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Kitty Skatt

TOILET WHORE (PUKE) : I'm becoming a real toilet whore ! (PUKE / EATING / SCAT / PISS / ANAL / ATM)

(I eat my shit in this video)

In this video, I will degrade myself to the highest point, lose all my dignity, for your greatest pleasure. If you still had the image of me as a wise young girl, you will no longer have it after the viewing.

Wearing fishnet tights, and a fishnet stocking over my face with just an opening for my slutty mouth, I lick the toilet bowl, before pissing on my toothbrush to brush my teeth with it. . 🍾

Then, dildo placed on my toilet, I'm going to impale it in my pussy (my ass shakes a lot, like a twerk) offering you 2 different points of view. 🚽🧻

Astride my toilet, I will make a huge turd that I will then lick and suck like a little female dog. 💩

I then go to fuck my ass full of caviar with the dildo on the toilet (still shaking my ass like a twerk). 🥵

I will continue by spreading shit on the toilet bowl to come and lick it all languidly and spread it on my face. I will also dunk my hair in the toilet, then clog it entirely to fill it with water and put my head in it. The water turns brown.💩🤤

Then I'm gonna suck my shit, put a big chunk of it in my mouth, chew it, and swallow a big chunk of it. I get directly disgorged many times, to put my head back in the toilet water several times, dirty with puke and shit. 🤮

I'm also going to think about brushing my teeth with my shit, like the little female dog that I am. Without forgetting to re-dog, release the bowl, and put my head back in the dirty water.

Then I spread shit on my ass, head towards the toilet, and I cover my face with shit generously (up to my eyes), then I come and fuck my anus by regularly putting my head in the toilet water always dirty as if to drown me. 💩🥵

Finally, with a very disgusting face, I come to suck my big dirty dildo to conclude in style this video which will have made me the biggest toilet whore in history. 🥵


Morning in the life of a Human Toilet (French speaking)

I just woke up with the urge to shit so I rush to my toilet. My human toilet is still asleep under my trone so I wake him up. It sit down on the toilet to empty my full asshole. A big quantity of shit comes out of me. I shit 2 hard logs first and then soft disgusting stinky shit comes out and cover my slave’s face.

I feel so relieved! I talk about how pleasant it is to shit and his face when my ass is so full. I pee on his face. I humiliate him a little and talk about his fate at a human toilet as some more shit falls on his face. I wipe my butt and let the paper fall on him. I tease him by rubbing my feet on his penis. The poor toilet has no right to touch himself or have any kind of pleasure in my presence… he is only my toilet after all!

When I get too annoyed by the terrible smell I get up and leave the room … until next time!


Je viens de me réveiller avec une forte envie de chier. Je me dépêche d’aller rejoindre ma toilette qui dort sous mon trône dans sa position, car il arrive souvent que j’ai besoin de me vider au petit matin.

La merde sort, d’abord 2 morceaux plus durs et ensuite de la merde molle et puante qui couvre une bonne partie de son visage. “Que c’est bon je me vider dans ta sale gueule!” Je pisse sur lui et d’autres petits morceaux de merde continuent à sortir de mon anus. Je m’essuie le cul et laisse le papier tomber sur son visage.

Je continue à parler du plaisir d’utiliser ma toilette. Je l’humilie un peu et lui parle de sa vie misérable de toilette humaine. Je l’agace en frottant mes pieds sur son sexe. Le pauvre n’a pas le droit de se toucher et d’avoir du plaisir en ma présence, il n’est que ma toilette après tout!

Quand j’en ai assez de l’odeur terrible je me lève et quitte la pièce… jusqu’à une prochaine fois!

Mistress Zaida