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I recorded every shit I took for three days (May 13, May 14, and May 15, 2022) for your viewing pleasure. <3 If you love spying on pretty girls in the bathroom and seeing them struggle to shit, then you do not want to miss this compilation!

Day 1, Friday May 13th: I have been working on housework and editing videos all day today, hence the gorgeous outfit of sweats and T-shirt. I am not seeing anyone today except you perverts, and you have definitely seen me much dirtier than this before lol

I lean back and try to give you a beautiful view of my pee flowing out. Only a little bit got on the floor as I miscalculated my initial aim! Watch my face as I strain and push out the shit. My usually tight asshole prolapses as I struggle to push out the hard turds. I have been a tiny bit constipated these last few days, and so you get to enjoy the resulting struggle. The load is not as large as I expected, but being a bit constipated will do that. It is still a good load of digested vegetarian food.


Day 2: Saturday May 14th

This is a bigger one than the first day! And I had to leave the apartment, so I look a little bit cuter than the previous day. Once again, I lean back and let you enjoy the view.

Do you like watching my piss gush out? Which do you like watching more-- my face as I strain and push out the shit, or my asshole as it strains to push out the giant turds? My usually tight asshole stretches open wide and prolapses to get everything out. These ones are floaters! I ate a lot of fatty food on Friday night, so that makes sense (ice cream, yummm). I am usually a pretty healthy eater but even us athletic vegetarians have our guilty pleasures! And you get to enjoy seeing my giant turds float because of it. :)


Day 3: Sunday, May 15

I was about to hop in the shower after a workout when the urge hit. I must have finished digesting everything from Saturday and moved it along as I got my sweat on.

Leaning back on the seat, I spread my legs wide apart so you can enjoy the view of my totally naked body on the toilet. See the urine flow from between my legs and my asshole stretching and straining to accommodate the turds that are trying to escape. I grunt and moan as my asshole prolapses to release all that is inside my rectum.

It smells SO BAD!

I wipe and show you the results before flushing it all away.

Kamma LaVey

Party Slut Toiletslave Exploitation Roleplay by Mistress Kamma

This was from a custom video for a special slave, you know who you are.

In this video, I make the viewer know they're in for a special night of debauchery. I put you in pov and start you off by telling you how I'm taking you to the fetish club tonight. I 'wet' your appetite literally by putting on your knees and pissing down your bitch throat to start. You love how that tastes you down you nasty boy huh? That huge cock feeds you whenever I want to you're my property and you're gonna be a toilet at the fetish club for all my friends there. Now get dressed you fucking toilet, it's time to go...

In the next scene there's a pov scene where the camera is looking up from underneath a toiletseat. The lights in the room are dark and flashing different colours and you can hear the crowd's voices in the background. It feels like you are there from watching it in this roleplay!

I open up the seat and tell you I'm bringing over some friends. I then close the seat on you again.

When I come back I have multiple cocks with me from friends. Guys, transes , whatever you're just a bitch down there and you'll please any I give you. We pull your head up and they start face fucking your open mouth through top of toilet seat haha. You're a nasty bitch, keep sucking them bitch boy. I bring over my dominatrix friend and she fucks your mouth with a big horse dildo too.

You're so worn out but there's more cocks coming. You get facefucked by bbc next. Then I slam toiletseat on you.

The best is yet to come.. I pull up the seat, you're strapped down below. I sit down. Open your mouth, you know what's coming next you shit eating party slut!

Golden Scat Girls

Olga's dirty games on the washing machine

Have you ever thought that a washing machine can be used for other purposes, but for sexual pleasures ? Are you ready to join Olga right now to enjoy this show? Going into Olga's apartment, you see : that the bathroom door is open, looking into the bathroom you see : that the washing machine is not in its place, and a member on a suction cup is attached to the lid of the washing machine. And Olga is standing next to her in beautiful underwear. Seeing you, Olga smiles sweetly, and then greets you. After the greeting , Olga starts her show for you ! First, Olga caresses the penis with her mouth and tongue. Just look at how Olga sucks a dick, how she runs her tongue up to the bottom of the penis, with what pleasure Olga does it. After playing with a member with her mouth, Olga bares her breasts and now touches the penis with her tits ! Would you like Olga to caress not a rubber dick but yours now ? Then Olga climbs on the washing machine, pushes her panties aside and sits on the penis of the pussy. Having introduced a member into her pussy, Olga begins to ride him like a rider on a horse. You look at how Olga's anus opens up, with what pleasure Olga fucks herself with a dick in her pussy. During the fuck on the washing machine, Olga empties herself poops and pisses without getting off the rubber penis. After emptying , Olga gets off the penis and first shows you her dirty ass , and after the demonstration , Olga again caresses the penis with her tongue !


Stroke for my Dirty Asshole

(Custom Video) You just got out of bed in the morning and are in the bathroom taking a shit. You think you are alone, so you leave the door slightly open. You are about to finish, but you hear a noise and see me. You get scared and ask me what I’m doing there. You tell me to not move so you can figure out what you want to do about it. You wipe once, show me what’s on the toilet paper and ask me if that’s what I want to see and what I want to smell. You notice that my dick is getting harder. You flush without wiping the rest, and tell me to follow you into a room so you can show me your dirty asshole.

In the next scene, you ask me to take my dick out. You are surprised by my dick size, you were not expecting me to have a nice cock. You tell me “I’ll give you a show if you give me one! Now stroke for me!” Start fingering your asshole and playing with it. Smell it, and talk dirty about it. Tell me “You wish you could get a whiff, but you won’t! I haven’t even showered today, and my ass got all the juices from the previous night!”

After a few minutes, pull your tits out. Continue playing with your ass and smelling your finger. Put your finger on your nipples, play with them and tell me that they probably smell great too. Ask me if I want to lick my nipples – I do, but not happening.

You want me to cum now, so you FINALLY ask me to smell your grimy asshole and put it up close in my face. Finally, you go back to playing with your ass, do some dirty talk and I cum hard.

You call me a dirty pervert, and ask me to get the F out and that you better not catch me doing this again!