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Curing constipation with an enema

I’ve been so constipated and it’s putting a damper on everything. I can’t get hungry, masturbate or relax because I’m so full. But I think I have a good way to fix that! I know this enema will clear me out really good and maybe even help me get horny enough to masturbate.

I lubricate the enema nozzle with my spit and show you the insertion. I start filling myself up and it feels so great! A little starts coming out even before I’m all the way full. Once I am brimming with the enema, I turn around and give you the perfect view of my asshole. I stick a finger in feeling around the open space in my butt while also touch the shit that’s floating around. It’s so interesting!

Now it’s time to push it all out. I start rubbing myself while shooting all the brown water.You can start to see little specks of poop come out onto my floor. Finally with a big push, the huge load that’s been backing me up shoots out of my ass! That feels so much better! Now I get so aroused I rub my clit and push out the remainder of the enema.

My asshole feels so good now so I take out my dildo and start to ride it while continuing to rub my pussy. It’s so great to be able to masterbate again! I shit out my dildo and a bunch my water comes out with it. Now it’s time to finish myself off while I sit in a puddle of dirty enema water. Will you cum with me?

Now that the main event is over, I give you a look around the scene. You get a close up of the turds I pushed out and my juice soaked dildo. Lastly, I show my pussy and dirty butthole with a little more liquid leaking out as I stand.

Most of the scenes are filmed from two different angles. One is a wideshot and the other is a closer shot of my asshole.


CassieScat Eats Sophia Sprinkle’s Poop + Shoots it out her Ass!

Sophia Sprinkle saved some of her perfect, soft serve poop for her friend CassieScat. She pulls down her tight, grey leggings and pushes a lovely handful of warm shit into Cassie’s waiting hand. What a good, considerate friend!

Cassie sniffs the poop and shows it off, slightly green from Sophia’s healthy diet. But what does it taste like? Without hesitation Cassie licks it up. It’s delicious! Nothing like Cassie’s own earthy, bitter coffee poop, rather it’s sweet and warm tasting. Cassie quickly puts even more in her mouth, filling it up so she can chew and swallow it.

The girls laugh and mock toilet slaves who whine and cry and gag. It’s not hard for us to eat each other’s delicious turds! No excuses now - Sophia’s shit is peer reviewed and it’s excellent.

This gives Cassie a naughty idea though. Sophia’s shit inside her is making her so horny that she wants it even MORE inside her. We’re going to make a Sophia Shit Enema.

The girls mix up Sophia’s poop and enema liquid, making a huge mess with their little science experiment and wondering if this will improve Cassie’s gut bacteria. (UPDATE! For about a month after doing this, Cassie’s poops smelled JUST LIKE Sophia’s poop. Her husband even noticed just from the way the bathroom was smelling)

With an ass full of her friend’s poop, Cassie gets on her hands and knees in the bathtub and releases the enema! A powerful stream of diarrhea splashes EVERYWHERE! It bounces off the wall and even gets in Sophia’s hair as she films it in slow motion! Oh well!

This is the final partner’s video filmed in a series of four videos. One video is exclusive to and another is exclusive to so make sure to buy them all!

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Goddess Tempest

Massive Diarrhea Drinking Enema

Did you know every time you take a shit a little bit stays behind in your bowels? It’s actually very unhealthy because your shit traces left behind really starts to rot in there. That is why a good enema is very healthy to clean you out properly. I do this every few months and you can’t believe what comes out of my ass, it’s DISGUSTING!

I put in a clear water solution for a few hours until I can feel it is really getting very urgent. The liquid diarrhea enema that comes out of my ass then is so revolting that t stinks up the bathroom for HOURS!

It literally smells like raw sewage! I much rather make this experience more pleasant for myself by putting my toilet chair over my toilet slave and have him lick my ass for me. When it gave me enough pleasure and he starts tasting my ass leaking my liquid shitty enema he opens his mouth wide for me so I can shit my disgusting liquid diarrhea enema into his mouth.

You can actually see my liquid shit splatter in his mouth as he gag and gurgle. He is literally DRINKING my diarrhea that smells like revolting raw sewage and it is such a fucking turn on for me!

The more I shit the stronger the revolting smell becomes and the more he gags while drinking it under me. He can actually hear the quiver in his voice as he tells me it is starting to taste really bad. I just laugh and tell him it’s not my problem and he must get ready because there is more coming. You can literally SEE my diarrhea splashing around in his mouth!

At one point my diarrhea hot him strait in the face! Right on his lips! He eagerly opened his mouth to be filled by my raw sewage right out of my ass. Felt amazing!

I absolutely love how my liquid diarrhea enema turned into soft runny shits in the end. That was actually old shit stick in my colon that got loosened up and it smelled horrible but felt so fucking good feeling it sliding out of my asshole noisily and running down his throat as he struggled to keep up swallowing. It felt so good for me, this should become a law that allow all woman to use all men this way.

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo


Two Enema's in Mum's Bathroom

I had to go away and travel for a family trip, and by the time I got to my mum's house my tummy hurt so bad. I was so constipated, I had not pooped in eight days! I had eaten a lot, so I know that I had to be really packed up with shit. I was feeling so much pressure in my tummy I needed to get all of the poop out of my body. I was feeling nausea and yucky. My mum first instructed me to go to her bathroom and put on a glove and get some vaseline on gloved finger to put up my butt. My mum thought that the Vaseline would help me go to the bathroom, but nothing happened. She left the house immediately then and bought me two enemas. I took one enema up to her bathroom and got on the floor and gave myself the first enema. I let it stay inside my ass until I could not hold it any longer. I filmed until I got too sick feeling and could not film any more. I wanted my toilet sluts to worship all that comes from my sexy body, but I had to take care of myself and lay down after to recuperate. I got some shit out, but I knew there had to be much more shit packed in my ass. I decided that I would wait the recommended 24 hours and then do another enema. The next night, I went to my mum's bathroom and got on her floor again and gave myself the second enema. This time much more shit came out of my ass. It gave me some feeling of relief, but I still got the sick nausea all over hot feeling after the enema, throwing up again and had to lay down until I felt better. That was the longest time period I have gone without pooping! I was not trying to hold back the urge to poop on purpose. I just could not go poop, and it made me very sick. I was able to clean out my ass like I wanted before I had to get on the plane and fly back home. Worship all that comes from my sexy body and enjoy my naughtiness in my mum's bathroom since she did not know I was filming myself clean out my ass on her bathroom floor, but I always talk about any poop issues with my mum!! #355



After a long day, girls like to be pampered. They like to have their feet pampered and to have their skin moisturized. So, I thought I would take time to show you my all-organic skincare routine. Using just some fruits and the natural, fragrant gifts from my own body (yummy shit, piss, and vomit), I keep my skin absolutely glowing. All the other girls at school are so jealous of me!

Watch me suck my smelly toes and lick my sweaty armpits to get them so clean. Did you know that piss is a natural moisturizer and deodorant? It's great for your smelly shoes *and* for keeping your skin moist. Next, I use a combination of watermelon, oranges, bananas, strawberries and grapes on my body. Those juices are so sweet and sticky. Many people skip this next step but it's so important. You need to slap your skin to increase the circulation so that the juices can really soak into your skin.

Most people forget that you also need to take care of the inside as well as the outside. Real beauty comes from within, right? That's why I always take the extra time to purge anything from my stomach and my ass. All of that organic material is great for the skin so I massage my stomach-butter and scat all over my perfect little body.

Just follow these simple steps for beautiful, healthy skin. One final step for all those Daddies and Masters who enjoy watching their nasty, ginger girl, make sure you lube and stroke that cock until you explode with some delicious baby-juice. Remember, it's all organic so you can either use it to moisturize your face or you can eat it. I promise, it tastes *delicious*!

Golden Scat Girls

Caroline and Alice arrange an unusual medical examination of Marina

This time, Caroline and Alice decided to conduct an unusual medical examination of Marina. When you enter the room, you will see Dr. Alice and Madrasa Karolina sitting in front of you. The girls are dressed in sexy medical gowns. Then Marina joins them. First, Alice and Caroline ask the patient Marina to take off her panties, and then provide them with a pussy for examination. Marina fulfills the request of the doctors, and the girls begin the examination. First, Karolina examines Marina's pussy, and then inserts a gynecological mirror to Marina and takes a swab from the pussy. Taking a swab, Karolina inserts a penis into the patient Marina's pussy, and fucks Marina a little. After fucking Marina with a dick, nurse Karolina lifts her medical gown and pisses on Marina's pussy. Then Karolina puts Marina with cancer and inserts a toy into her anal. After the toy, Karolina fills the mini enema with water, and then puts Marina an enema. After filling Marina's ass with water, Karolina asks Marina to sit down so that the doctor Alice empties on her. Marina sits down, and Alice lifts her medical gown, bares her ass and empties herself, poops and pisses on the patient Marina. After emptying on the Marina, Alice sits down next to her again and continues to observe the inspection of the Marina. Karolina suggests Marina to relax and let the water with shit out of her ass. Marina does it with pleasure ! Such a medical examination was carried out by doctor Alice and nurse Karolina.

Golden Scat Girls

Loud Scat Farting by Caroline and Alice

Do you like female loud female farting ? This time Yana invites you to visit her at the " Loud Scat Farting Show ". Are you already in anticipation of what you will see ? First you will see how three sexy beauties Yana, Karolina and Alice are sitting on their knees in front of you, and the girls are wearing transparent body suits out of clothes. After sitting on their knees in front of you for a while, Caroline and Alice get cancer on their knees with their gorgeous asses to you, and Yana picks up a mini enema and starts filling Alice's ass with air. As soon as Yana has finished filling Alice's ass with air, Alice, kneeling cancer in front of you, " Farts " explodes very loudly, and along with farting, shit flies out of Alice's ass. Having released not only air, but also shit from her ass, Alice continues to kneel in front of you with cancer with a dirty ass from shit, and Yana begins to fill Caroline's ass with air. Filling Caroline's ass with air, Yana waits for Caroline to " Fart " loudly and Caroline does not make you wait long, but almost immediately explodes with a loud fart. Along with the farting, shit flies out of Caroline's ass, now the asses of the girls standing in front of you with cancer on their knees are all in shit. Throughout the video, Yana takes turns filling the asses of her friends with air, and the girls explode very loudly " Fart " standing in front of you with cancer on their knees with their asses dirty from shit !

Golden Scat Girls

Deep anal and water enema for Yana

Do you like anal ? But not an ordinary anal fuck, but a fuck in a water-filled ass. This is an unusual everyday video, this is an exclusive in which the beautiful Yana and her big-breasted friend Olga were filmed. I see that you can't wait to find out what will happen in this video : Sit back in your chair, relax, close your eyes, and imagine that you are now visiting Yana and Olga. Introduced ? You are sitting in a chair opposite the mini table where Yana is sitting. Look how Yana smiles sweetly at you, and welcomes you. Then Yana gets up on the table with cancer on her knees, and lifting up her dress in front of you, she bares her ass. Do you like Yana 's ass ? Would you like to fuck Yana in the ass ? Exposing her ass in front of you, Yana continues to kneel cancer on the mini table, and Olga, approaching Yana, picks up a two-liter plastic bottle filled with water, inserts the neck of the bottle into Yana's ass and fills Yana's ass with water. After filling Yana's ass with water, Olga changes a plastic water bottle for a rubber dick. Taking a member in her hands, Olga enjoys fucking a member of Yana in the ass filled with water. Could you imagine that ? Anal during intestinal cleansing, isn't that what you wanted to see now ? After fucking Yana in the ass, Olga goes to the video camera, and Yana pulls a dick out of her ass and releases a fountain of water with shit on the floor. Would you like Yana to fill your mouth with water with shit from her ass right now ?



SUPREME COMPILATION: I present to you a Super Compilation that does not lack a little detail. It's A JEWEL, it's 23'55" in total, it consists of 11 different videos.

1 - 1'51": with open robe and thong, poop attempt, but lots of pee-pees and good pee (mobile in hand).

2 - 1'26": with pajamas, I speak softly due to the risk of family outside, mini ball, some petete and dripping white discharge (mobile in hand).

3 - 1'34": with pajamas, good initial pee, good pedetes opening the cheeks with both hands and poop (mobile on a tripod).

4 - 35": in a bikini, in wet Arab baths, a pee before the massage (mobile in hand).

5 - 2'34": dress and stockings with lace, fresh from tapas, super farts, super pee, good poo and beautiful white pussy cream that I focus on close-up and rub (mobile in hand).

6 - 1'47": with pajamas, hair, pee and a good poop (mobile in hand).

7 - 4'33": Brazilian (which I take off) and pajama top. In the bathtub on a glass fountain, I climb on the edges of the bathtub so that it falls from above. Good pee and piece of shit, it looks dripping of my white cream, I clean myself and I show you the source, and I show how the piece of cake was packaged (mobile on a tripod).

8 - 1'31": naked, just had a powder, I show a frontal close-up of the pee with vaginal farts and semen (mobile in hand).

9 - 2'12": naked with open robe. After an anal fuck, farts with semen that make little butts, pee, poop balls, some under pressure (mobile in hand).

10 - 35": in the dark, only with neon light from the toilet a good pee (mobile in hand).

11 - 4'43": Executive, black tube skirt, white shirt, stockings, garter belt and high heels. Hair with enema liquid, they even make a big bubble, good poop with a lighter texture finish and pee. I clean myself and show my cake in glass dish (mobile on tripod)

Kitty Skatt
Goddess Tempest

Eat Shit From Women 3

Full 36 Minute poop eating video:

Did you know every time you take a shit a little bit stays behind in your bowels? It’s actually very unhealthy because your shit traces left behind really starts to rot in there. That is why a good enema is very healthy to clean you out properly. I do this every few months and you can’t believe what comes out of my ass, it’s DISGUSTING! It literally smells like raw sewage! I much rather make this experience more pleasant for myself by putting my toilet chair over my toilet slave and have him lick my ass for me. When it gave me enough pleasure and he starts tasting my ass leaking my liquid shitty enema he opens his mouth wide for me so I can shit my disgusting liquid diarrhoea enema into his mouth. You can actually see my liquid shit splatter in his mouth as he gag and gurgle. He is literally DRINKING my diarrhoea that smells like revolting raw sewage and it is such a fucking turn on for me! Was even fun when my liquid shit hit him strait in the face!

Want to win ‘n nasty brown prize? Then stick your tongue up my ass! I wanted to do something new so today’s scat porn video is filled with climax, asshole tongue fucking while shitting in the mouth and amazing shit eating and swallowing. You will see my slave eat my entire shitload of multiple thick and juicy turds. NOTHING feels as good as taking these massive shits into men’s mouths and making them eat ALL of it. This two part video is not to be missed!

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo

Queen Siya & The Prince of Secrets

(3 scenes) BIGGEST BROWNEST ENEMA + DIRECT FEED madness + Morning pee

It's morning; my pee is coming out dark yellow. I wanted to really feel him drink it down, so I ordered him to wait before he started gulping it down. Then, when I was done emptying my aching bladder, I sat beside him and held his throat, so I could not only hear him but also feel him swallow everything.

fun experience :)

Later that day, I decided to poop directly in his mouth in my living room. Great little snack when hanging out at home :)

This is when we enter the dark times. I have been constipated for 5 days after that. Every day I hoped for the need to come. Sometimes it would hurt, and I thought it would come out, but nothing! Finally, on the fifth day, when I felt I needed to go again, I asked my slave to give me an ENEMA. It needed to come out. And well, he was available for a meal, so why not. OH MY GOODNESS, what a meal it was (includes CORN) !!

I needed to pee first, and it was very concentrated. Literally of an orange color when it came out, then my shit all came out like a skull-shattering avalanche in the funnel. I THINK THIS TO BE MY BIGGEST LOAD EVER. My constipated logs were very hard coming out, so I knew I needed to do something about that. I took out my new favorite tool and hand-blended my ENEMA, pee, and record-breaking, 5 days-old constipated POWER load. There were around 3 liters of HELLISH broth for him to drink. He does his best to swallow as much as possible. The amount is just so RIDICULOUS; if you actually don't see this very scene, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!


Seductive Explosive Enema Therapy/Feet Focused

I love enema but I need to practice even more how to make it perfect. This video such a messy, shitty, explosive fun.

I’m entirely naked and bloated what’s makes me and my tummy upset. The only thing I want getting myself a good ass cleaning and desperation enema. After all surely feel much better. I have water and sodium chloride mixed in a 2 lit big enema bag hang out and placed.

I tease you by my naked body and sexy barefoot before start and all over in the video. I tell you at beginning that I wanna shit a big one and I want you to watch me and never take off your eyes of my dirty body and feet. I start fucking my butt (all feet focused action) and hot. I’m ready to start it and you? I feel how flow the first shot deep inside me and makes me suffering so badly. While it’s flowing in me I talk dirty of how messy I going to be. I make you boner all the time and this morning isn’t an exception right? I have let the 75% of the bag fill inside my ass and I feel myself like never before. My stomach so big and full of enema just look at that. I try to release pain by breath play it’s helping a bit but at the same time I had almost vomit. Enema went so deep this time and couldn’t decide it vomit or shit but I would prefer my squirting ass.but I’m suffering so badly for moments I can’t even say out a words just taking deep breath and moaning of pain. You will see that. I hold the first shot of enema as much as I long I can but I ask you to. Super dirty and erotic enema session


MILKSHAKE (PUKE): The farting real estate agent drinks piss-and-shit milkshake and drinks her puke ! (EATING / FOOD FETISH / SCAT / PISS / FARTING / ENEMA / ANAL / ATM)

I visit my client for the estimate of his house. He begins to blackmail me; if I don't drink a milkshake and give myself an enema with my piss, milk and my shit, he won't give me his house for sale! I end up accepting and warming it gently~

I will then piss in a cup, then fill my ass with piss, and milk. I add a few pieces of mango, and I stir in my ass with a spoon! I blast the milkshake out of my ass into a tall glass! Gorgeous !

I will then indulge in many sexy enemas with milk. I will also fill my ass and put a big butt plug in, and when I pull it out, a huge trickle of milk will squirt out accompanied by a nice fart. The same with a piece of mango that will come out. The milk is brown at times. In this same position, I will get my ass fucked (dildo) by my client.

I continue to have my anus filed, from behind this time, letting out a big drooling fart, and a trickle of enema (brown) as well.

I put milk in my ass (enema while I drink) and drink my milkshake. I then get my ass fucked, legs in the air, before getting down on my knees and drinking my milkshake again until the end. I then gulp it down and drink again.

I then spread shit all over my face, hair, tits, ass, legs... And I'll do a new fart enema before getting my ass fucked again. I then pour the rest of the milkshake all over myself and then I'm going to get my ass fucked in several different positions farting a lot and doing enemas.


PANCAKES (PUKE) : I ate a shit and piss pancake, and I drank a shit enema ! (EATING / FARTING / SCAT / PISS / ENEMA / ANAL / ATP / ATM / PROLAPSUS)

I'm going to eat piss and poop pancakes, with a poop dr ink made with an explosive enema to go with it.

I start by going to do my shit that I will reserve to garnish my pancake. I have diarrhea, this will be perfect to spread!

I fart and then I prepare my shitty dr ink by giving myself an enema.

I then go to sink my ass into my high chair. Then I flour my ass, spread caviar on it before resuming anal.

I then come to piss in a glass for the recipe, then I start my preparation!

I come to fart again, then put some dough in my ass while fisting myself, then I insert a whip in my ass and play with it. I'll get a second one, a little bigger. My ass is going to be destroyed! I will finish by dildoing my ass. I will pee again then.

Then I'm going to spread the paste on my face, hair and breasts. I plan on helping her dry off to cover myself in shit later!

I finally prepare the pancake, and I cover it with diarrhea. I reserve it to enjoy. But first, I'm going to roll around in my diarrhea that's on the ground and cover myself completely in shit.

It's time to taste! I eat my poop pancake entirely, then follow it up with a few sips of my poop dr ink. I then gobble up and spread my puke on my head.

I make myself an enema with the rest of the piss. I stick my dildo in my ass until the piss explodes out of my ass. I dildo myself in different positions, without forgetting my pussy and giving you a nice prolapse.


PISS OF CAKE (PUKE) : I eat a piss cake + a shitty juice and then I vomit and eat my vomit ! (EATING / FOOD FETISH / SCAT / URO / ATM / ANAL)

I’m going to make a lemon piss cake, and make myself a glass of shit to go with the cake.

I present you the ingredients, then I tease you in my sexy cow outfit, before preparing my shitty drink with an enema (I do it several times)

Do you already have a cow that lays eggs? I am one! I then lay the eggs I would need for the recipe, then I play with them a bit by reinserting them several times…

Then, I piss in a glass for the cake! I then grate the lemon to get some zest and squeeze one into a glass.

I'm going to take shit in large pieces in the glass to suck it languidly, before spreading it everywhere!

Then, I flour my face and breasts, before starting to prepare the dough; flour, powdered sugar, laid eggs, butter, zest. I only put a little lemon juice and pour the glass of piss into my preparation, then I mix everything well!

I keep some dough to play with. I spread some shit on my ass and some cake batter, then I come and fuck my anus in different positions with 2 different dildos (one big and one XXL). I piss at that point.

I present the cake to you, and cut a few slices. I'll give you one, watch out, it's hot! I then eat several small portions, then I drink my glass of shit juice to make it all flow!

I then get puked in a bowl, then I drink my puke, I puke again, I drink my puke again, then I puke again! I pour puke all over my face, then rub the cake all over my face, dirty with dried shit and puke, to eat some more.

Latina Scat Wife

Three shits


This video is a little older but very dirty and disgusting, just the way I know you guys like it, a long video but it will be worth every second of your time.

I already had three days without shit, and I was feeling very full, I couldn't wait any longer, so I put my personal bathroom in position and started having fun, first I sat on his face using a leather belt so that his face was as close to my ass as possible, I started playing with his face while feeling his tongue on my ass, I pressed my ass very hard against his face while farting directly into his nose, I could feel the fart vibrating in his face as he I tried to scream with so much stench but he couldn't do anything, after all he had his face totally covered by my huge ass, I pushed the shit but I didn't have success, I started sweating a lot, it was very hot, so I started squeezing my ass with his bare hands and, after a lot of effort, he was practically giving birth to a thick, hard poop straight into the slave's mouth, little did he know that this would be the first part of the series of shit that was just beginning ing, be sure to buy this video, if you like to see an ass open up and get totally swollen and big and after giving birth to a thick shit that almost ripped my ass, I still had the shit stuck inside me and, even with all the shit I did with the slave, I still wanted more, and he still wanted more shit in his face, so I decided to do an enema, and then I started blasting the water right in the slave's face, the water penetrated the slave's nostrils , making him desperate and when he least expected it, out of desperation, a lot and a lot of shit came out, so I took it and put it in the slave's mouth, lay down, started my perversion again, put my hands in his mouth, shoved the shit down his throat of him and used the slave's mouth as a container to mix my faeces before removing it and spreading it on my ass, so I sit on the slave's face and start waving my dirty ass in his face, when the slave's cock was hard I started hitting the stick and balls while putting I put all my weight directly on the slave's smeared face, he fought it but I'm relentless, I had a lot of fun but I still wasn't satisfied, I still wasn't completely empty, I stopped the camera and put more water on my ass but not too much , and went to do some errands, left my slave dirty with shit and forgot the water in the ass, when I got back, I had already planned to finish the video, and the human toilet warned me that I was putting water in the ass and needed to dry in the mouth before finishing, I had completely forgotten about the water. to take a shower, i had two shits, i was dirty and very sweaty, it was very hot that day, and the slave still wanted more shit in his face so i positioned myself and said i was going to get more, he opened his mouth and before he could blink, I poured a jet of soft shit directly into his mouth, the water mixed to form a light shit like diarrhea a, decided I wanted to have more fun, sat on his face again, this time in front of the camera, spreading all that shit in the pig's face, while sliding my little pussy, I was all dirty and completely sweaty, but I had so much fun.