opposite Yana, you notice that Yana is holding a rubber penis in her hands. At first, Yana smiles sweetly at you, greets you, and then slowly begins to excite herself. Yana takes a dick in her mouth and sucks it with pleasure, at the moment of blowjob Yana puts her legs in front of you and caresses her pussy with her fingers. Do you like ? Would you like Yana to suck your dick now ? After playing with a member with her mouth, and with her pussy with her fingers, Yana spreads her legs even wider in front of you and inserts a member into her pussy, and slowly but surely fucks herself. You look at the pleasure with which Yana fucks herself, listen to her moans, they are great, aren't they ? Throughout the video, Yana slowly fucks herself with a rubber dick in different poses. After fucking herself with a dick, Yana decides to empty herself on a dick, Yana chooses a pose convenient for emptying and first pisses on a dick, and then poops. After emptying, Yana first smears the shit on the penis, and then on her pussy. After smearing the shit on her pussy, Yana inserts a dick again and fucks herself !


HARD CHRISTMAS (PUKE) : I ate a shitty Christmas log ! (EATING / FOOD FETISH / DOUBLE P / SCAT / PISS / ATM / ATP)

(I eat my shit in this video)

It's almost Christmas ! I want to play the slut to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year, and it's not to displease you, is it?

At the foot of the Christmas tree and the gifts, I first put my double dildo in my buttocks full of shit, I take it out and my shit starts to come out, I reinsert the dildo in my buttocks but it's too late, l expulsion of my huge turd has begun! I quickly pull the dildo out and lay my shit freeing my ass.

I will then continue to play with my big and long double dildo in my anus, then, the latter being well covered with shit, I will insert it in my hairy pussy, before returning to my ass...

Then I'm going to drink a big glass of pink strawberry juice (to make my puke pink!), then I'm going to cut myself a nice piece of log that I'm going to cover GENEROUSLY with shit. 🍫 I eat everything, then I get degobilled with my dildo that I push deep in my throat. My puke is brown at first as I puke shit, then gets more and more bright pink.

I continue by spreading my shit on my face, my breasts, my hair, my santa hat, then I get degobber again in my cleavage… It is very very hot…!

I pour my puke all over my face, head, then I'll start to take care of my fat ass mother claus slut… I start to masturbate my hairy pussy a little with my my shit, then I spread it all over my legs and ass, before fucking my ass and pussy with my double dildo… I'm pissing at this point (and at another point in the video)

You will be entitled to a short scene where I spread caviar on my feet to make you lick them…

In different positions, I will alternate between my ass, my pussy, and both at the same time with double penetration! I finish by fisting my ass…

I get closer to the camera to languidly suck my double dildo, and tell you see you next year!


SADISTIC DOCTOR (PUKE): Doctor Ninounini makes you eat her shit and take a very dirty bath! (EATING / SCAT / URO / DIRTY BATH / ATM / ATP)

(I eat my shit in this video)

Doctor Ninounini has replaced your former nurse to take care of you... And it's bath time for you! You're going to have to obey him if you don't want to have your second leg broken !

Dressed in a super sexy red and white outfit, open on her chest, she will seduce you while being very sadistic and merciless with you...

You will first have to undress and suffer the mockery of Doctor Ninounini on your penis!

Then, you will have to watch her lay her huge shit that she has been holding for 4 days. Then you'll lie down in the tub to suck his huge turd...

Suck it well, and masturbate your little clit at the same time. Put some shit on your slutty nipples!

Then, Doctor Ninounini will order you to spread it on your body, face and hair...

Fuck your ass while she fucks her ass too! She will get into different positions and she will pee at that time.

Doctor Ninounini is going to give you a very brown bath. You will go into the water, spread some more shit in your face, then you will chew a piece of shit that you will have to swallow! You'll swallow it, then you'll get pummeled several times...

Then you will brush your teeth with shit, then you will soap yourself with shit too.

Doctor Ninounini will still file the pussy in the water before being degobbled again...

You will immerse yourself completely in the water, put your head under water many times to clean yourself!

Golden Scat Girls
Golden Scat Girls

Toilet slave Carolina is all in the shit of Yana and Olga

This time your beloved Caroline is in the role of a " Submissive Toilet Slave ". Didn 't you expect ? Beautiful, young and already a " Toilet Slave ", yes, Caroline really likes it, and she is very excited by the fact that she is a real toilet slave. Many will think that a young and sexy girl is not particularly suitable for the role of a " Toilet Slave ". And we will answer you like this : What if a girl likes and excites her very much : to be humiliated, to have her body emptied, pooped and written, to be treated like a thing, and do what they wanted - then she found what she was looking for and can proudly tell you " Yes, I am a real Toilet Slave ". In this video, Yana and her big-breasted mature Olga take turns emptying, pooping and pissing on Caroline's naked body, but first the girls show you Caroline's beautiful and stunning naked body, during the demonstration of Jan's body, and Olga caress Caroline with their hands. After the demonstration and caresses, Carolina sits on a rubber dick from above, and fucks herself first in the pussy, and then in anal. During a solo fuck, Yana and Olga take turns emptying, pooping and pissing on the naked body of the " Toilet Slave Caroline ". But that's not all - during the emptying, Yana and Olga smear their own shit on Caroline's naked body. Yes, first Yana's shit, and then Olga's. Throughout the video, the slave fucks herself in the pussy, then in the ass with a rubber dick, despite what Yana and Olga do to her.


BANANA SPLIT (PUKE) : I eat a piss and shit banana split and eat my puke ! (EATING / FOOD & FOOT FETISH / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM)

Today, I'm going to concoct 2 different split bananas; 1 banana split with piss and 1 banana split caviar version!

First I'm going to suck my bananas, before making you lick my dirty feet (full of dust). I will then cover them with whipped cream and ask you to lick them again!

Then I insert the banana in my pussy, then I piss on it for a long time, before eating several good tasty bites.

I make you imagine yourself in place of my banana doing a footjob with whipped cream.

I will then open a banana and get puked on me and in my cleavage many times… I then put puke on my face and then I eat some puke…

Then I go a little whipped cream on my ass and insert a banana inside, before releasing a big creamy turd, to then put a banana back in my butt and make it brown.

I then spread caviar on my face, body and hair, then I put whipped cream in my mouth and then I spread it on my hair full of caviar.

I then cover the banana with poop, then I taste several big bites offering you views of my mouth full of poop banana

I smear my dildo with caviar, then insert it deep in my throat to get my cleavage poking again. I then make myself degobiller directly in my hand to come directly to eat my puke. I then run a good layer of puke on my hair before moving on to my big ass.

I spread caviar on my ass, my legs, then I fill my ass with bananas before sticking my dildo in it. I end up popping a banana mush. I then put some whipped cream on my ass and I come to smash my ass for a long time. I will pee again then.

I then change position and insert the banana in my ass, before moving into a new position to go back and forth on my dildo. The dildo in the ass, and to finish, I'll get my body fucked because you love it...